Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Company: Epay Card Programs Inc. Web Address: Contact Name: Luis Velez solutions, BLXPAY embraces change, harnesses technology, and strives for continuous improvement in a rapidly evolving world. Staff are instrumental to the company’s success as it is through their qualities, combined with the inclusive and innovative culture, that a dynamic and forward-thinking fintech company is achieved. BLXCKPAY is populated by individuals who possess a deep understanding of fintech, finance, and related technologies, and these are the self-same qualities it seeks when recruiting. The financial world is a complex entity that poses many challenges. For example, within the cross-border payments system, regulatory compliance is a thorny, constantly changing problem. It is essential to stay compliant when navigating KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirements. Volatile exchange rates can also be challenging, and there is the increasing cybersecurity threat to contend with too. Competition for customers and evolving client expectations can also be added to this. Fortunately, BLXCKPAY’s consistent focus on technology, global expansion, customer experience, and product diversification has fuelled its growth over the last few years and positioned it for future success in the cross-border payments department. The company has exciting plans for the remainder of 2023 and early 2024, particularly in the cross-border and banking sector in Puerto Rico. It is actively exploring opportunities to expand its presence in Puerto Rico, which is a strategic location for cross-border banking and financial services to flourish. It is committed to bringing even more convenience and efficiency in this area, with enhanced features soon to be introduced that make it easier than ever to manage international financial transactions. With regulatory standards continuing to evolve the company remains dedicated to staying at the very forefront of compliance and security measures. Its plans include investments in advanced cybersecurity and compliance technologies, to ensure the utmost safety for clients’ financial data. It also aims to foster stronger relationships with clients by introducing initiatives such as educational resources, webinars, and customer feedback programmes. It hopes to be able to empower its customers to engage more effectively, and make informed decisions. Furthermore, and in line with global trends, it has been actively working on sustainability and environmental responsibility initiatives. Such efforts are intended not only to make operations eco-friendlier, but also to provide sustainable financial options for clients. Epay Card Programs Inc., the power behind Blxck Capital’s BLXCKPAY services, has been recognised as the Best Payment Service Platform 2023 – Mexico. Fittingly, this title comes from the Technology Innovator Awards, furnishing the cutting edge fintech business with a reward for its endeavours within the financial management industry. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to it.