Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21077 VoIP Specialists of the Year 2023 - North West England Determined to deliver on its founding promise of simplifying the telecommunications industry for clients across the globe, LITE UC is a telecom and VoIP specialist that has its sights fixed on a better tomorrow. Despite its status as a relatively new startup, this aspirational company has already come leaps and bounds in industry innovation – a pace that competitors are already struggling to match. This is, of course, all due to LITE UC’s unapologetic commitment to reshaping the industry – one that centres around offering comprehensive solutions to make the telecom and VoIP experience that little bit simpler. After all, no matter how adept a company may be, there are always changes that can be made to streamline their processes for the betterment of their operations. This is where LITE UC comes in – its solutions are simply groundbreaking. From identifying areas in which clients can improve, to assisting in implementing all of the best methodologies to enhance the state of their telecom and VoIP capabilities, LITE UC has mastered the art of attuning itself to a company’s requirements. The result is what we see today – a collective that isn’t afraid to share the industry-shaping power that it has come to possess through its hard work and avid dedication. What matters most to LITE UC is finally eliminating the struggles that most companies face within the sector. In doing so, it has brought together business mobiles, VoIP, and broadband services, allowing for a seamless, yet cost effective, solution for companies of all sizes. LITE UC ensures that all services, from multiple major networks and suppliers, are on one bill – so that invoicing is straightforward. So, regardless of whether a client is a small startup wanting to get a head start in their telecom department, or a large corporation looking for a straightforward suite of services, LITE UC has everything anyone could need to finally move on from the industry’s complicated models. In LITE UC’s own words – “Gone are the days of managing multiple providers and complicated billing processes.” Furthermore, with one point of contact with an individual in the UK, LITE UC ensures that its clients always get to speak with the same person, rather than being in touch with multiple people at once. This streamlines LITE UC’s processes and elevates its clients’ customer service experience. In short, LITE UC has committed itself to being an all-in-one Office in a Box Solution for Streamlined Communication. As opposed to offering a myriad of detached services, it instead combines its capabilities in order to present a complete package, all under a single cost. That way, companies needn’t burden themselves with the additional stresses of managing a multitude of invoices, providers, and services – instead, they have access to a comprehensive suite that acts as the perfect solution. LITE UC’s ethos is to offer the latest technology, all whilst maintaining a reliable flexibility, and no better does this present itself than through its business mobiles. As we have transitioned into the digital age, telecommunication has never been more critical to the success of a business’s operations. It’s for this very reason that LITE UC placed immense emphasis on From the moment the telecommunications industry came to be, it earned itself a reputation for being one of the trickiest fields to navigate. Between companies having to juggle multiple providers and needing to remain on top of countless invoices, the sector certainly doesn’t make things easy for newcomers. Born from the desire to completely eliminate these hardships is LITE UC, a startup that is dedicated to completely revolutionising the way its clients approach telecommunications and VoIP services. perfecting the capabilities of its business mobiles. Through combining state-of-the-art tech with versatile plans, LITE UC promises constant connection, whilst also managing to uphold coverage throughout a wide range of devices. As a result, companies now have the option to empower their team by supplying them with the exact tools that they require to stay connected. Only then can their collectives truly thrive. However, LITE UC’s defining trait is, by far, its ability to offer astounding VoIP solutions that have been meticulously crafted to grant businesses the chance to communicate both easily and efficiently. As the next step in innovation, LITE UC’s VoIP solutions aim to completely eradicate the use of outdated phone systems, and instead focus on inviting a modern, cloud-based communication platform into its clients’ workspace. From call forwarding and voicemail to email features, to virtual receptionist capabilities, LITE UC’s incredible technology embodies the full potential of digital advancements. As such, managing calls has simply never been easier. As if all of these fantastic, and revolutionary, solutions weren’t enough to get clients hooked on what LITE UC has to offer, it closes off its comprehensive collection by delivering high-speed broadband services. This promise seeks to reassure clients that, no matter how demanding their internet capacity may be, LITE UC is able to help them maintain a high speed threshold that’s both reliable and robust. In turn, clients will be able to make full use of an incredibly sturdy network infrastructure, allowing them to stay connected, regardless of size or location. In short, LITE UC has thought of everything to make the lives of its customers far easier. At its heart, LITE UC is devoted to providing unbeatable services, whilst making good on its promise of reliability. It truly values the connections that it creates with each client, and the genuine desire that it holds to see them succeed is undeniably evident throughout each and every one of its services. LITE UC has access to some of the industry’s greatest minds, equipping it with a team of helpful professionals who are able to deliver unique industry insights that have had a consistently positive impact. No matter the scope of a client’s telecom need, LITE UC has a solution to fit it – a quality that has helped it to define itself within such a bustling sector. We’re so incredibly excited to feature LITE UC as part of this awards supplement. The changes that it’s making to the industry have the potential to completely reshape the way we view telecommunications and VoIP – something of which the team is incredibly proud. It seems as though there isn’t anything standing in LITE UC’s way when it comes to extending its reach, and we’re sure that, as time and technology progress in tandem, its highly skilled professionals will be more than willing to lend their expertise to the creation of a new industry altogether. Contact: Lee Raper Company: LITE UC Web Address: