Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Open Banking Solution 2023 – UK More than two decades of experience and deep focus in revolutionizing how banks operate in the digital landscape has enabled Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) to be at the forefront of digital innovation. By leveraging its immense passion for building meaningful and effective digital ecosystems, it has come to set a new standard of expectation across one of the world’s most competitive industries. Torry Harris Integration Solutions is a pioneer of new platform business models, and we explore how its leading products and process frameworks have helped to optimise and monetize integration-driven digital enablement for its financial industry clients. Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS): Pioneering Open Banking and IntegrationDriven Digital Enablement in Banking and Financial Services Torry Harris Integration Solutions has emerged as a leading player in the open banking space, offering cutting-edge digital marketplace solutions and integration-driven digital enablement, to empower banking and financial services customers. The company’s open banking solutions provide financial institutions with the tools to securely share their data with trusted third-party providers, fostering a more collaborative and interconnected financial ecosystem. This approach not only enhances customer experiences but also enables banks to tap into a broader range of services and offerings, ultimately staying ahead in the digital era. Integration-driven digital enablement and monetization is another key pillar of Torry Harris’ strategy, providing seamless connectivity and interoperability across diverse systems. By leveraging advanced integration solutions and digital marketplace strategies, Torry Harris helps banking and financial services customers overcome the challenges of legacy systems and siloed data. This integration-driven approach of opening assets for third-party consumption, ensures that institutions can increase market reach, reduce time-to-market for new products and services, and enhance overall agility in responding to market demands. One notable aspect of Torry Harris’ contribution to the banking and financial services sector is its commitment to security and compliance. Open banking introduces new challenges related to data privacy and security, and Torry Harris addresses these concerns with robust solutions that prioritize the protection of sensitive information. By incorporating industry-leading security measures, Torry Harris ensures that its open banking solutions meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance and data protection. In conclusion, Torry Harris Integration Solutions stands at the forefront of the banking and financial services industry’s digital revolution. Through its open banking solutions and integration-driven digital enablement, Torry Harris empowers institutions to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape, fostering collaboration, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring the security and compliance necessary for success in the modern financial world. As the industry continues to evolve, Torry Harris remains a reliable partner for those seeking to embrace the opportunities presented by open banking and digital integration. Contact: [email protected] Company: Torry Harris Integration Solutions Web Address: Oct23513