Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best Technology Training Company 2023 – South Africa With Crest Advisory Africa’s (CAA) training courses, available opportunities are limited only by client imagination. Regardless of the field of expertise a company has, CAA offers bespoke training courses that cater to all client needs, as well as proudly reflecting the latest industry standards, approaches, technologies, with groundbreaking methods and practical examples. Across its endorsements and memberships, CAA spans 168 countries, more than 450 years of experience, and 2500 internationally certified delegates trained over the past 10 years. This technology training company boasts a wide client base that spans a host of industries, disciplines, countries, and continents, and enjoys long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, utilising its efforts to drive digital transformation forward and prepare for ultimate readiness when it comes to the future of business. CAA is an organisation of global leaders, and through its partnership with the PECB University, provides its advisory services to international blue-chip companies, conducting a host of internal and external audits as well as management system audits across a host of ISO standards. Through its innovative ISOLTX technology solution, years of experience, the best industry practise, and practical implementations are combined in one service that can exceed the future business and technological need of its clients’ businesses. At the heart of the company sits the desire to innovate, and this serves as the primary value by which ACC operates. It is constantly striving to make tweaks to its training, consultation, audit, and technology services, remaining acute in its search for answers to questions that are yet to be asked. Central to the company’s innovational commitments is this ISOLTX software, which meticulously combines methodologies from a host of disciplines to provide one standardised system that can best measure and manage governance, risk, and compliance in a business, streamlining operational efficiency and the decision-making process. Playing a critical role in the success of the company, CAA’s staff members are integral to daily operations, as they are not only specialists in their respective areas, but ambassadors for the whole organisation. When the company searches for new talent to add to its ranks, the following values take precedence: ethical integrity, openmindedness, diplomacy, observance, perception, versatility, tenacity, decisiveness, and self-reliance. As an extension of this, CAA has adopted an internal culture that is representative of the above values. CAA is lucky not to face any direct industry-based challenges at present, and any challenges that it does come across are used Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd is a boutique, multi-dimensional company boasting ten offerings and areas of expertise that define the company and its practise. These specialties are inclusive of the addressing of business risk, corporate governance, internal audit, business continuity, and business compliance. As a result of its uncompromising vision to become a global leader in corporate governance advisory and solutions, the company’s mission centres on empowering its clients, helping them to manage risks, deliver high-quality insights, and implement appropriate technology and software. To learn more about the impressive work undertaken by the organisation, we speak with Nico Snyman, who provides invaluable insight into the operations of the company and its successes. as prime opportunities for transformation and improvement. 2024 will see the company celebrate its tenth anniversary, and this success has only been possible as a result of the business adapting and strengthening its business offerings, developing its industry knowledge and experience, and increasing its global outreach and diverse client portfolio. The ISOLTX software was deployed and has been operational since 2016, and the decision was made recently to redevelop the modules of the programme to create a future-proof system, one capable of incorporating the latest technologies, such as Web 3.0, Internet of Things (IoT) AI, and ML. This updated and redeveloped iteration of the system will be launching to the public in January 2024, and cements CAA’s commitment to providing its clientele access to the best available technologies and methodologies in the space. Ultimately, the ISOLTX software is the chief asset among the many that Crest Advisory Africa possesses. As Nico explains, “it’s a comprehensive tool designed to support and enhance business performance and assurance endeavours, thereby showcasing the innovative edge of CAA in the industry. With a wealth of knowledge and experience available, the team offer the best systems and solutions that not only support the technological drive of their company, but also the broader sector. Contact: Nico Snyman Company: Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd Web Address: Oct23102