Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Best Home Health & Safety Technology Company 2023 - USA mortar stores, direct to consumers online, and via any other means of distribution available. Fortunately, its partner business encompasses product development capabilities, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales channels. This makes SAAM confident in its ability to reach its customer base and be able to adequately fulfil their needs. The S-Series technology created by SAAM will be the first new technology to enter the fire alarm safety market for 50 years. It will also feature expanded smart-home capabilities, making it the smartest device available on today’s market. The company also has plans to introduce a portable device, the SP4, which has been inspired by the tragic stories of children lost in fires whilst away from home, either at college or studying abroad. The SP4 will be a table top device that continuously measures the air constantly circling it. It will be designed for travel needs, so can be taken on vacation, business trips, or sent away with family members leaving for college, to give parents that all important peace of mind. The ultimate aim for SAAM is to successfully reach its target audience of consumers in the residential and commercial sectors. It has developed technology that is protected by numerous patents with over 200 claims. It continuously monitors the US Patent and Trademark website for competing technologies, and aims to educate the public with its campaign “Are You Safe?” The goal of this is to demonstrate how antiquated the accepted norm of household technology is, and pave the way for SAAM’s own more contemporary, pre-emptive tech. The innovative firm is constantly looking to evolve its patented technology whereby it uses miniaturized low-cost spectral technology to effectively measure chemicals in the air indicating smoke and fire. It uses real-time measurements of hydrocarbons and proprietary algorithms that determine the presence of unacceptable levels of chemicals. The team at SAAM has been quick to adapt, which it thinks is an essential value for a start-up to possess. For example, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic it was fast to change to remote working. The challenges presented by the COVID environment also made people more aware of the quality of air and safety in their homes, which boosted an interest in the technology offered by SAAM. In the future, SAAM also intends to introduce a hardwired ceiling mounted device that can replace existing smoke alarms, as well as the portable device previously referred to. We are delighted to announce SAAM Inc. has been selected as the Best Home Health & Safety Technology Company 2023 – USA in the Technology Innovator Awards. Congratulations to the firm and kudos for its magnificent, life-changing devices. Contact Details Company: SAAM Inc. Web Address: Contact Name: Rob Qualls