Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Most Innovative HighSpeed Internet Provider 2023 - Ecuador Since its introduction as an extension of Megadatos in 2010, Netlife has served to revolutionise the telecommunications industry, implementing cutting-edge technology that directly reaches the home. 2016 saw the company drive further advancements, surpassing the competition thanks to its leap into ultra-high-speed internet. In the more than ten years that the company has been operating, it has established itself as an industry frontrunner through a combination of innovative technology and choice partnerships. A company grounded by its core mission, Netlife possess an uncompromised commitment to demonstrably benefiting the lives of families and businesses, offering fantastic experiences in the realm of digital solutions. This is underpinned by a desire to constantly innovate, advance fields of technology, provide motivated and specialised human resources, as well as generate sustainable and responsible growth opportunities that effectively contribute to human development in Ecuadorian society. To this end, the company’s vision serves to help it achieve this goal, with an ultimate ambition to be the region’s leading organisation, one which proudly offers customers the highest calibre of digital solutions, supported by technological innovation, an agile structure, positive and upkept values, empowerment of staff, and operational efficiency, allowing for responsible and sustainable growth. Simultaneously, Netlife’s team strives to build meaningful and prosperous relationships with all its customers and stakeholders. Committed to its craft, Netlife offers a host of great plans that serve as fantastic value for money, whether this be in a home or office setting. Starting at 350 Mbps and increasing all the way up to 2 Gbps, Netlife’s home plans provide customers with an array of options to suit their own personal usage needs. All of these ultra-high-speed plans feature symmetrical speed, meaning that downloads or uploads are bolstered by the same speed advantages, making streaming, listening, or working from home easier and much more reliable. Moreover, a minimum and pre-determined sharing ratio is guaranteed to be achieved across all plans. Sharing relates to the calculation that is carried out to establish what the minimum speed is that a customer can receive on their contracted plan. This helps in making sure that customers will continue to receive good speeds even when multiple devices are connected to the same network, or at times of the day when there is a lot of traffic on the system. As an example, a 2:1 sharing ratio on a 100 Mbps plan would result in a minimum received output of 50 Mbps, still amply fast for the overwhelming majority of tasks. To cater to the needs of business owners, the company has also introduced a range of specific internet plans that have been made available to SMEs, Netlife is an Ecuador-based telecommunications company that provides ultra-high-speed internet to the home through the use of optical fibre technology. With a team comprising of specialised professionals, the company stays atop of the latest technological trends to offer its customers unique innovation. As Ecuador’s first FTTH (Fibre to the Home) internet provider, offering first-of-its-kind performance has been the company’s moniker since day one. Netlife’s overarching goal is firmly rooted in the universal right to technology, which the company aims to distribute through its providing of all Ecuadorians with access to the basic service that is the internet. Contact: Nathaly Grijalva Company: Netlife Web Address: Oct23142 with these ranging from 200 Mbps up to 1.2 Gbps, and specific corporate plans offering 2 Mbps up to 20 Mbps, allowing customers to pick the right fit to effectively carry out all of their business needs. In addition to its internet service offerings, Netlife also offers a variety of digital defence solutions, protecting PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. In order to further distinguish itself from competitors, Netlife has recently introduced an assortment of other solutions designed to streamline the user experience, inclusive of Netlife Cloud which includes Office 365, Skype, and OneDrive for up to six devices, Netlife Cam, a security system allowing for the controlling and managing of what is happening in the home or office, and Netlife Play, an online entertainment service offering movies, sports, and reality shows, among others. Customer experience speaks for itself, with Netlife being consistently recognised as an outstanding service provider, with the company even being ranked as the best for customer service four years in a row by IZO. Five consecutive years winning Ecuador’s speed test and users of the online gaming platform Steam voting the company as one of the world’s best internet companies only serves to cement these claims, and with more than 800,000 already securing ultra-high-speed internet, there has never been a better time to make the leap.