Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Smart Light Bulb 2023 - UK CritchCorp Computers Ltd began life as a service provider for company’s computers and networks, initially helping small businesses and individuals across the South of England. Today the company has expanded to a wider area, looking after many networks, servers, and computers throughout the M4 Corridor. But it is the company’s recent venture into manufacturing smart light bulbs, under the trademarked name CritchCorp Smart, that really caught our eye. These smart bulbs act as the next innovative leap in the field, working with more than 65,000 smart products that are on the market. They are available on eBay and in selected retailers across the UK. The CritchCorp Smart light bulb really is the ultimate smart bulb, able to do more than any of the company’s previous iterations, it goes that one step further and contributes towards a smarter life. By using the industry’s number one mobile app, there are a host of scenarios the bulb can be used in to make a user’s life better and easier, all while saving money on electricity bills. It is a common misconception that the “always on” nature of smart devices costs more money and uses more electricity in the long run; however, this is simply not true. Through the use of a dedicated chipset that is designed specifically to be efficient and low power, they offer a better alternative than their traditional counterparts. Moreover, this LED light bulb from the company uses far less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, and much less than even the first generation of energy saving light bulbs. As a result, this is next-gen smart, smart on all levels, and with easy installation, suitable for all. Through the mobile app, customers are able to see exactly how much electricity they are using and how much they are spending, with this information being free of charge, with paid upgrades also available. For those with a home full of smart speakers, Alexa, Google Assistant, and other leading brands are all compatible with the product, streamlining the experience even more. CritchCorp’s smart bulb comes with two different connectors, these are the B22 and E27 connectors that are the most popular in the UK. Plans are also in place for other connectors to be released in the near future, such as the E14 and GU10. The bulbs offer the perfect solution for lighting needs in a home or small office, and the app offers the ability to turn all lights on or off with one click or set a routine so that when a user’s phone reaches a certain distance from the house, all devices in a group of their choosing turn off. Through this system, customers can help save on their electricity bill and reduce their carbon footprint. One particularly exciting feature that the technology offers is the ability to create scenes to convey mood and set the atmosphere. Through the bulbs, a Christmas scene can be created, or an Easter theme, or they can be used as the perfect unveiling to light up rooms at surprise birthday parties or other celebrations. A keen example of a feature CritchCorp likes to use is the alarm setting, which when activated, causes the lights to flash red, such as the “Red Alert” command on Star Trek. Furthering this, a smart speaker can be used to change the wake word to “Computer” adding to the fun experience and providing the feeling that the future has arrived. CritchCorp’s Smart bulb offers customers a host of main features in addition to those already stated above, with a tremendous 16 million colour combinations, gradient and brightness adjusters available for both white and colour light, and a hue adjuster for colour light, the possibilities really are endless. Automatic firmware updates add new features and provide frequent security updates for users, and a year-long warranty from purchase provides peace of mind in the unlikely event of any issues. Quintessentially, CritchCorp Computers Ltd has re-invented the smart light bulb to be an incredibly efficient, useful, and entertaining product that can not only add a great deal of convenience to the life of a consumer but help them save on their bills and keep energy costs down. These bulbs are the next generation of the technology, and with an offer of up to 25% off when two or more are purchased, the time to leap into smart bulbs has arrived. Company: CritchCorp Computers Ltd Web Address: Buy Direct From: Also available new, on eBay Sep23565