Technology Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best Immersive Medical Training Company 2023 In 2015, technologists Richard Vincent and Chris Scattergood used their extensive knowledge of medical technology to create FundamentalVR, with the main goal of making medical training more accessible on a global scale. Since its founding, the company has developed its own virtual surgery simulator, with this surgical software used to build high quality simulations that improve patient care and deliver safe and repeatable training. Built on its values to constantly improve and evolve, FundamentalVR inspires its team to take bold steps, fearlessly innovate, and continuously push the boundaries of surgical training. Although the medical and technological industries are ever-changing, these values act as a constant guiding force, ensuring the team stays true to its mission and principles. By working and thriving in a fast-paced environment, the team can adopt a multi-faceted approach to innovation, and a diverse client base inclusive of the medical device, healthcare, and hospital system industries, ensures the company remains adaptable and responsive to all opportunities and challenges that arise. The company builds and maintains close relationships with its clients, these are built on collaboration and trust, and allow FundamentalVR to gather valuable feedback and insights, which in turn it can use to continually enhance its offerings to better reflect the needs of medical professionals. As Richard explains, “In the fast-paced world of surgical training, we strive to remain at the forefront by embracing innovation, diversity, collaboration, and client-centricity. For FundamentalVR, innovation means an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, thus driving transformative change in healthcare, revolutionising traditional medical practice and shaping the future of surgical training. FundamentalVR’s expert team of staff play a pivotal role in the company’s continued success, they are the driving force and serve to embody the values that the business encompasses and holds dear. Upon recruiting new talent, As the proud global leader in immersive VR surgical training, FundamentalVR is accelerating human capability in surgery and the wider field of medicine through its groundbreaking virtual technologies. Through its innovative work, the company is aiming to improve patient outcomes on a global scale. Modern technology has resulted in considerable advancements in the medical industry in recent years, and through the risk-free learning environment the company provides, novel products and procedures can be tested as effectively and efficiently as possible, opening a world of possibilities for the future of the sector. We speak with CEO and Co-Founder Richard Vincent, to find out more about the vital and life-changing work that the company does in accelerating human capability and improving lives in the process. individuals are sought out who have a combination of the correct technical skills and a like-minded commitment to succeeding in the company’s vision. To achieve this goal, an internal culture of openness and dedication is nurtured, an environment is created where ideas are freely shared, and a collaborative culture encourages staff to work together, share knowledge, and engage in cross-functional discussions. Over the past few years, the business has seen tremendous growth, driven by this innate commitment to innovate, as well as expanding recognition of medical VR training’s value, and being dedicated to meet clients’ evolving needs. Medical practices and institutions worldwide have begun to wholeheartedly embrace the technology platform that FundamentalVR provides, further solidifying its position at the forefront of the field of immersive surgical training. As the company continues to address arising industry challenges and pioneer impactful new solutions, further exponential growth is anticipated, as well as the business driving an increased impact in the healthcare sector. Looking ahead to the rest of 2023 and beyond into 2024, FundamentalVR is proud to have developed and introduced a game-changing software development kit, Fundamental Core. This pioneering toolkit opens the platform up to external developers, equipping them with intuitive tools and the necessary building blocks to create, improve, and share their own surgical and medical simulations. With this technology, complex haptic interactions and multi-user VR experiences can be created seamlessly and streamlined to make medical and surgical training more accessible. Through FundamentalVR’s aligning of medical and surgical training with its collaborative and innovative approach, the company expects an overwhelmingly positive long-term impact on healthcare education and innovation. As the company continues to experience high levels of growth across all its areas, it remains laser-focused on its mission to accelerate human capability on a global scale, and as such, is more than deserving of this award. Contact: Richard Vincent Company: FundamentalVR Web Address: Sep23529