Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Innovation in Business is proud to announce the Technology Innovator Awards are returning once again! With a proud legacy of five successful years, this esteemed awards program celebrates the outstanding achievements of businesses in the dynamic world of technology, brought to you by Innovation in Business. Innovation in Business recognizes the paramount importance of acknowledging the remarkable contributions made by businesses in the ever-evolving technology sector. The Technology Innovator Awards 2023 provides an exceptional platform for companies to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, game-changing innovations, and positive impact on the business landscape. Innovation in Business invites all technology-driven organizations to participate in this prestigious awards program. Startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and multinational corporations alike are encouraged to seize this opportunity to compete on a level playing field, regardless of industry or company size. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Welcome to our Technology Innovator Awards 2023 Editorial Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Izzy Misfud, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer. Designers Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. DigiDog Tech Ltd: Best IT Consultancy Firm 2023 - UK 6. Innseals Dichtungstechnik GmbH: Global Leaders in Sealing Technology Solutions 2023 8. Trusted-IT: Best Banking Technology Developer 2023 - Egypt 10. ALG Security Ltd: Best Security Service Business 2023 – North Wales 12. LITE UC: VoIP Specialists of the Year 2023 - North West England 14. Epay Card Programs Inc.: Best Payment Service Platform 2023 - Mexico 16. SAAM Inc.: Best Home Health & Safety Technology Company 2023 - USA 18. Codenatics: Best Digital Transformation Consultancy 2023 – South Africa & Excellence Award in Software Engineering 2023 – South Africa 19. CritchCorp Computers Ltd: Best Smart Light Bulb 2023 - UK 20. FuseBox Online: Best Global Full- Stack Web & Mobile App Development Company 2023 – South Africa & Leading Innovators in AI-Generated Food Imagery 2023 - Africa Contents 21. Creative Ideaz: Best SEO & PPC Marketing Agency 2023 - West Midlands 22. FundamentalVR: Best Immersive Medical Training Company 2023 23. Silver Cloud Technologies: Best IT Support Firm 2023 - London 24. PARiM Limited: Leading Innovators in Workforce Management 2023 25. Templum Inc: Best Private Markets & Alts Technology Company 2023 26. Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd: Best Technology Training Company 2023 – South Africa 27. Torry Harris Integration Solutions: Best Open Banking Solution 2023 – UK 28. Netlife: Most Innovative High-Speed Internet Provider 2023 - Ecuador 29. Harvest: Best Wealth Management Fintech Company 2023 - France 30. Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann: Best Engineering & Technology IPR Firm 2023

May21135 Best IT Consultancy Firm 2023 - UK Based in Southport and operating throughout the Merseyside and Lancashire area, DigiDog Tech Ltd. is a specialist IT support company that offers a wide range of services to cover all its clients’ technological requirements. With 18 years of experience in corporate and educational IT services, the company is wellequipped to support the northwest’s small and medium sized businesses, providing them with top-notch solutions and consultancy. In 2016, DigiDog Tech was established by Managing Director Dan Eely, an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of delivering excellent IT services across many sectors. With several years of experience in not only IT support roles but also managerial positions, he is skilled in leadership, quotations, business development, business process improvement, and troubleshooting. Having noticed that many small businesses and educational institutions were paying unbelievably high prices for IT support but receiving poor standards of service, Dan was inspired to create a company that would offer high-quality solutions and support at an affordable cost. Through this, he hoped to empower the smallest of businesses with outstanding IT support. Today, DigiDog Tech delivers cost-effective enterprise level solutions to the SME market. Its services include remote support for PC Sep23384 servers and Macs, Microsoft 365, backup and disaster recovery solutions, supply and installation of all hardware and peripherals, hardware repair, EDI and website design and development, WiFi, and network solutions. The company serves clients across a wide range of sectors, including legal, education, charity, finance, construction, care, manufacturing, and many more. Catering to a broad client base, DigiDog Tech understands that every business is unique, using IT in different ways to serve their customers. For this reason, the firm works hard to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements and tailor its solutions to meet their individual needs. Its services are designed to complement each other and grow with the client’s business, allowing them to easily scale up their IT capabilities. Furthermore, since its establishment, DigiDog Tech has maintained its commitment to delivering a fair, honest, and quality service. These values have not changed since the very beginning of the firm’s journey and will remain steadfast as its client base continues to grow. Through this, DigiDog Tech aims to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. In recent years, following the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have started to offer remote or hybrid working models, enabling staff members to work from home. For IT support companies like DigiTech, this has brought about a number of opportunities, with many more SMEs requiring solutions like cloud services. Operating in a populated industry, DigiDog Tech is faced with significant competition. However, rather than focusing on trying to compete, Dan believes that it is important for the firm to concentrate its efforts on staying true to its values and delivering an excellent standard of service. Located in the northwest, DigiDog Tech has found that people often become more than just clients. Over time, the firm becomes a part of their team, accompanying them on their business journey as they evolve and grow. For its excellent work, DigiDog Tech has received an abundance of positive feedback on platforms like Yelp and Google, many of which praise its excellent customer service, superior knowledge, and consistent reliability. For example, one five-star review on Yell explains, “We were recommended to use DigiDog Tech after we had an issue with viruses on our IT equipment; the laptops were sorted out remotely in the first instance and then up-todate virus protection software was installed.” Another glowing review on Yell states, “I have used DigiDog Tech for a number of services: IT support, systems installation, and back up for two businesses we own. The service was of high quality and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend DigiDog Tech to anyone requiring IT support.” Lastly, on Google, Adrian Van Sprang from Rebecca’s Jewellers Southport shares, “Fantastic customer service from start to finish. We have recently had a new computer system fitted in our office. We explained what we will be using the computer for and were given advice on what would suit us best. When the computer arrived, Dan came to the office, did the setup, moved previous files and data from the old computer, and supplied anti-virus software. I would not hesitate to recommend DigiDog Tech.” For its resolute commitment to exceptional customer service and its willingness to go above and beyond for its clients, DigiDog Tech has recently been named Best IT Consultancy Firm, UK, in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. Currently, the firm is still relatively new and hopes to continue to grow at a steady rate in the years to come, driving the ongoing success of its clients. In the technology industry, where it’s easy to be overwhelmed by confusing terminology and jargon, DigiDog Tech strives to keep things simple for its clients. The firm is able to fulfil as many or as few of their IT services as needed to meet their requirements. Whether their demands are large or small, Dan and his team are there to help. Considering its impressive journey thus far, there is no doubt that DigiDog Tech looks towards a bright future, and we are excited to see what the firm will go on to accomplish. Contact Details Contact: Dan Eely Company: DigiDog Tech Ltd Web Address:

Best IT Consultancy Firm 2023 - UK

Apr21077 Global Leaders in Sealing Technology Solutions 2023 Most companies in the sealing industry find it incredibly difficult to stay atop of things, this being due to the difficulty of keeping track of the ever-increasing requirements of sealing elements, in addition to the rapid development of sealing geometries and materials. This is where Innseals comes in, with the providing of a high-quality advisory service being the company’s number one goal, it strives to answer all the essential questions about the best, most economic, and most durable seals that money can buy. With the motto, “Out of the silo – into the process!”, Innseals has overcome the silo mentality and provides its clients with unique access to specialised materials and customised seals, all based on a customer’s specific requirements. All of these specialised materials are stocked and sold according to industry standards, and the company proudly boasts flexible manufacturing facilities, tool manufacturing capabilities (with more than 50,000 tools in stock), and stock availability of standard seals in addition to its non-standard dimensions and special materials (comprising a total of more than 120,000 items). Working in an ever-evolving and fast-paced environment, it is important for the team to remain abreast of industry trends. As Daniel explains, “knowhow ensures top quality”. For this reason, Innseals is constantly growing, and has blossomed into an international specialist in plastics and sealing technology, offering supply as well as development, all while acting as a keen and effective service partner. Through an array of quality offerings, the Innseals team can offer individual advice and demand analysis, with its team of specialists always offering optimal solutions that provide good value. With all of the company’s production taking place in Europe, products of the highest calibre can be expected with no expense spared, and each element is subject to quality control with rigorous testing and official and authentic certification. In addition to this high level of service quality, worldwide distribution is available, so Innseals quality products and solutions can benefit projects the world over. With such a tremendous catalogue of products, inclusive of O-rings, shaft seals, engineered moulded parts, and a variety of highperformance fluid sealing products, Innseals is sought after by a host of sectors. Some of its best customers are those in the electronics, chemical, and food industries, but the seals can be used for those working with hydraulics/pneumatics, heating and sanitary, household appliances, pump technology, cleaning technology, fire protection, and air conditioning technology, to name just a few. Never content to settle and possessing an unbridled passion for helping customers and clients in any way that it can, innovation serves as the undercurrent to the business’ daily operations. For Daniel and the team, innovation is more than just improving or replacing establishing processes or products, it is a meticulous combination of the know-how provided by Innseals Dichtungstechnik GmbH offers the highest quality standards of seals across every field. Thanks to its individual expert solutions, the company is proudly able to fulfil all customer requests and caters to an array of satisfied clients. Innseals prides itself on a unique ability to offer fantastic customer proximity, reliability that is well above that of the industry standard, a tremendous degree of operational readiness, unparalleled expert knowledge, and most importantly, an unbridled passion for its work. The company has come to embody the highest calibre of brand and product quality, and with modern supply concepts, advisory service that is the best in the market, and access to a host of manufacturers, all customer requirements are achieved. We speak with Daniel Geroldinger, to learn more about these exceptional services. a team of experts and the most durable and economical solution being afforded to everybody who seeks out Innseals services. This all starts with the staff, all of whom have contributed wholeheartedly to the company’s stellar reputation as one of the leading suppliers of sealing elements, with customers from all sectors and industries across the globe. Innseals thus relies heavily on its employees to have a can-do mentality and a feel for other people’s needs. Through an internal culture that nurtures growth and development, staff are afforded the space and opportunity to achieve anything. As a result, the time employees spend together is joyful, both during work and in colleagues’ spare time, where joint activities and team building exercises are frequently carried out. Thanks to this environment of respect, appreciation, and positivity, the team go to work happy, motivated, and feeling good. A meticulously constructed philosophy lies at the heart of the business, that Innseals is proud to have created and share with employees and customers alike. By setting targets and pursuing common goals, employees remain committed to making the company a special place, achieving the best possible results a team. By adopting customer benefit as its compass, the organisation can support its customers to the best of its ability. Following on from this, a drive to leave no question unanswered has resulted in all work and information surrounding the firm being kept visible and accessible. Passion and power are also key elements of this philosophy, with all services carried out being done so with passion and full-strength. Keen attention is paid to ensuring the correct balance is struck between benefit, effort, needs, and capacity. Moreover, everyone at Innseals takes initiative, responsibility, and gets involved. Role models exist at all levels of the business, and regardless of hierarchy, opinions, ideas, and approaches are valued across the board. The final element to this extensive philosophy is remaining on the move at all times. This desire to continually improve has led to the questioning of the status quo, learning and adapting to change, and providing the best possible solutions to customers. Further cementing its philosophy, Innseals possesses a five-point service plan in its predations and interactions, with these serving as guiding principles that ensure continued success and an upholding of the company’s key values and culture. The first of these is quality, with all materials and products hitting an outstanding quality to price ratio. Second is perfection, which runs throughout the organisation, starting with consulting and only ending once the product has been safely and swiftly delivered. Subsequently, precision stems from striving to achieve excellence in all sealing technologies, individual solutions, and problems, as well as in the customer-oriented services the company provides. Fourth, the know-how had by all employees allows the business to produce the desired seals Sep23137

in all shapes and sizes, according to client and customer specification, samples, or drawings. Reliability acts as the final piece of the puzzle, with all support received being personal and honest, 100% of the time. As the industry around them continues to grow and change, the team at Innseals are fully aware of the importance in keeping their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the field of material and product development. This is especially true in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where there is a consistently high demand for the products provided to have the greatest degree of approval and traceability. Innseals is already successful in the semiconductor industry as a direct result of its special solutions, and these can be used to positively support value creation in the field of microchip production. Actions taken by the company across all of its products and services are done so with Global Leaders in Sealing Technology Solutions 2023 a particular emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. Always innovating, the team at Innseals are currently working tirelessly to craft new materials that will exceed future PFAS regulations. As for the rest of 2023 and beyond, the company is well positioned to continue to achieve exponential growth, and on the back of this, plans are in place to expand into the Austrian firms neighbouring countries, such as Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Regardless of what the future holds for the business, Innseals strives to continue to deliver the highest quality products, services, and solutions, and in doing so, is more than deserving of this award. Contact: Daniel Geroldinger Company: Innseals Dichtungstechnik GmbH Web Address:

May21135 management groups with expertise across a wide range of domains and platforms, including Oracle E-Business Suites, Oracle DBA, Java, Microsoft .Net, ASP, and more. Furthermore, Trusted-IT is equipped with a highly professional project management team, who efficiently and successfully deliver projects of all types and sizes with high rates of client satisfaction. In hiring, Trusted-IT primarily values innovation. For this reason, the company kickstarts all candidate interviews with the following question: what have you done to innovate in your life, both from a personal and a business perspective? This has enabled it to create a team that is committed to delivering new, innovative solutions. Many of Trusted-IT’s staff members have operated within the Egyptian, African, and Middle Eastern markets for more than three decades, gaining extensive business expertise and hands-on experience in the banking industry. In their provision of the firm’s innovative solutions, they work hard to utilise their industry-specific technical expertise and management consulting competence for the benefit of clients. Trusted-IT provides a wide variety of integrated solutions, ranging from software development to business and technology consultation to implementation services. Its offerings also cover the fields of technical support and project management. For its clients, the firm takes care of the design, development, implementation, and controlling of banking technology across various platforms. In its provision of technology solutions across the banking services industry, Trusted-IT aims to cover the complete lifecycle of clients’ needs in different contexts, including small and large scale, front office and back office, retail and wholesale, and online and batch. The company also deals with the follow-up and support of any project management related services in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, covering more than 12 countries. In line with CBE regulations and the banking industry standards, TrustedIT has developed various core, surrounding, supporting, and data integrated solutions for both banking and non-banking processes. Trusted-IT’s diversified portfolio includes solutions such as the enhancement, support, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the core banking modules in the Fujitsu AraBank Core Banking System. It also offers a set of applications that integrate with any core banking solution, including i-Score, Trusted-RECON, TrustedIPS, Trusted-Sig, Trusted-ACH, Visa, Trusted-Info, ATM, and more. Moreover, Trusted-IT delivers a range of business object applications such as Oracle DW Design, Oracle Object Business Inelegance Report, and Oracle ETL tools. Its offerings also include the data integration and extraction services required for CBE of Egypt, such as I-Score, AML, ACH, RTGS, and more. Furthermore, the firm offers non-banking systems like ERP solutions for research management in stores and HR. Lastly, Trusted-IT provides lending applications and CRM for banks and non-banks, covering areas like microfinance, mortgage, agribusiness, leasing, and retail lending. Since its inception almost two decades ago, Trusted-IT has successfully delivered numerous integrated and technological products and services to many renowned customers, including the National Bank of Egypt, CITIbank, ABE, ADIB, SAIBANK, and alBaraka. Serving a broad client base, the company’s solutions can be tailored and customised to suit the varying requirements of central banks, clearing institutions, depository centres, settlement houses, and national banks. In order to deliver these services to a high standard, Trusted-IT relies on its exceptional staff members, including consultants, designers, and developers. The company’s workforce consists of technical, business, and Best Banking Technology Developer 2023 - Egypt Established in 2006, Trusted-IT is a technology system integration and software development company that specialises in IT related to the banking and financial industries, offering services focused on software development, quality assurance, implementation, training, and project management. The firm is proud to deliver the best technology solutions for banking services, covering the whole lifecycle at different scales.

Contact: Mohamed Abdelmoaty Company: Trusted-IT Web Address: Trusted-IT is known for investing in its talent. It has a dedicated team that is focused on the delivery of training and development programmes to the wider workforce, fostering their expert capabilities and encouraging their commitment to working collaboratively with clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of financial technology and banking, Trusted-IT has seen the landscape change and evolve significantly over the years. Currently, the firm is facing a new challenge. A number of non-bank companies have successfully maintained their FRA license, enabling them to contribute to the lending sector. This includes businesses related to leasing and factoring, microfinance, and consumer finance. Trusted-IT has been working to adapt its services in line with this development. As a technology provider, Trusted-IT believes in the power of innovation and creativity. It has recently made the decision, in collaboration with its board members, to dedicate 2024 to harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence. In this, the firm will integrate its software with AI technology and remarket its products to customers, encouraging them to invest in this exciting new era of technology. Through this, it will further contribute towards the modernisation of the technology systems used by banking companies in the Egyptian, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Furthermore, Trusted-IT believes that it has an important role to play in every sector and that it must keep up with the changing challenges faced by its customers, adjusting its offerings to support them and mitigate any risks. For example, the firm has succeeded in developing the first financial technology to support climate change. The company believes that these new, innovative products will transform the financial lending market. As a result of its excellent solutions and commitment to innovation, Trusted-IT has been named Best Banking Technology Developer in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023. With exciting developments on the horizon, there is no doubt that the company looks towards a bright future. We wish it the best of luck in all its endeavours.

May21135 Best Security Service Business 2023 – North Wales ALG Security Ltd is a dedicated company offering all aspects of security services across North Wales, including keyholding & alarm response, mobile CCTV systems & monitoring, opening & lockups, and static guarding & close protection. Bolstered by a management team comprising individuals boasting more than 35 years of direct industry experience, the business can proudly provide all of the necessary advice and guidance to ensure that its clients’ homes and businesses remain safe and secure, 24/7 and 365 days a year. As a proud family-owned and run business, the service provided is always personal, tailored, and comes complete with a no-obligation quote. We have the pleasure of speaking with Robert Gaze Snr & Bobby Gaze Jr, who tells us more about the tremendous solutions offered by the business and its unwavering commitment to security detail. ALG Security Ltd is proud to be the security company that people can trust. Its team wholeheartedly believe that in order to succeed in this industry, it is vital to possess integrity, honesty, courage, and respect, and beneficial such traits such as these have been cemented as ALG’s core values and will remain so as the firm continues to grow into the future. These values serve as the undercurrent for the business’ overarching mission, which is to operate in a way that breeds trustworthiness, reliability, and efficiency, whether this be to work for, or with. In addition to its core values, ALG is a firm believer in hard work and dedication being a selling point in and of itself, but this is nevertheless combined with a personal touch in order to establish itself as a frontrunner in the industry. The effort and determination embodied by team members is clear for all clients to see, and on the back of this, clients are gained through the unmatched power of word of mouth, reinforcing the remarkable service that is provided every time. There are many firms that offer a similar service to ALG, but the lack of a personal approach often leaves them left behind. ALG’s status as family-operated business allows it to delve deeper into its work, getting to know customers on a personal and professional level, ensuring that they are always heard and their requests dealt with swiftly. This clientcentric approach extends beyond getting to know customers and ensuring their wishes and thoughts are considered, it leads to a collaborative assignment that provides the best, most efficient, and most secure outcome for clients every time. The security industry is one that is constantly evolving, and as such, requires the company to remain a top of any advancements in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the sector. Currently, there is a pronounced focus on the keyholding and alarm response service that the firm operates, as recent months have seen an array of businesses opt for this solution, again through word of mouth, and the expertise of ALG is being increasingly called upon. When one business in an area begins to take pride and care in the security of their estate and its assets, others seem to quickly follow suite, to the delight of Robert, Bobby, and the rest of the team. Since the business is based in, and operates from, a small region, many of the key developments that shape the wider industry do not directly impact the firm, yet ALG strives to remain as adaptable as possible to any number of situations that may arise, Oct23022 priding itself on an innate sense of versatility. To this end, networking is always taking place in the area and surrounding communities, and the team even maintains good relationships with those further afield, enabling for the mutual providing of upcoming tasks or the recounting of experiences. There too exists a keen sense of nurturing and developing talent within the company, and to continue to uphold this, ALG pledges to deliver the most current versions of training courses within its academy services, producing staff members who are skilled, competent, and can act as effective operatives across their work in the local area. For anybody looking to secure their SIA Door Supervisor badge, the firm’s instructors are on-hand to help, and all remain active in the industry and in possession of a wealth of helpful experiences and advice to share. For ALG Security Ltd, being based in Wales has offered a host of positives that have allowed for the successful building of the company in the country. Although the area has adopted a lifestyle that is slower-paced than that of the city, the team remain ready and waiting to jump at a fast-paced, city-based assignment. Regardless of the area that work is carried out in, ALG is confident in its ability to fully understand the needs of clients, in turn, providing the best possible service that conforms to any potential discrepancies the area may possess. As for the area of North Wales where ALG is based, the headquarters is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, making mobile patrols incredibly enjoyable. This area is also home to friendly clients, staff, and a vibrant, proud culture, with the Welsh language implemented as far as possible, due to leadership being keen to employ more fluent Welsh speakers in order to celebrate the country’s heritage. Conducive to achieving success wherever it operates, the firm places paramount importance on organisation, structure, and employee teamwork, which combine to ensure days run smoothly and the workload is well-managed. All employees within the organisation are also efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable, with all of these traits being necessary for those prospective employees looking to join the team. ALG also requires its applicants to hold a high level of English language and literary skill, as well as enthusiasm and a willingness to carry out further training as necessary. With a reputation for always reverting back to its core values across all levels of practise, it is vital these values are instilled into team members across all levels of the business, as these guarantee that staff members live up to the high standards that the company continually holds itself to. As a further way of achieving this goal, a dedicated in-house trainer is present, who ensures that the ways the business operates is current, upto-date, and in line with these ethics. Keen in giving back to the local area and surrounding communities, ALG works closely with local authorities, council employment schemes, and the job centre, with the end goal of helping those struggling to get into work. Furthermore, the team makes certain that funding is available for those candidates looking to enrol on academy courses, providing them with one less thing to worry about over the course of their training. An extensive list of sponsorship deals has also been curated with local talent, inclusive of children’s and adult’s football teams, boxers, mixed martial artists, and rally drivers – including rally driver Tom Cave, who recently won the Visit Wales Cambrian Rally. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, ALG’s core aim is to continue its growth while providing outstanding security services that appease new and existing customers alike. Expanding its horizons, the company is not only furthering its reach across Wales but is looking to break into the markets of England and overseas, with specific details of this expansion still to be released. Moreover, ALG’s training academy is continuously growing, and the head trainer is always finding new ways to streamline offerings and finesse his teaching methods, believing that being active in the industry is the best way to achieve this. Ultimately, ALG Security Ltd is an organisation shaped by its values and is committed to providing the best possible security solutions across a host of industries and sectors, including training the next generation of Welsh security operatives. As the business continues to grow and break new ground, its ethics will ensure it remains grounded, integral, and honest, and it is these values which ultimately make the company and its hardworking team more than deserving of this award. Contact: Robert Gaze Snr & Bobby Gaze Jnr Company: ALG Security Ltd Web Address:

Best Security Service Business 2023 – North Wales

Apr21077 VoIP Specialists of the Year 2023 - North West England Determined to deliver on its founding promise of simplifying the telecommunications industry for clients across the globe, LITE UC is a telecom and VoIP specialist that has its sights fixed on a better tomorrow. Despite its status as a relatively new startup, this aspirational company has already come leaps and bounds in industry innovation – a pace that competitors are already struggling to match. This is, of course, all due to LITE UC’s unapologetic commitment to reshaping the industry – one that centres around offering comprehensive solutions to make the telecom and VoIP experience that little bit simpler. After all, no matter how adept a company may be, there are always changes that can be made to streamline their processes for the betterment of their operations. This is where LITE UC comes in – its solutions are simply groundbreaking. From identifying areas in which clients can improve, to assisting in implementing all of the best methodologies to enhance the state of their telecom and VoIP capabilities, LITE UC has mastered the art of attuning itself to a company’s requirements. The result is what we see today – a collective that isn’t afraid to share the industry-shaping power that it has come to possess through its hard work and avid dedication. What matters most to LITE UC is finally eliminating the struggles that most companies face within the sector. In doing so, it has brought together business mobiles, VoIP, and broadband services, allowing for a seamless, yet cost effective, solution for companies of all sizes. LITE UC ensures that all services, from multiple major networks and suppliers, are on one bill – so that invoicing is straightforward. So, regardless of whether a client is a small startup wanting to get a head start in their telecom department, or a large corporation looking for a straightforward suite of services, LITE UC has everything anyone could need to finally move on from the industry’s complicated models. In LITE UC’s own words – “Gone are the days of managing multiple providers and complicated billing processes.” Furthermore, with one point of contact with an individual in the UK, LITE UC ensures that its clients always get to speak with the same person, rather than being in touch with multiple people at once. This streamlines LITE UC’s processes and elevates its clients’ customer service experience. In short, LITE UC has committed itself to being an all-in-one Office in a Box Solution for Streamlined Communication. As opposed to offering a myriad of detached services, it instead combines its capabilities in order to present a complete package, all under a single cost. That way, companies needn’t burden themselves with the additional stresses of managing a multitude of invoices, providers, and services – instead, they have access to a comprehensive suite that acts as the perfect solution. LITE UC’s ethos is to offer the latest technology, all whilst maintaining a reliable flexibility, and no better does this present itself than through its business mobiles. As we have transitioned into the digital age, telecommunication has never been more critical to the success of a business’s operations. It’s for this very reason that LITE UC placed immense emphasis on From the moment the telecommunications industry came to be, it earned itself a reputation for being one of the trickiest fields to navigate. Between companies having to juggle multiple providers and needing to remain on top of countless invoices, the sector certainly doesn’t make things easy for newcomers. Born from the desire to completely eliminate these hardships is LITE UC, a startup that is dedicated to completely revolutionising the way its clients approach telecommunications and VoIP services. perfecting the capabilities of its business mobiles. Through combining state-of-the-art tech with versatile plans, LITE UC promises constant connection, whilst also managing to uphold coverage throughout a wide range of devices. As a result, companies now have the option to empower their team by supplying them with the exact tools that they require to stay connected. Only then can their collectives truly thrive. However, LITE UC’s defining trait is, by far, its ability to offer astounding VoIP solutions that have been meticulously crafted to grant businesses the chance to communicate both easily and efficiently. As the next step in innovation, LITE UC’s VoIP solutions aim to completely eradicate the use of outdated phone systems, and instead focus on inviting a modern, cloud-based communication platform into its clients’ workspace. From call forwarding and voicemail to email features, to virtual receptionist capabilities, LITE UC’s incredible technology embodies the full potential of digital advancements. As such, managing calls has simply never been easier. As if all of these fantastic, and revolutionary, solutions weren’t enough to get clients hooked on what LITE UC has to offer, it closes off its comprehensive collection by delivering high-speed broadband services. This promise seeks to reassure clients that, no matter how demanding their internet capacity may be, LITE UC is able to help them maintain a high speed threshold that’s both reliable and robust. In turn, clients will be able to make full use of an incredibly sturdy network infrastructure, allowing them to stay connected, regardless of size or location. In short, LITE UC has thought of everything to make the lives of its customers far easier. At its heart, LITE UC is devoted to providing unbeatable services, whilst making good on its promise of reliability. It truly values the connections that it creates with each client, and the genuine desire that it holds to see them succeed is undeniably evident throughout each and every one of its services. LITE UC has access to some of the industry’s greatest minds, equipping it with a team of helpful professionals who are able to deliver unique industry insights that have had a consistently positive impact. No matter the scope of a client’s telecom need, LITE UC has a solution to fit it – a quality that has helped it to define itself within such a bustling sector. We’re so incredibly excited to feature LITE UC as part of this awards supplement. The changes that it’s making to the industry have the potential to completely reshape the way we view telecommunications and VoIP – something of which the team is incredibly proud. It seems as though there isn’t anything standing in LITE UC’s way when it comes to extending its reach, and we’re sure that, as time and technology progress in tandem, its highly skilled professionals will be more than willing to lend their expertise to the creation of a new industry altogether. Contact: Lee Raper Company: LITE UC Web Address:

May21135 collaborate on solutions, and maintain compliance at all times. It is also keen to invest in talent, believing its team to be the most valuable asset the company possesses. It wants to stay best placed to meet clients’ needs within its field, so it is vital to attract and retain the best talent with a culture of continuous learning and professional growth much valued. To remain ahead of the curve, it’s important to constantly adapt to the evolving financial landscape and identify opportunities to disrupt traditional systems with novel technology. Harnessing AI, blockchain, and data analytics can provide clients with faster, more secure and more convenient financial services. BLXPAY views innovation as a journey requiring curiosity and exploration. It singles out taking calculated risks, challenging the status quo, and experimenting with new ideas as all being stepping stones to breakthrough innovations. To provide clients with the best financial Blxck Capital offers monetary solutions with the BLXCKPAY arm of its business. This is a kind of pre-pay card available for customers in Mexico, the USA, and soon (2024) to be launching in Puerto Rico. Blxck Capital is not a bank in the traditional sense, but a fintech company that offers digital banking services. It operates through Epay Card Programs Inc who are based in Spring, Texas, United States. The company is a domestic for-profit corporation that was incorporated on 16 July 2020. It provides payment processing services and prepaid products such as mobile airtime, debit cards, gift cards, event tickets, and digital content such as music, games and software. Additionally, it can be used for vouchers, transport payments, lottery payments, and long distance/ bill payment processing assistance through numerous partnerships with licensed money transmitters. All Blxck Capital by Epay accounts are FDIC insured through CFSB N.A. PURSUANT up to $250,000 per account. The unwavering core values of innovation, transparency, and customer care are at the heart of everything Blxck Capital does, and are what drives its custom products. They are what guides business decisions and actions every day with its diverse client base. Blxck Capital’s customers range from startups and small businesses to large enterprises and individual investors, with its services catering to the unique financial needs of each one. The company is proud to be able to adapt and evolve to meet clients’ changing needs, and attributes this flexibility as a significant contributary factor to its success. It strives to stay ahead in the fast-paced fintech industry through continual advancements in its service and technology offerings. In fact, its adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation have been key factors in its successful expansion. With a mission to continue providing cutting-edge fintech solutions to its diverse clientele, Blxck Capital values integrity as the very cornerstone of its business success, and hopes it will remain so as it moves into the future. BLXKPAY feels it is crucial to stay at the vanguard when it comes to the fast-paced world of fintech. The way it does this is through maintaining a relentless focus on innovation, keeping a close eye on emerging technologies, market trends, and any regulatory changes. It has a very client-centric approach that is focused on understanding evolving needs. It does this through research, open conversations, and gathering feedback used to address demands, anticipate trends, and pinpoint vital company insights. BLXCKPAY employs agile development methods, which allow it to react quickly and iterate its products and services appropriately to seamlessly adapt to any shifts in the market. The company is careful to establish strategic partnerships with key industry players, allowing it to access the very latest information, Best Payment Service Platform 2023 - Mexico Blxck Capital is a fintech company that specialises in the provision of cutting-edge financial solutions for individuals, businesses, and specific industries. It has a primary goal to empower people with its innovative tools and services designed to enhance financial management, security, and efficiency. Its BLXCKPAY services are made available through the Epay Card Programs Inc. “Innovation is at the core of our business at BLXCKPAY. To us, innovation means the relentless pursuit of creative, technology-driven solutions that solve real-world financial challenges and enhance the overall financial experience for our clients.”

Company: Epay Card Programs Inc. Web Address: Contact Name: Luis Velez solutions, BLXPAY embraces change, harnesses technology, and strives for continuous improvement in a rapidly evolving world. Staff are instrumental to the company’s success as it is through their qualities, combined with the inclusive and innovative culture, that a dynamic and forward-thinking fintech company is achieved. BLXCKPAY is populated by individuals who possess a deep understanding of fintech, finance, and related technologies, and these are the self-same qualities it seeks when recruiting. The financial world is a complex entity that poses many challenges. For example, within the cross-border payments system, regulatory compliance is a thorny, constantly changing problem. It is essential to stay compliant when navigating KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirements. Volatile exchange rates can also be challenging, and there is the increasing cybersecurity threat to contend with too. Competition for customers and evolving client expectations can also be added to this. Fortunately, BLXCKPAY’s consistent focus on technology, global expansion, customer experience, and product diversification has fuelled its growth over the last few years and positioned it for future success in the cross-border payments department. The company has exciting plans for the remainder of 2023 and early 2024, particularly in the cross-border and banking sector in Puerto Rico. It is actively exploring opportunities to expand its presence in Puerto Rico, which is a strategic location for cross-border banking and financial services to flourish. It is committed to bringing even more convenience and efficiency in this area, with enhanced features soon to be introduced that make it easier than ever to manage international financial transactions. With regulatory standards continuing to evolve the company remains dedicated to staying at the very forefront of compliance and security measures. Its plans include investments in advanced cybersecurity and compliance technologies, to ensure the utmost safety for clients’ financial data. It also aims to foster stronger relationships with clients by introducing initiatives such as educational resources, webinars, and customer feedback programmes. It hopes to be able to empower its customers to engage more effectively, and make informed decisions. Furthermore, and in line with global trends, it has been actively working on sustainability and environmental responsibility initiatives. Such efforts are intended not only to make operations eco-friendlier, but also to provide sustainable financial options for clients. Epay Card Programs Inc., the power behind Blxck Capital’s BLXCKPAY services, has been recognised as the Best Payment Service Platform 2023 – Mexico. Fittingly, this title comes from the Technology Innovator Awards, furnishing the cutting edge fintech business with a reward for its endeavours within the financial management industry. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to it.

May21135 Best Home Health & Safety Technology Company 2023 - USA SAAM is committed to improving health outcomes for people through the introduction of devices that save lives. It champions health and safety with fire alarms and chemical air monitoring systems that allow consumers to react far quicker than traditional smoke alarms. The company has positioned itself to capitalise on the new UL standards with its novel patented technology in smoke and fire technology. Founded by Rob Qualls and John Coates in West Palm Beach, Florida, SAAM began life as a company known as Sentelligence. In the early days (2002), the company focused on smart diagnostic technology for diesel engines, developing a spectral oil condition sensor that provided real time oil degradation levels. The focus for SAAM shifted in 2016 when it decided to concentrate on the consumer health and safety market using the available learnings brought forth by its Intellectual Property. SAAM decided to leverage one of its patents that perfectly fit the bill for a research indicated gap in the market, the need for new and innovative technology governing air quality. This provided the impetus needed to pursue ambient air technology further, with initial testing confirming the technology’s feasibility. SAAM discovered the crowning glory of its operating procedures when it realised that its technology was capable of detecting chemical changes in the air indicative of smoke and fire. This soon led to channelling the business in a new direction after meetings set up with industry Sep23350 experts confirmed the level of interest in this technology was high. In November 2019 Sentelligence became SAAM, which stands for Special Analytical Air Monitoring. The name was changed because it was felt important not to confuse a market already familiar with Sentelligence as a globally recognised diesel engine technology company. SAAM currently has 6 patents issued, with 4 pending. It is benefitting from extensive independent testing at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute where the S-Series GEN-I has been outperforming the competition with 400% faster alert times, even triggering on some occasions when competing devices failed to respond. One of the problems with the current popular smoke alarm technology found in many residential homes is that it’s over 70 years old. The ionization tech which can be found in 96% of US homes will become obsolete in June 2024 when new certification levels are introduced by UL (Underwriters Laboratory), the organisation that sets the standards for smoke alarms. The second available technology, photoelectric, was introduced in the early 1970s and has remained stagnate for over 50 years, failing to adapt to the changing building materials used in modern homes and furnishings. The SAAM S-Series is designed using spectral technology that measures chemical changes in the air to detect smoke and fire. The way the tech works is by connection to occupants smart apps, notifying recipients of an alert. In the event of a non-life-threatening situation the user will have the ability to silence the alert, and log that it is a nuisance. Spectral detection through spectroscopy has been commercially available for decades, used predominantly in the medical world. It has necessitated equipment that was too large and costly for consumer applications, until now. The dramatic reduction in size and cost of spectral detection is one of the many strengths SAAM has brought to the fore. It has successfully reduced the size of spectral detectors to about the size of a quarter, and the cost to a few dollars. The majority of households are beholden to antiquated ionization technology, which works well when fires are flaming, and was better suited to the 1950s when furniture materials tended to be more natural, but isn’t particularly helpful for today’s homes. The photoelectric option is better at detecting smouldering fire, but due to the sensitivity of the alarms can easily react to false events such as shower steam or cooking. Unfortunately, that leads to many people disabling their alarms, leaving them with no protection whatsoever. In today’s homes, furnishings are more commonly made from synthetic materials, which can burn slowly whilst also emitting toxic fumes such as hydrogen cyanide. This can be the cause of catastrophic effects within seconds. It is meritorious that smoke alarms have become such a popular household accessory, but the majority do still rely on out-of-date technology. SAAM, however, has developed a smart, spectral instrument that can detect smoke, fire, and gas leaks before a catastrophic event can take hold. This is tremendously good news for the industry, especially when you consider that 30 years ago homeowners had an average time of 17 minutes to escape a fire, whereas today that time has come down to just 3 minutes. This means that in the event of a fire, truly every second counts. SAAM’s goal has always been to offer products for homes and businesses that save lives. It has forged an essential relationship with a global tier one organisation that itself once pioneered photoelectric smoke alarm technology (in the 1970s), and so possesses a significant footprint in the residential market. The plan is to distribute SAAM’s devices through brick-and- “SAAM has assembled a team of former Fortune 100, 500, executives and Start-up Founders with a successful exit and product commercialization experience. Collectively, the SAAM team has over 150 years of global experience in product development engineering, marketing, and distribution.”