Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 management groups with expertise across a wide range of domains and platforms, including Oracle E-Business Suites, Oracle DBA, Java, Microsoft .Net, ASP, and more. Furthermore, Trusted-IT is equipped with a highly professional project management team, who efficiently and successfully deliver projects of all types and sizes with high rates of client satisfaction. In hiring, Trusted-IT primarily values innovation. For this reason, the company kickstarts all candidate interviews with the following question: what have you done to innovate in your life, both from a personal and a business perspective? This has enabled it to create a team that is committed to delivering new, innovative solutions. Many of Trusted-IT’s staff members have operated within the Egyptian, African, and Middle Eastern markets for more than three decades, gaining extensive business expertise and hands-on experience in the banking industry. In their provision of the firm’s innovative solutions, they work hard to utilise their industry-specific technical expertise and management consulting competence for the benefit of clients. Trusted-IT provides a wide variety of integrated solutions, ranging from software development to business and technology consultation to implementation services. Its offerings also cover the fields of technical support and project management. For its clients, the firm takes care of the design, development, implementation, and controlling of banking technology across various platforms. In its provision of technology solutions across the banking services industry, Trusted-IT aims to cover the complete lifecycle of clients’ needs in different contexts, including small and large scale, front office and back office, retail and wholesale, and online and batch. The company also deals with the follow-up and support of any project management related services in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, covering more than 12 countries. In line with CBE regulations and the banking industry standards, TrustedIT has developed various core, surrounding, supporting, and data integrated solutions for both banking and non-banking processes. Trusted-IT’s diversified portfolio includes solutions such as the enhancement, support, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the core banking modules in the Fujitsu AraBank Core Banking System. It also offers a set of applications that integrate with any core banking solution, including i-Score, Trusted-RECON, TrustedIPS, Trusted-Sig, Trusted-ACH, Visa, Trusted-Info, ATM, and more. Moreover, Trusted-IT delivers a range of business object applications such as Oracle DW Design, Oracle Object Business Inelegance Report, and Oracle ETL tools. Its offerings also include the data integration and extraction services required for CBE of Egypt, such as I-Score, AML, ACH, RTGS, and more. Furthermore, the firm offers non-banking systems like ERP solutions for research management in stores and HR. Lastly, Trusted-IT provides lending applications and CRM for banks and non-banks, covering areas like microfinance, mortgage, agribusiness, leasing, and retail lending. Since its inception almost two decades ago, Trusted-IT has successfully delivered numerous integrated and technological products and services to many renowned customers, including the National Bank of Egypt, CITIbank, ABE, ADIB, SAIBANK, and alBaraka. Serving a broad client base, the company’s solutions can be tailored and customised to suit the varying requirements of central banks, clearing institutions, depository centres, settlement houses, and national banks. In order to deliver these services to a high standard, Trusted-IT relies on its exceptional staff members, including consultants, designers, and developers. The company’s workforce consists of technical, business, and Best Banking Technology Developer 2023 - Egypt Established in 2006, Trusted-IT is a technology system integration and software development company that specialises in IT related to the banking and financial industries, offering services focused on software development, quality assurance, implementation, training, and project management. The firm is proud to deliver the best technology solutions for banking services, covering the whole lifecycle at different scales.