Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Based in München, Germany, Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann Patent Attorneys offers a friendly service that is dedicated to protecting clients’ ideas and innovations. It strongly believes in the power and importance of offering a straightforward personal service, as it finds close personal contact to be the best way to understand what is most vital to its clientele. After all, it is definitive to the business that what’s important to you the client is what’s important to it, your legal entity. It will do its utmost to seek out the optimal solutions for its clients, whilst always keeping a careful eye on costs, and remaining steadfast to protecting clients legal and economic preferences. Whatever the design, invention, or trademark that is at risk, the company will work to secure its clients’ IP. Its experienced and qualified team offers the highest level of technical, legal and strategic thinking, and will use its longstanding know-how to find the right solution for every unique circumstance. It is driven by a passion to provide security and bolster economic success for clients, and is unafraid to engage in unconventional strategies to achieve the desired outcome. It will search together with its clients to uncover the best solution, always ready to dedicate as much commitment to its clients as they themselves devoted to creating the innovation in question. The attorneys at Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann are encouraged to make good use of their training in science, education, and of course law, when it comes to industrial property legalities. That’s because both the partners and the attorneys who work at the firm are vastly qualified with degrees and masters in areas such as physics, chemistry and electrical engineering. Many speak multiple languages also, allowing for its expertise in intellectual property to encompass all aspects of both national and international patent law. The knowledgeable firm embraces the concept of “many heads, one goal” to lead to overall success. It will make sure that the attorney with the most appropriate and suitable expertise for each and every client is tasked with protecting and asserting their intellectual property rights. As a rule, the firm will always try to put dispute avoidance before disputable enforcement rights, making sure to keep clients fully informed at each and every stage. With a highly educated staff that have spent many years in internationally renowned law firms and patent departments, it is always poised to be able to find the best answer to problems. Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann is proficient in fields such as technical physics, communication technology, electrical and mechanical engineering, medical technology, chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry, and biomedicine. It wants to make it clear to clients that it both understands what they are all about, and has an excellent, informed understanding about what it is doing. It is the perfect partner to have at you side when it comes to protective right proceedings, as it is certainly capable of bringing its own technical, strategic and legal knowledge to the fore. Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann has a portfolio of clients for whom it can coordinate grant and registration procedures, as well as manage industrial property rights individually tailored to their needs. It boasts a worldwide network of colleagues who can also assist in safeguarding clients’ international intellectual property right interests. As part of its application strategies, the firm will also make sure it remains aware of the particulars of foreign law, for example, US law. The firm has recently been named as Best Engineering & Technology IPR Firm 2023, in the Technology Innovator Awards. This is a fitting tribute to an outstanding specialist law firm, always ready to go over and above for clients. Contact Details Company: Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann Web Address: Contact Name: Andreas Dilg Best Engineering & Technology IPR Firm 2023 Dilg, Haeusler, Schindelmann is a German firm that provides legal services particularly concentrated on intellectual property rights. Its client base encompasses multiple companies of varying size, including major corporations, medium sized businesses, and academic institutions. “We offer you maximum quality and service for optimally protecting your intellectual property, effectively asserting your Intellectual Property Rights, and fending off attacks by your competitors.”