Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Wealth Management Fintech Company 2023 - France French software editor and digital solutions provider Harvest is a leading source of Fintech assistance for all professionals in the wealth management sector. It offers a comprehensive suite of services to support clients on a daily basis, enabling the digitisation of wealth and financial advisory activities. It also provides a wealth management benchmark solution that strengthens clients expertise and enhances their customer advice. Harvest is a software provider that helps professionals in the money market achieve regulatory compliance when delivering advice, as well as assisting them by monitoring and analysing activities to help them build and manage their portfolios. It has over 4,000 customers who together represent more than 2,000,000 beneficiaries. Following substantial sales of €70m in 2023, the group has been steadily expanding. Having acquired Fidroit in 2020, Quantalys in 2021, and both Feefty and Manymore in 2023, it currently boasts nearly 500 talents spread over 5 sites in France and 1 in Italy. It also has a newly emerging presence in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium. Its aim is to build a European dynasty committed to supporting all wealth and finance professionals, and it’s proud to be a reliable partner, exclusively dedicated to B2B clients. Its services in this regard are guaranteed to be widely available when needed, and are constantly updated to ensure ever-changing regulatory developments are always adhered to. Daily contact with customers is a given, with Harvest’s sales and product teams continually analysing product performance and usage. It does this to improve functionality where necessary, and identify and even discontinue software facets no longer relevant to customer’s use. Harvest’s customers include independent professionals such as wealth management firms, chartered accountants, notaries and tax lawyers. It also helps banks, insurance businesses, management companies and family offices. It is keen to analyse market developments whenever possible, on a regulatory level, as well as to establish usage statistics. To this end, it regularly organises events such as symposiums and webinars, and participates in customer events that help it to keep its finger on the pulse. Its training organisation, the Harvest Fidroit Academy, trains 10,000 professionals every year, something that provides the company with privileged contact enabling it to anticipate its client’s business needs pre-emptively. Harvest uses a structured process when introducing new functions to its products, through in-house development, partnerships or acquisition. It has a dedicated team who is always in contact with customers, striving to understand their challenges and needs through regular discussions. As much as possible, it likes to involve customers in its product development phases. Harvest is fuelled by an innovative mindset, not just in one department but throughout the entire company. As such, the company endeavours to track time spent on innovative topics such as when generative AI was first discussed at a multi-disciplinary working group. This was then shared with the whole company, as is the Harvest way. Employees at Harvest have an important role in company decisions and success, and are deployed to build intelligent technological and business solutions as wealth management specialists. The company encourages talent at every level, seeking out those who are comfortable working in an entrepreneurial environment, and can carry the high levels of responsibility expected in their fields of expertise. Agile working is encouraged, and is a growing factor in the Harvest working environment. The core values required of staff always include commitment, reliability and passion. The company is determined to live each day as an adventure, and wants everyone who comes onboard to be fulfilled by the same demanding, ambitious, but joyful state of mind. As the Fintech industry is faced with numerous and regular regulatory changes, it is important to understand the opportunities this can bring by reacting quickly and proposing solutions. Risk control, operational efficiency and commercial leverage are constant challenges, whilst at the same time there is a growing need for robust security. This means increasingly customisable data-rich solutions are necessary, balanced with the maintenance of a high level of standardisation. In addition, the new ESG issues are welcomed by Harvest, as it has been very active in this area for some time. The company is very ambitious, and hopes to offer its services internationally as it increases its product portfolio to encompass the wealth platform of multiple countries. This includes Luxembourg and Italy where it is hoped bridges can be built between various solutions to make sure that ultimately customers are in receipt of the best overall customer experience. Harvest also wants to continue developing new components that enrich its value proposition. It has been awarded Best Wealth Management Fintech Company 2023 – France in the Technology Innovator Awards, so congratulations to Harvest, it really is flying high. Company: Harvest Web Address: Contact Name: Delphine Asseraf, Deputy CEO of Harvest Group Oct23089