Technology Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21077 Global Leaders in Sealing Technology Solutions 2023 Most companies in the sealing industry find it incredibly difficult to stay atop of things, this being due to the difficulty of keeping track of the ever-increasing requirements of sealing elements, in addition to the rapid development of sealing geometries and materials. This is where Innseals comes in, with the providing of a high-quality advisory service being the company’s number one goal, it strives to answer all the essential questions about the best, most economic, and most durable seals that money can buy. With the motto, “Out of the silo – into the process!”, Innseals has overcome the silo mentality and provides its clients with unique access to specialised materials and customised seals, all based on a customer’s specific requirements. All of these specialised materials are stocked and sold according to industry standards, and the company proudly boasts flexible manufacturing facilities, tool manufacturing capabilities (with more than 50,000 tools in stock), and stock availability of standard seals in addition to its non-standard dimensions and special materials (comprising a total of more than 120,000 items). Working in an ever-evolving and fast-paced environment, it is important for the team to remain abreast of industry trends. As Daniel explains, “knowhow ensures top quality”. For this reason, Innseals is constantly growing, and has blossomed into an international specialist in plastics and sealing technology, offering supply as well as development, all while acting as a keen and effective service partner. Through an array of quality offerings, the Innseals team can offer individual advice and demand analysis, with its team of specialists always offering optimal solutions that provide good value. With all of the company’s production taking place in Europe, products of the highest calibre can be expected with no expense spared, and each element is subject to quality control with rigorous testing and official and authentic certification. In addition to this high level of service quality, worldwide distribution is available, so Innseals quality products and solutions can benefit projects the world over. With such a tremendous catalogue of products, inclusive of O-rings, shaft seals, engineered moulded parts, and a variety of highperformance fluid sealing products, Innseals is sought after by a host of sectors. Some of its best customers are those in the electronics, chemical, and food industries, but the seals can be used for those working with hydraulics/pneumatics, heating and sanitary, household appliances, pump technology, cleaning technology, fire protection, and air conditioning technology, to name just a few. Never content to settle and possessing an unbridled passion for helping customers and clients in any way that it can, innovation serves as the undercurrent to the business’ daily operations. For Daniel and the team, innovation is more than just improving or replacing establishing processes or products, it is a meticulous combination of the know-how provided by Innseals Dichtungstechnik GmbH offers the highest quality standards of seals across every field. Thanks to its individual expert solutions, the company is proudly able to fulfil all customer requests and caters to an array of satisfied clients. Innseals prides itself on a unique ability to offer fantastic customer proximity, reliability that is well above that of the industry standard, a tremendous degree of operational readiness, unparalleled expert knowledge, and most importantly, an unbridled passion for its work. The company has come to embody the highest calibre of brand and product quality, and with modern supply concepts, advisory service that is the best in the market, and access to a host of manufacturers, all customer requirements are achieved. We speak with Daniel Geroldinger, to learn more about these exceptional services. a team of experts and the most durable and economical solution being afforded to everybody who seeks out Innseals services. This all starts with the staff, all of whom have contributed wholeheartedly to the company’s stellar reputation as one of the leading suppliers of sealing elements, with customers from all sectors and industries across the globe. Innseals thus relies heavily on its employees to have a can-do mentality and a feel for other people’s needs. Through an internal culture that nurtures growth and development, staff are afforded the space and opportunity to achieve anything. As a result, the time employees spend together is joyful, both during work and in colleagues’ spare time, where joint activities and team building exercises are frequently carried out. Thanks to this environment of respect, appreciation, and positivity, the team go to work happy, motivated, and feeling good. A meticulously constructed philosophy lies at the heart of the business, that Innseals is proud to have created and share with employees and customers alike. By setting targets and pursuing common goals, employees remain committed to making the company a special place, achieving the best possible results a team. By adopting customer benefit as its compass, the organisation can support its customers to the best of its ability. Following on from this, a drive to leave no question unanswered has resulted in all work and information surrounding the firm being kept visible and accessible. Passion and power are also key elements of this philosophy, with all services carried out being done so with passion and full-strength. Keen attention is paid to ensuring the correct balance is struck between benefit, effort, needs, and capacity. Moreover, everyone at Innseals takes initiative, responsibility, and gets involved. Role models exist at all levels of the business, and regardless of hierarchy, opinions, ideas, and approaches are valued across the board. The final element to this extensive philosophy is remaining on the move at all times. This desire to continually improve has led to the questioning of the status quo, learning and adapting to change, and providing the best possible solutions to customers. Further cementing its philosophy, Innseals possesses a five-point service plan in its predations and interactions, with these serving as guiding principles that ensure continued success and an upholding of the company’s key values and culture. The first of these is quality, with all materials and products hitting an outstanding quality to price ratio. Second is perfection, which runs throughout the organisation, starting with consulting and only ending once the product has been safely and swiftly delivered. Subsequently, precision stems from striving to achieve excellence in all sealing technologies, individual solutions, and problems, as well as in the customer-oriented services the company provides. Fourth, the know-how had by all employees allows the business to produce the desired seals Sep23137