Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best Security Service Business 2023 – North Wales ALG Security Ltd is a dedicated company offering all aspects of security services across North Wales, including keyholding & alarm response, mobile CCTV systems & monitoring, opening & lockups, and static guarding & close protection. Bolstered by a management team comprising individuals boasting more than 35 years of direct industry experience, the business can proudly provide all of the necessary advice and guidance to ensure that its clients’ homes and businesses remain safe and secure, 24/7 and 365 days a year. As a proud family-owned and run business, the service provided is always personal, tailored, and comes complete with a no-obligation quote. We have the pleasure of speaking with Robert Gaze Snr & Bobby Gaze Jr, who tells us more about the tremendous solutions offered by the business and its unwavering commitment to security detail. ALG Security Ltd is proud to be the security company that people can trust. Its team wholeheartedly believe that in order to succeed in this industry, it is vital to possess integrity, honesty, courage, and respect, and beneficial such traits such as these have been cemented as ALG’s core values and will remain so as the firm continues to grow into the future. These values serve as the undercurrent for the business’ overarching mission, which is to operate in a way that breeds trustworthiness, reliability, and efficiency, whether this be to work for, or with. In addition to its core values, ALG is a firm believer in hard work and dedication being a selling point in and of itself, but this is nevertheless combined with a personal touch in order to establish itself as a frontrunner in the industry. The effort and determination embodied by team members is clear for all clients to see, and on the back of this, clients are gained through the unmatched power of word of mouth, reinforcing the remarkable service that is provided every time. There are many firms that offer a similar service to ALG, but the lack of a personal approach often leaves them left behind. ALG’s status as family-operated business allows it to delve deeper into its work, getting to know customers on a personal and professional level, ensuring that they are always heard and their requests dealt with swiftly. This clientcentric approach extends beyond getting to know customers and ensuring their wishes and thoughts are considered, it leads to a collaborative assignment that provides the best, most efficient, and most secure outcome for clients every time. The security industry is one that is constantly evolving, and as such, requires the company to remain a top of any advancements in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the sector. Currently, there is a pronounced focus on the keyholding and alarm response service that the firm operates, as recent months have seen an array of businesses opt for this solution, again through word of mouth, and the expertise of ALG is being increasingly called upon. When one business in an area begins to take pride and care in the security of their estate and its assets, others seem to quickly follow suite, to the delight of Robert, Bobby, and the rest of the team. Since the business is based in, and operates from, a small region, many of the key developments that shape the wider industry do not directly impact the firm, yet ALG strives to remain as adaptable as possible to any number of situations that may arise, Oct23022 priding itself on an innate sense of versatility. To this end, networking is always taking place in the area and surrounding communities, and the team even maintains good relationships with those further afield, enabling for the mutual providing of upcoming tasks or the recounting of experiences. There too exists a keen sense of nurturing and developing talent within the company, and to continue to uphold this, ALG pledges to deliver the most current versions of training courses within its academy services, producing staff members who are skilled, competent, and can act as effective operatives across their work in the local area. For anybody looking to secure their SIA Door Supervisor badge, the firm’s instructors are on-hand to help, and all remain active in the industry and in possession of a wealth of helpful experiences and advice to share. For ALG Security Ltd, being based in Wales has offered a host of positives that have allowed for the successful building of the company in the country. Although the area has adopted a lifestyle that is slower-paced than that of the city, the team remain ready and waiting to jump at a fast-paced, city-based assignment. Regardless of the area that work is carried out in, ALG is confident in its ability to fully understand the needs of clients, in turn, providing the best possible service that conforms to any potential discrepancies the area may possess. As for the area of North Wales where ALG is based, the headquarters is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, making mobile patrols incredibly enjoyable. This area is also home to friendly clients, staff, and a vibrant, proud culture, with the Welsh language implemented as far as possible, due to leadership being keen to employ more fluent Welsh speakers in order to celebrate the country’s heritage. Conducive to achieving success wherever it operates, the firm places paramount importance on organisation, structure, and employee teamwork, which combine to ensure days run smoothly and the workload is well-managed. All employees within the organisation are also efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable, with all of these traits being necessary for those prospective employees looking to join the team. ALG also requires its applicants to hold a high level of English language and literary skill, as well as enthusiasm and a willingness to carry out further training as necessary. With a reputation for always reverting back to its core values across all levels of practise, it is vital these values are instilled into team members across all levels of the business, as these guarantee that staff members live up to the high standards that the company continually holds itself to. As a further way of achieving this goal, a dedicated in-house trainer is present, who ensures that the ways the business operates is current, upto-date, and in line with these ethics. Keen in giving back to the local area and surrounding communities, ALG works closely with local authorities, council employment schemes, and the job centre, with the end goal of helping those struggling to get into work. Furthermore, the team makes certain that funding is available for those candidates looking to enrol on academy courses, providing them with one less thing to worry about over the course of their training. An extensive list of sponsorship deals has also been curated with local talent, inclusive of children’s and adult’s football teams, boxers, mixed martial artists, and rally drivers – including rally driver Tom Cave, who recently won the Visit Wales Cambrian Rally. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, ALG’s core aim is to continue its growth while providing outstanding security services that appease new and existing customers alike. Expanding its horizons, the company is not only furthering its reach across Wales but is looking to break into the markets of England and overseas, with specific details of this expansion still to be released. Moreover, ALG’s training academy is continuously growing, and the head trainer is always finding new ways to streamline offerings and finesse his teaching methods, believing that being active in the industry is the best way to achieve this. Ultimately, ALG Security Ltd is an organisation shaped by its values and is committed to providing the best possible security solutions across a host of industries and sectors, including training the next generation of Welsh security operatives. As the business continues to grow and break new ground, its ethics will ensure it remains grounded, integral, and honest, and it is these values which ultimately make the company and its hardworking team more than deserving of this award. Contact: Robert Gaze Snr & Bobby Gaze Jnr Company: ALG Security Ltd Web Address: