Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Templum One is it’s secure ecosystem that connects issuers, investors, custodians, transfer agents and other market participants to facilitate access to high-quality alternatives and private securities, as well as accelerates the general adoption of alternative assets and private securities as an investment class for a broad range of investors. Through Templum One’s open and fully regulated infrastructure solution, any alternative investment opportunity ranging from private equity, venture, credit and real estate to art and collectibles can be facilitated and found on Templum One. Templum Inc has been recognized as the Best Private Markets & Alts Technology Company 2023 in the Technology Innovator Awards. Congratulations to the company, leading the way in investing and trading alternative assets. Company: Templum Inc Web Address: Contact Name: Tara Phelan Best Private Markets & Alts Technology Company 2023 Templum is the operating system for private markets and alternative assets and is paving the way for investors to participate in new asset classes through integrated market technologies and APIs for primary issuance, secondary trading alternative data and Templum One, it is private markets and alternative assets ecosystem solution Founded in 2017, Templum Inc provides combined solutions that improve efficiency and distribution in private markets by enabling seamless access to alternative investments and standardized infrastructure to support operations, rather than the fragmented manual processes currently used in private markets. They unify private market infrastructure, investment opportunities and investor capital, into a single solution for private securities and alternative assets. Templum has established itself as an essential provider within the unique world of technology and infrastructure solutions for private markets and alternatives. It is proud to be setting new standards for the private markets, with its dedicated commitment to the sector. Its ambition is to make investing in alternative assets just as popular as public equities, and it would like to see alternative assets as part of every investor’s portfolio. Templum’s solutions are a cloud-based SaaS private market solution suite for issuance, trading, and settlement of private and alternative securities. Built on patent-pending technology, Templum offers award-winning industry solutions and extensions to automate and streamline at scale the full private security lifecycle. Industryleading issuers and private investment platforms rely on Templum to raise capital, onboard investors, KYC and AML, and manage and trade assets. Providing unmatched visibility and control across the entire asset lifecycle, Templum is the right solution to streamline workflows, optimize performance, reduce operational overhead, and offer liquidity and distribution in private markets by enabling a continuous trading experience for investors. Outcomes • Optimize and automate primary issuance and secondary trading and offer liquidity and distribution in private markets by enabling a continuous trading experience for investors. Digitally Native Capital Raising • Improve Investor Onboarding from KYC and AML to investment experience • Built-in risk & surveillance engine. • Flexible deployment models, via API or White Label Suite Structure Templum’s Private Market Application Suite is modular and customizable and includes the following applications • Templum Primary Issuance - Workflows and tools to support the entire asset lifecycle, from origination through closing. • Templum Secondary Trading - Deliver access, liquidity, and transparency for investors in your secondary market. • Templum QB - • Templum QMS - • Templum Data - Sep23576 “Templum One brings it all together. We provide asset managers, investors and service providers the ability to engage with a broader ecosystem via a single solution, facilitating scale in an efficient way”