Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 In the current day and age, smart workforce management software is essential for any industry sector requiring swift scheduling and precise payroll functionality. This encompasses sectors such as security services, events management, sports, healthcare staffing, and many more. Thankfully, PARiM is here to ease the burden with its robust set of tools offering real-time visibility of shift assignments and employee availability. This is a valuable aid for businesses when it come to making informed staffing decisions. PARiM’s platform helps to monitor and organise factors such as employee qualifications, certifications, and compliance requirements. It will trigger an alert for any expiring certificates, which is something particularly beneficial to those industries requiring of rigorous regulation. PARiM can streamline payroll calculations using automation based on diverse pay rate structures. It can also help companies who are involved in the supply of staff to address billing and invoicing accurately and promptly. It does this with specifically designed tools that enhance financial processes and transaction accuracy. At its core, the company is very people focused, and strives to achieve meaningful and valuable outcomes across the board. It aims to be a partner for its customers in the management of staff, hence its name, PARiM (PARtner in Management). Add to this, the company’s want and need to go the extra mile, growing with its customers’ growth, and adapting seamlessly to new requirements as they expand to new verticals. The firm leverages a product roadmap fostering collaboration between market analysis and close cooperation with its existing customer database. It always takes feedback and suggestions into account when it is deciding where to take the product next. PARiM counts innovation as being one of the cornerstones of its value system. It works hard to spearhead progression, and looks for ways to turn every challenge into an opportunity. The business values curiosity, and is keen to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a market that’s ever-changing. It does this through a macro/micro lens, carefully monitoring the details, but pulling back to take in the big picture too. It finds this to be the best way to catch emerging trends and adapt to new technologies. Focusing on workforce management software, people are of major importance to PARiM, and it endeavours to build strong relationships that encourage a real sense of belonging. It values togetherness as a way of uplifting, inspiring, and driving each other towards greatness. The software it offers is therefore more than just a product – it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to make a meaningful impact. It realises the power it holds when reshaping business operations and managing workforces, which is why its creation comes from the heart. The biggest challenges on the workforce market right now come through PARIMs’ customers’ own challenges, such as staff shortages, the efficiency of the staff pool, and optimising resources in this uncertain period for time-critical decision making. With its agile execution, many customers find PARiM to be of a huge help when tackling such problems. It is always looking to improve its products though, looking beyond the job that needs to be done to the increased positive impact it can have on its clients’ businesses. PARiM aims to create tangible value for customers by going far beyond just providing a generic tool for the market. Instead, it wants to get to the nub of its professional customers’ respective areas of need,and create functionalities that fulfill industry specific niche areas. The company has a careful eye on future markets, and is currently investigating a potential of a groundbreaking ecosystem that will bring its customers closer to their clients. There seems to be a bigger need to allow for a more open ‘master vendor’ shared market to emerge in the staffing and workforce management industry. In addition, PARiM is committed to consistently enhancing its features and capabilities, staying ahead of the curve, and adapting to address workforce planning and management needs in an evolving market. PARiM has been awarded the fitting title of Leading Innovators in Workforce Management 2023. Its dedicated support in human resource management is helping to address issues in a well thought out, and significantly constructive manner. Contact Details Company: PARiM Limited Web Address: Contact Name: David Duncan Leading Innovators in Workforce Management 2023 PARiM offers workforce management software aimed at staffing businesses that supply workforce as a resource. Its platform supports scheduling and shift management across multiple locations and personnel, and is adaptable for organisations with diverse operational needs. PARiM is used by many thousands of worldwide recipients, including Fortune 50 firms, and has been a central tool for the successful management of staff for over 270,000+ events in the last ten years, including the Rio Olympics and Glastonbury. Oct23334