Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best Digital Transformation Consultancy 2023 – South Africa & Excellence Award in Software Engineering 2023 – South Africa Approximately five years ago, as the pace of technological innovation continued to rapidly increase, traditional software development agencies found themselves struggling to keep up with these ever-evolving shifts. Thus, an idea was born to remedy this, and develop an agency that is agile, possesses a wealth of digital expertise knowledge, strategic execution, and the capacity to create and nurture ongoing relationships. That partner, Codenatics, was subsequently launched, with the team doing more than just creating, planning, and problem solving, instead driving demand and ensuring client growth. Every solution that the company forges is done so as a result of thorough research, design, development, testing, and a series of rigorous launch protocols. Codenatics’ continued success is down to more than just its technological prowess, the holistic approach which it adopts instead encompasses an unparalleled level of analysis, careful planning, and an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence across the board. Through a series of core values inclusive of collaboration, long-term engagement, and transparency across communication channels, the business remains honest, grounded, and friendly. In such a fast-paced environment, Codenatics knows that stagnation is regression, and prioritises continuous learning to avoid this issue. Its teams regularly undergo extensive training, attend industry conferences, and engage in teambuilding workshops. Through this constant evolution, the firm is able to solidify its position at the forefront of the industry, and successfully weave emerging technologies into its solutions. A robust research and development department further contributes to this end and adds innovation to Codenatics’ already stacked repertoire, with the company able to position itself favourably to leverage or shape trends, ensuring continued success. Codenatics is also keen to champion its hardworking teams of experts. As Duane explains, “our staff isn’t just a part of the company; they ARE the company.” The stellar reputation the company has forged for itself is down to a combination of cutting-edge solutions and the dedication, skill, and ability to pioneer that each member of staff embodies wholeheartedly. When searching for new team members, the company is keen to seek out those who possess technical mastery, an innovative mindset, and collaborative spirit, in addition to a keen sense of problem-solving capability, adaptability, and communication skills. To guarantee sustainable and profitable growth over the past few years, Codenatics has adopted a series of diligent strategies that have allowed it to remain as the spearhead of the sector. Through its strategic partnerships with companies such as Pronexus, areas previously beyond the company’s scope have been studied and embraced, so service offerings and the Boasting more than a decade of experience in its field, Codenatics stands as a beacon of digital transformation, providing innovative, end-to-end software solutions suitable for global organisations down to burgeoning tech start-ups. Through meticulously combining consultancy acumen and software engineering prowess, Codenatics has proudly established itself as a frontrunner in the industry, possessing a successful track record of devising and implementing high calibre real-world applications. By not just reacting to change, but anticipating it, the proactive approach taken by Codenatics means that the company is always ready to serve clients’ ever-evolving needs. We catch up with Duane Herholdt, who tells us more about the firm’s groundbreaking digital strategies, products, and services. Contact: Duane Herholdt Company: Codenatics Web Address: Oct23143 reach had by the business have seen positive increases. Furthermore, a broadening of the suite of services available has allowed Codenatics to delve deeper into emerging sectors like crypto asset services, Web 3.0, and SmartTech insurance, standing it in good stead for the future. One particularly noteworthy partnership that solidifies Codenatics’ excellence is its collaboration with prominent Côte d’Ivoire entities and businesspeople. Through this partnership, the asset tokenization landscape is set to be transformed, and under the banner of Ivorie Digit, this collaboration will focus primarily on two key areas that make up the country’s major assets, gold and cocoa beans. Through its DAMREV system, Codenatics aims to tokenize physical gold, providing worldwide investors with a unique opportunity. In the same vein, plans to tokenize cocoa beans will serve to empower local economies and cause a paradigm shift in global trade dynamics. Looking ahead to 2024, Codenatics’ prosperous relationship with Pronexus has yielded the aforementioned DAMREV system, which will launch in early 2024 and offer a revolution in asset management, a stellar blockchain platform, a diverse range of tokenization services, regulatory compliance, and innovative insights. More than just a technology platform, DAMREV instead is a vision for the future, where all asset types can be tokenized and made available to a broader audience.