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Welcome to the Media Innovator Awards 2023, introduced to you by Innovation in Business for its debut year! This prestigious awards programme celebrates and recognises outstanding achievements in the media industry and commends them on their achievements. As the media landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial to honour the businesses that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and excellence. Join us as we shine a spotlight on the trailblazers and visionaries who are shaping the future of media! The Media Innovator Awards 2023 is designed for businesses and professionals within the media industry who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Whether you are a content creator, broadcaster, technology provider, or marketer, these awards are tailored to recognize your exceptional achievements. Innovation in Business aims to bring together the best and brightest minds in the industry to celebrate their accomplishments. In 2023, the media industry is experiencing a wave of consolidation. Analysts predict that this trend will continue, as businesses seek partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborations to accelerate market entry. Additionally, immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are becoming more accessible, allowing media companies to create and publish content in engaging and immersive formats. The adoption of AI by content creators is another exciting trend to watch, as it has the potential to reinvent the landscape, opening doors to a greater variety of people and posts for brands to collaborate with. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Welcome to the Media Innovator Awards 2023 Editorial Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Izzy Misfud, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer Matthew Wright, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Designers Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

6. Giannoccaro Creative Agency: Most Innovative Full-Service Creative Agency 2023 - China 8. Alarcon & Harris: Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider Alarcon & Harris - Spain 10. Flexible Films: Community Filmmakers of the Year 2023 – UK 12. Sense Music & Media GmbH: Best Concert & Documentary Film Production Studio 2023 - Germany 14. Old City Media: Most Innovative Experiential Marketing Company 2023 – Pennsylvania 15. More By Us Ltd: Best Visual Identity & Technical Solutions Expert 2023 - Bulgaria 16. My Marketing LLC: Real Estate Marketing Firm of the Year 2023 – California 17. Cognito Amsterdam: Best Asset Management Sector Magazine & Network 2023 - Netherlands 18. 173tech: Most Impactful Digital Marketing Consultant 2023 (London): Oliver Gwynne 19. OPTO Creative Lab Inc.: Most Innovative Virtual Brand Experience Provider 2023 - Florida 20. Maxwell Miles, ElevenGain and ElevenAmped: Best Strategic Marketing Company 2023 - APAC 21. The Creative Agency: International Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2023 - USA Contents

22. PER Agency: Best Data-Driven Communications Consultancy Firm 2023 - Germany 23. Varano Producciones SL: Varano Producciones: Best Event Production Company 2023 - Madrid 24. Zaibr Innovations GmbH: Best Performance Marketing Agency 2023 - Berlin 25. Ross & Associates: Best Educational Publishing & Technology Consultant (Illinois): Michael Ross & Leading Professional Development Program for Senior Publishing Executives 2023 - USA 26. LuckyTurn Media Ltd: Website Developers & Design Agency of the Year 2023 - East Anglia 27. Hapn Creative Ltd: Best Digital Design Agency 2023 - Lancashire 28. Kevin Stephan: Best MLM & Web3 Educator 2023: Kevin Stephan 29. NarrativeWorx: Best AI Communications Agency 2023 - UK 30. DMA COMMUNICATION: Motivational Keynote Speaker of the Year 2023 (Italy): Davide Amante

May21135 the conventional to discover transformative ways of connecting with audiences, creating campaigns, and telling stories that resonate on a deeper level.” Damon views innovation as the thread that weaves together Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s passion, its work, and the success of its clients. “To innovate is to harmonise creativity with strategy, intuition with analysis, and risk-taking with informed decision-making,” he comments. “It’s the courage to disrupt the status quo, to make the improbable possible, and to consistently redefine the boundaries of what a creative agency can achieve. For us, innovation is about crafting experiences that are as impactful and enduring as they are unique and momentary.” Alongside innovation, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is strongly driven by a passion for service excellence. To achieve this, the firm strives to ensure that clients do not just receive superior services but also that they are actively involved in the creative process. In this, it views them as more than just paying customers, instead considering them to be collaborators and partners. Giannoccaro Creative Agency begins this process by working to gain an understanding of the client’s vision, challenges, and objectives. Then, it uses this information to create a tailored strategic plan that aligns with their unique needs and brand identity. This personalised, bespoke approach, taking into account clients’ distinct stories and goals, is what sets the agency apart from others. Moreover, Giannoccaro Creative Agency recognises the importance of transparency and communication, so it strives to keep clients informed through regular real-time insights into the performance of their campaign. When needed, it collaborates with them to make strategic adjustments. Now established over five years ago, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is incredibly proud of the results it has delivered. These can be seen in the measurable success of its campaigns, the strong relationships it has built with its clients, and the awards it has received. A recent example of Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s success is the groundbreaking influencer campaign it ran for TWEEZERMAN, a Most Innovative Full-Service Creative Agency 2023 - China With offices in China and the Netherlands, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is a marketing, branding, and design agency that provides a full range of creative solutions, encompassing traditional advertising, digital experiences, retail solutions, and brand development. The firm serves a diverse client base, ranging from emerging startups to established multinational corporations. Here, we speak to Founder and Creative Director Damon Giannoccaro to find out more about the company and its innovative spirit. In 2019, Giannoccaro Creative Agency was established by Damon Giannoccaro, a marketing professional with more than three decades of experience in his field. Today, alongside CEO Jochen Thomas, he leads a multinational team of 20 marketing and branding experts who are passionate about helping Chinese companies to reach international markets, and vice versa. Giannoccaro Creative Agency takes a datadriven approach to marketing, leveraging its team’s rich experience and professional knowhow in China’s digital and social media marketing landscape. The agency specialises in delivering services such as search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), key opinion leader (KOL) and influencer marketing, and content marketing. It prides itself on its buffet-style menu of services, enabling clients to choose one, a few, or all of its offerings. Companies that choose to work with a creative agency like Giannoccaro Creative Agency experience a number of benefits, including the fact that all of their brand control can be dealt with by one agency. This is much more effective than employing multiple agencies for branding, who will all inevitably develop their own unique interpretations of the company’s brand style, potentially leading to inconsistencies. Wielding boundless creative talent, in-depth knowledge, and unique experiences, the Giannoccaro Creative Agency team craft innovative and effective marketing strategies designed to help clients enhance their brand awareness and maximise their ROI. Each and every member of the team is wholly committed to the success of the clients they serve and the quality of the work they deliver on their behalf. In everything it does, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is guided by its company values, which have not changed since its establishment but rather strengthened, solidified, and deepened in significance as it has navigated the evolving media landscape. These are constant creativity, integrity, excellence, collaboration, and, most importantly, innovation. In the creative industry, Giannoccaro Creative Agency stands out as a beacon of innovation, which truly underpins its ethos. Damon explains, “It is not merely about embracing the latest technologies or trends; it’s a mindset, a relentless pursuit of the unexplored and the extraordinary. It means looking beyond beauty tool company that has been setting high standards of quality, reliability, and innovation for over 40 years. As part of this short-term, three-month campaign, 30 micro-influencers were strategically engaged to create content. They were provided with individualised product sample packs designed to deliver memorable unpacking experiences. The results were extraordinary. Over 19 million online brand engagements later, Giannoccaro Creative Agency had significantly boosted TWEEZERMAN’s online sales through platforms like Little Red Book and Weibo. However, Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s work extends beyond the digital realm, also bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds. As part of another campaign for TWEEZERMAN, the company crafted a custom mobile pop-up unit featuring a Product Hero Display and a makeup area for live sessions with influencers and makeup artists during events hosted in high-traffic shopping centres. By leveraging live online reporting, the agency delivered a robust promotional strategy that effectively elevated TWEEZERMAN’s market presence. In its extensive portfolio of work, it is evident that Giannoccaro Creative Agency is capable of not only creating buzz around its clients, but also sustaining meaningful engagement. This cements its status as a leading creative agency in media innovation. In light of this, it is no surprise that the company has been awarded Most Innovative FullService Creative Agency, China, in the Media Innovator Awards 2023. With regards to the future, Damon admits that most of Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s upcoming ventures remain confidential. However, hinting at a landmark project that is currently in the pipeline, he shares, “We are in advanced discussions to start a partnership with FILA, where we will be delivering multifaceted creative services. Our involvement spans from aiding in their collection development to orchestrating brand collaboration opportunities. This project, set to unfold in the first half of 2024, promises to be a bold new chapter in both our company’s story and FILA’s brand journey.” Contact: Jochen Thomas Company: Giannoccaro Creative Agency Web Address:

Most Innovative Full-Service Creative Agency 2023 - China

May21135 Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider Alarcon & Harris - Spain A&H specializes in business-to-business communications, often on behalf of companies with a multinational presence. The agency does this principally by planning and delivering PR activities and media events. And the agency’s roster of PR services is comprehensive: press releases, case studies, blogs, and thought-leadership articles, as well as newsletters, websites, social media, advertorials, and advertising. For some clients, A&H generates media coverage across as many as five continents. Despite its international reach, however, A&H is no impersonal giant. Far from it. This is a small, nimble, fast-moving agency which prides itself on having the personal touch. Clients deal directly with A&H’s CEO, Nuria Marti, a dynamo of creative ideas and an energetic project leader. Since acquiring A&H in 2004 (the agency was founded in 1987), Nuria has built a small but talented team and an extensive international network of freelance content specialists. A&H’s offices are in Madrid, but its visual and written content is also sourced from other locations in Europe and the United States. Going glocal A&H’s clients operate in a wide range of industrial sectors. In recent years these have included agriculture, construction, engineering, food, healthcare, mining, recycling and waste handling, automotive, transport and logistics. This is a diverse portfolio, but Nuria finds nearly all clients face a similar challenge operating across different languages and business cultures. Nuria says: “Businesses operating in international markets typically create PR and marketing strategies at their centralized headquarters, yet ultimately depend on the effectiveness of communications in national markets. And national markets often bring specific local characteristics, challenges, and requirements. This means the best results are achieved with a two-pronged approach, combining global oversight with a good understanding of local markets. We call this ‘glocalization,’ and we specialize in it. We often work closely with people in our clients’ headquarters and in their various national territories. In this respect, we’re different to most other agencies.” “Language is all-important,” emphasizes Nuria. “First of all, when communicating for clients, we’re very respectful of their brand language and tone-of-voice. Sometimes we work hand-in-hand with clients to develop that tone-of-voice. And as well as communicating with media, we also craft communications for clients’ potential customers, distributors, partners, or internal teams. Innovation in business translates into sales success only if the right people get to hear about it. The same is also true of established solutions and services. Which is why international communications agency Alarcon & Harris (A&H) has won a Media Innovator Award as Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider: A&H contributes to the commercial success of businesses in industry and technology by shining the spotlight on them - brilliantly. Nov23624

A&H’s ability to “go glocal” played a big part in it winning the Media Innovator Award. The award judges were also impressed that A&H has a strong capacity for preparing technical information; that A&H is well-acquainted with international media sectors and the media of greatest scope and influence; and that A&H is well-equipped to produce high-quality content in different languages to target clients’ various national markets. “Then there’s also our ability to communicate in the native languages of target media. We’re able to do this accurately because our network of freelancers includes first-class translators who can comprehend industrial processes and technologies and describe them clearly. Ultimately, though, stories are not so much about how technologies work – what potential purchasers really want to hear about are the user benefits.” A love triangle In addition to glocalization, there is another important ingredient in A&H’s highly successful approach, which Nuria calls “the love triangle” and a win-win strategy… then adds, “People are always amused when they hear this!” Nuria explains: “In all seriousness, ‘love triangle’ is a good way to describe it. At one corner of the triangle is A&H, with the expertise to plan and deliver highly effective PR campaigns nationally and internationally. At another corner of the triangle are A&H’s clients, whose commercial objectives shape the key messages we communicate and the audiences we target. But at the other corner there’s a third-party which centralized strategists too often overlook: the media. Or, more precisely, our working relationships with the media.” “I cannot overstate how important it is that members of the specialist media trust and enjoy working with A&H. This means we don’t only go to them with news releases and articles; they also come to us with requests for content. The media know they can depend on A&H as a source of authoritative information and wellcrafted stories. They also know we will deliver content which, at the same time as being of promotional value to our clients, will also be of genuine informative value to their readers. “The media also know how helpful and well-informed we are from meeting us at press events. A&H often runs, or helps to run, media activities at exhibitions, conferences and product launches. This not only strengthens that third corner of the triangle – it also opens up new opportunities to publicize our clients’ products and solutions.” A bolt-on resource For clients, one of the big advantages of working with A&H is that it’s a ‘bolt-on’ PR department. A&H brings to the table a more Company name: Alarcon & Harris Contact: Nuria Marti Email: [email protected] Web address: diverse and experienced creative resource than any small in-house department could hope to match, without the client having to increase headcount and associated fixed costs. Another big advantage is that A&H’s support is impressively cost effective. As Nuria puts it: “We turbocharge media coverage. The cost of the equivalent advertising space would be, on average, 20 times higher than the cost of our communications campaigns. And that’s before you take account of the fact that many readers and viewers believe editorial content is more objective and trustworthy than paid-for space. Credible media coverage raises awareness and stimulates sales enquiries. Effective communications help clients build and maintain their brand reputations, and what’s more valuable than that?” Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider Alarcon & Harris - Spain

May21135 Films felt strongly that this was the type of inclusive work they wanted to pursue, nowadays called co-production but then it was really just Flexible Films being…flexible! During the next 5 years, Inspiration Filmworks made films on subjects like medication, restraint, and customer care, and were the recipients of the Oxleas Recognition Award for Best Practice in 2005 and runners up in the National Health & Social Care Awards, which afforded the members of Inspirational Filmworks the opportunity to go to a very glamorous awards ceremony. As course attendee Sarah Lewis testifies, “The course run by Flexible Films changed my life around. They didn’t just teach me how to direct documentaries, they taught me life skills.” Fellow participant Maria Warren agrees, commenting, “Being able to share ideas and seeing them come to life is a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence.” Sadly funding for the group ended in 2010 but Flexible Films continued to work with the group, now re-christened CanDo Films on a voluntary basis, with the support of Greenwich Mind and continued to make documentary and fiction films with the group. During this time Flexible Films were awarded the Newham Film Fund, which gave them the chance to make a film that was very close to Sybil’s heart. ‘Two Other Stories’ follows two mental health survivors and was very well received and premiered at the Curzon cinema in London’s Leicester Square. By now Flexible Films were getting very well known in their field and this lead to the beginning of, and continuing partnerships with the Race Equality Foundation, the (formerly Irish) Traveller Movement in Britain, NHS England, and Mind. Relationships that have now lasted 15 or 20 years. They also began projects working with Kent University, the Eden Project, UCLAN, the University of Hertfordshire, Together - working for wellbeing, youth groups, carers groups, schools, prisons, Birmingham City Council, as well as a very large project for a Swiss publishing company that saw the placement of English language learning materials throughout the canton of Zurich. A project that involved interviewing many school children in different countries. Community Filmmakers of the Year 2023 – UK Flexible Films, who are the winners of the 2023 Community Filmmakers Award are a small company. By that I mean that they have a small crew – just 2 core members, Sybil Ah-Mane and Russell Hall. However, with regards to what they have achieved since they started, they are mighty. Their story begins in a council flat on a council estate in East London in 2002. Both had recently completed MAs in Film and were passionate to get into filmmaking careers. Russell had been teaching Media Studies for a couple of years and wanted to take the plunge and get back into making films rather than teaching students to make films. Sybil was working part-time as a mental health support worker and in a media organisation. She enjoyed both roles and used her own experience of mental health to inform the films she made and also to gain the trust with the people she filmed. This was very important to her, as she believed very strongly that all stories should be heard although obviously some people were more confident to talk in front of a camera than others. Sybil and Russell quickly realised that their particular niche market in film was Community, Education and Health & Social Care. It was a time of massive regeneration on their estate and through community focused groups and meetings, Sybil and Russell got to know the members of the local council who were tasked with creating employment opportunities in the local community. When Sybil and Russell told them about their plans to make community based films, the council realised that this was a great opportunity for them to have the regeneration project documented and also get direct feedback from residents. And so began a relationship between Newham Council and the newly founded Flexible Films. Flexible Films excelled in this role as ‘Council Filmmakers’ throughout the regeneration period and beyond and could often be seen on the estate filming building developments and interviewing residents. In the next 5 years, they made over 20 films for Newham, all of them featuring interviews with members of the public (and council workers) - people whose stories and views/opinions would not usually have been voiced and helping to make sure the precious regeneration money was used to its best potential. With this small but increasing body of work behind them, Flexible Films were starting to make (small) waves in the world of community filmmaking. This lead to Oxleas NHS Trust employing them in 2004 to run a film group of mental health service users. Training the group, self-named Inspiration Filmworks, to use camera, sound, and edit - the 18 members were able to tell their stories to the Trust and help to make some policy changes. Flexible

During this period from 2012 onwards there was an investment in SME’s (small and medium enterprises), which introduced Flexible Films to PEW (PEW Electrical Distributors Ltd.) - suppliers to the lift industry who were, and still are instrumental to Flexible Films and the Magic Video Box. Flexible Films had always been very interested in getting the most intimate and effective interviews possible and to them this meant getting the subjects to look directly into the camera. This can be very difficult, especially with people who are not used to being filmed. However, they believed that direct to camera footage would be more compelling and engaging. So Flexible Films created the Magic Video Box. The person being filmed and the interviewer talk through the box via a oneway mirror, capturing every moment, and allowing the client’s voice to shine through. PEW who became good friends with Sybil and Russell after working on a project together offered their support to manufacture, distribute and hire the Magic Video Box. Community Filmmakers of the Year 2023 – UK Flexible Films and the Magic Video Box are having a huge impact in the filmmaking industry. Clients of Mind said that they were able to talk more freely and openly to camera, a comment repeated by many others. Everyone feels more relaxed when they use the Magic Video Box. Its quirky look acts as an icebreaker taking away the formality and seriousness often associated with filming. Flexible Films continue to make films that are intimate, honest and therapeutic. In 2023 they launched a new YouTube channel (www. showcasing films that promote learning and community. The channel currently has over 15 films and they are encouraging other filmmakers using the Magic Video Box to contribute. “We worked with Flexible Films to produce a film for a fundraising campaign. They were really sensitive to our needs and this shone through in the film. They were great at keeping us informed, taking on our feedback and working collaboratively.” Lorraine Roadnight, Mind In their 20+ years of filmmaking, Flexible Films have become trusted members of the community filmmaking world. They have built partnerships, relationships, and above all friendships with wellestablished and like-minded groups and for that, we are very pleased to award them Community Film makers of the year 2023. Well done! Contact Details Contact Name: Sybil Ah-Mane Company: Flexible Films Web Address:

Apr21077 Best Concert & Documentary Film Production Studio 2023 - Germany Sense Music & Media GmbH proudly offers a full-service destined to satisfy all television and film production needs, with every element managed from conception through to shooting, editing, post-production, and anything in between. With a detailed background in the music industry, the team also produce a host of music-related videos, inclusive of concerts, documentaries, livestreams, and podcasts. This synergy with music dates back to SLICES, which was launched in record stores and other scene locations as a free DVD magazine back in 2005, before becoming a YouTube channel in 2012, under the new name Electronic Beats TV. The DVD magazine proved instrumental in the company’s success, and it is credited by many DJs and producers in the scene for encouraging them to pursue this career path, today enjoying a cult status across Germany and beyond. In the almost two decades since SLICES debuted, Sense Music & Media has expanded significantly, and now works with organisations such as Amazon Music, along with a plethora of indie artists and labels. Top priority for the team is forging lasting relationships and collaborations that are built on both quality and trust, as apparent in the company’s more than 20-year relationship with Deutsche Telekom. Ultimately, the scope of services offered by Sense Music & Media is extensive, not only spanning film, television, and audio, but also social media content, which is becomingly increasingly popular in the modern, digital sphere. Due to the team often being commissioned by other agencies for projects, a very low profile is kept regarding information about current clients and upcoming endeavours, yet the company’s vast portfolio Sense Music & Media GmbH exists to help its clients fully realise and execute their vision across any branch of film, television, or live production, as well as offering a complete package of post-production services, including both audio and video. The company emerged from a record label that focused on electronic music, beginning in 2000 with an event documentary. It would be 2004 when things really took off however, when the company developed and introduced the DVD magazine SLICES, produced for Deutsche Telekom’s music platform Electronic Beats. In the almost 20 years since then, the company has maintained the same values, prizing focus, love, and energy. We speak with Holger Wick, who tells us more about the company and its array of offerings within the media industry. spans in excess of 2000 productions, with more than 1000 of these being music related, and for artists such as Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Yoko Ono, New Order, Underworld, Lana Del Ray, and James Blake, to name just a few. At the heart of Sense Music & Media is a desire to innovate, which for Holger, means “turning an idea into a solution of value and freshness from a customer’s perspective – including the use of technologies in order to combine [these] with experience.” It is this innovation which has ultimately resulted in the business’ pronounced flexibility in terms of offerings and services and has allowed it to thrive whether its focus has been on DVD magazines, film sets, or the livestreaming of a concert through social media platforms. By offering total productions or individual services such as post-production, editing, subtitling, and audio mixing, the team are able to offer services fit for any client needs or requirements. This same level of expert care is also afforded in the area of client service, with the team maintaining a direct and personal relationship with their customers, bolstered by transparent communication and a service that, above all, is direct and quick, with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability present for any changes that have to be made on the fly. As Holger puts it, “everything is connected with everything”, which is of paramount importance when working in areas such as a live music setting, when not only can anything happen, but it only happens once, giving the team the unenviable task of capturing everything expertly in the moment. Working with customers and clients in a market that is incredibly fast paced does bring with it some significant challenges, and it is vital for Oct23695

the Sense Music & Media team to remain atop of current trends and manage developments. Holger believes that oftentimes, the customers the business work with are a little too focused on what is popular right now in that very moment, whereas the team strive to provide a product and a service that is sustainable and long-lasting. In such a visceral industry filled with sights and sounds, the staff all expertly use their eyes and ears to create stellar content every time, collaborating with clients and agencies to create a finished product that is sure to exceed expectations. Also, within the industry at present, the impact of AI is being experienced to the fullest extent, with the result of this rise being that the things start to feel much less original than they have done in previous years. Keeping this in mind, the team at Sense Music and Media aim to be pacesetters, but in a sustainable way, acutely aware of the increasing necessity of providing a service that is more holistic than was required before. For Holger, the “new now” is represented perfectly by the butterfly effect, and it is important to not always choose the short path to success if long-term prosperity is the ultimate goal. Successfully navigating the ever-evolving media industry is made possible by Sense Music & Media’s hard working, loyal, and dedicated team, all of Best Concert & Documentary Film Production Studio 2023 - Germany whom work tirelessly in order to uphold the company’s values and connote a brand image that is more than just a fancy logo, but rather a beacon for the excellence of the business, its products, and its services. As Holger explains, “we are known for delivering what we promise, so customers trust the brand.” The same can be said for any new talent that the company recruits, where not only is exceptional talent and skill prized, but a keen emphasis is placed on an ability to integrate seamlessly. Sense Music & Media GmbH’s team are sure to stand it in a good stead for the future, a future which is set hold to many new and exciting projects across every avenue in which the business successfully operates. Due to a combination of the past-paced environment in which the company operates, and series of NDAs that are signed ahead of shoots, specific details of what is to come are tightly under wraps, but rest assured, Holger and the team remain as open as possible to all types of new projects and are ready and waiting for whatever comes through the door next. Contact Details Contact: Holger Wick Company: Sense Music & Media GmbH Web Address:

May21135 For retailers looking to draw in more customers, Old City Media has a plan. Its unwavering devotion to doing more than simply encouraging growth, the company guarantees the further education of consumers, free gift card incentives which can be used in store, bigger brand presence, and, essentially, more money invested back into retailers’ hands. Efficiently delivering innovative ways to develop brand presence, improve customer engagement, and help retailers to flourish further, this marketing company is able to unify all three entities and enrich the surrounding communities. Hosting over 35,000 pop-up activations in the last three years, across the US and Canada, Old City Media’s efforts continue to pay off. 2024 is set to be a magnificent year for the business and we’re pleased to share that Old City Media has been bestowed with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Experiential Marketing Company 2023, Pennsylvania, in the Media Innovator Awards 2023. Long may its success continue. Most Innovative Experiential Marketing Company 2023 – Pennsylvania Established in early 2013, Old City Media swiftly became a major player in the corporate world. With over two decades of experience creating world-class special events to bring excellence to empty spaces, Founder Ray Sheehan and his team knew exactly how to captivate people through marketing and event management. As event producers for a plethora of spectacular occasions such as largescale festivals, events within the food and drink industry, and much more, Old City Media found that the well dried up when the pandemic swept the globe. For many, this was a time to put their business to rest, but Ray took it as a sign to think on his feet and reinvent the company so that Old City Media could still help others to increase their revenue even during the difficult times they were facing. Old City Media’s story is a tale of resilience, flexibility, and pure transformation for the good of both retailers and brands around the US, Canada, and soon, beyond! Of course, with its reputation for threading excellence through all of its events, Old City Media is no stranger to helping brands to build strong relationships with their customers, but its recent work with retailers has truly driven the company to great heights. Throughout the pandemic, we all found ourselves looking for ways to stay busy whilst staying safe. Many businesses were closed, but there were many stores that remained open. This is where Old City Media saw a window for opportunity, so that brands and retailers could join forces in delivering popular products to people who wished for them. Addressing issues on both sides of the same coin, and unifying brands with retailers, Old City Media’s approach to growing business is creative, passionate, and backed by years of seasoned expertise. Doing what it does best, the company builds brands and helps them to promote their finest products. From telecoms to insurance, energy to home improvement, automotive, and so much more, Old City Media helps brands of all sizes and categories to connect with their existing and potential customers. Furthermore, creating the perfect match, Old City Media lovingly pairs retailers with brands so that they, too, can reap the benefits. Teaming up with a myriad of retailers from Wakefern Food Corp. to Ace Hardware, Gabe’s to H.E.B, Walmart to CINEMARK, and many more, Old City Media fills their empty spaces with popular branded goods which, ultimately, encourage consumers to flock to these locations. As natural-born problem solvers, the team at Old City Media is proud to be part of something bigger than themselves. They build each other up, support one another, and, as a result of this, both brands and retailers can construct deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers – both for now and the future to come. Old City Media’s marketing strategies and sponsorship solutions are always based on the intrinsic and unique needs of every brand or retailer it works with. Crafting bespoke solutions for both parties, with the end consumers also in mind, Old City Media conquers any challenges that may arise for any brand or store. As many people know, a large number of industries took a tremendous hit throughout the global pandemic. Coming to a grinding halt, many companies felt the burn – and Old City Media was no exception. But, like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, Old City Media was born again. Here we explore how the company recalibrated and rebuilt its star-studded reputation through sheer dedication to hard work and creating value for every community it touches. Contact: Ray Sheehan Company: Old City Media Web Address: Nov23249

Apr21843 Best Visual Identity & Technical Solutions Expert 2023 - Bulgaria More By Us Ltd is a business that specialises in the providing of expert branding services, inclusive of brand identity development, pitch decks, increasing social media presence, graphic design, video production, and AR building, to name just a few. Working with a range of companies from start-ups to multi-billiondollar businesses, the team provide bespoke creative solutions that are designed to have a lasting impact. Spurring this on is a series of core values, with these serving to cement the business as a beacon for such positive qualities as collaboration, innovation, and diversity, and these have been proudly retained from the company’s inception right through to the present day. We speak with Managing and Creative Director Maria Burgelova, to find out more about the company’s legacy of talent and innovation. Across the media industry, More By Us Ltd offers a host of services, with notable expertise in the fields of curating materials that bolster marketing campaigns, producing videos, designing eBooks and reports for online media, and developing pitch/sales decks for events. As Maria explains, “our goal is to visually captivate audiences in the dynamic media landscape”, something that is achieved through the intelligent creation of suitable designs and branding that drives transformative impact across the businesses of clients. The company takes particular pride in those projects that really allow it to showcase its unrivalled creativity and innovation across an array of industries, with a particularly noteworthy example being More By Us’ recent involvement in the #GROWTH Summit – New York City, which provided Maria and the team a platform to highlight their skills and leave a mark on a prestigious event that is celebrated on a global scale. Maria describes, “we are fortunate to have clients who challenge us to go beyond our own limits”, and it is this which really drives the business forward and stimulates innovation. At More By Us, innovation is more than just an end goal, rather, for Maria, it is, “a continuous journey that fuels our enthusiasm and readiness to venture into new realms of design and branding.” In recent years, this has included the embracing and successful implementation of tools such as AI, with these new and exciting means providing necessary for thriving in a culture that is fastpaced and ever-evolving. While this plethora of available online tools are pivotal to remaining at the cutting edge of the industry, the human element of business remains paramount, and the honest and authentic experiences provided by employees could never be replicated, and only stands to be increasingly valued in the future. To this end, the business prides itself on remaining client-centric, with its tailored services exceeding expectations, embodying excellent communication and transparency, and signifying adaptability across the board. All of the company’s deliverables are created and delivered at the pace of a client’s business, and each truly represents the quality that said business deserves. As Maria explains, “I am often asked how we maintain such effectiveness compared to other agencies, […] the truth lies in our team cohesion. We share common values, have substantial experience, respect each other, and enjoy working together.” Big believers in giving back to the community, More By Us’ internship initiative (often lovingly referred to as “the playground”) represents its dedication to the cause, and through this programme, individuals from diverse backgrounds are mentored effectively, afforded the opportunity to hone their creativity and infuse fresh perspectives into the team’s projects. These emerging talents are on the precipice of their professional careers, and through the valuable guidance that they receive through the programme, are put on the right path to become top designers. Ultimately, lying at the heart of More By Us Ltd is an innate curiosity, which is similarly at the centre of every creative person. Maria and the team are thus given free rein to act on these intrinsic desires to explore, play, learn, and grow. Not only are the team allowed to tap into their creative sides on a daily basis, but they are also provided with recognition for the value they bring to the company, and in return, the perfect balance is struck between work and personal life for all. This is going to be increasingly important as the company looks ahead to its expansion in 2024, which is set to include a deeper dive into areas such as AR/VR, motion design, and the reinforcement of a strong identity for its truly inspiring client brands. Contact Details Contact: Maria Burgelova Company: More By Us Ltd Web Address: Oct23670

May21135 Real Estate Marketing Firm of the Year 2023 – California Across the marketing sphere, My Marketing LLC provides the solutions of branding, campaign design, and organisational consultation throughout the fields of content creation, social, digital, web, and PR. As an example of the stellar work done by the team, 2021 saw the firm consult for independent luxury real estate brokerage Strand Hill, which boasts locations in California’s Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes. Over the course of this partnership, My Marketing’s employees worked in close collaboration with Strand Hill’s existing marketing department and leaders, developing what became the “Not Just an Agent” campaign. Strand Hill was already an organisation with international connections, yet really wanted to prioritise its local roots, leading to members for both companies sitting down in an attempt to truly encapsulate what it means to be a part of a local community. What resulted was a campaign with a keen emphasis on showcasing these real estate professionals in their natural habitat, partaking in honest activities such as playing beach volleyball and riding bikes, which indeed highlighted that although this was a team comprising of real estate professionals, they were active members of the local community, not just an agent. The campaign garnered an incredible response and a real buzz, exacerbated by My Marketing providing the materials for the company to use in its own marketing. Through this gesture, a cohesive defining of the brand was achieved, resulting in an increased reach and market share. This campaign serves as just one example of the business’ commitment to innovation, which for Brittani, all starts with being honest. “Once you get honest, that is when new ideas and processes that create change are generated.” With this in toe, it does not matter how much is spent, a process is kickstarted that provides the necessary courage to inspire creativity and the vital entrepreneurial warrior spirit. In order to gauge success, My Marketing is incredibly selective about the clients that it works with, not out of elitism, but out of a selfimposed moral obligation to maintain incredibly high standards and deliver results that are consistently excellent. An approach such as this is incredibly important in such a fast-paced industry, with recent developments in areas such as AI, rising interest rates, and slower sales, it has become more important now than ever before to remain ahead of the market’s emerging trends. To this end, 2023 saw the firm investing in a programme focusing on leveraging AI, which enabled it to not only extract relevant insights into the market, but also tap into the necessary predictive marketing. Equally as necessary for this success is the fostering of an effective culture, which focuses on open communication, trust, and mutual respect. Brittani explains, “open communication, respect, and trust California’s My Marketing LLC is a marketing firm with a keen focus on real estate and lifestyle, working with a variety of clients within the space including brokerages, real estate professionals, builders, and developers. The company is committed to upholding its status as a trusted partner that delivers the exceptional service one would expect, achieving this by sticking to a series of core values that revolve around empowerment, engaging the best practises, embracing new growth models, inspiring boundless creativity, possessing a holistic approach, and fostering healthy, sustainable relationships with clients and the community. We catch up with President Brittani Tom, who tells us more about the company and its successes within the real estate marketing sector. all work hand in hand to not only help the team quickly navigate challenging situations, but also extend grace toward one another.” Bolstering this is the company’s awareness that creative minds rarely connote a stoic and blank adherence to professionalism, and it is unfair to expect people driving emotional campaigns to not show emotion themselves. As for the future of the business, February 2024 will see My Marketing LLC celebrate its fourth year of operations, this is a major milestone as many such businesses disappear within two. 2024 is also set to bring some exciting collaborations which are currently on the horizon, many of which are being carried out with industry leaders such as Zoom Casa, Agent Image, kvCORE, Constant Contact. Brittani is also looking forward to the continuous innovation the company is set to provide and concludes by stating “We are honoured to have been awarded Best Real Estate Marketing Firm 2023 – California by the Innovation in Business, Media Innovator Awards. A testimony to the incredible clients we’ve had the great fortune to serve.” Contact Details Contact: Brittani Tom Company: My Marketing LLC Web Address: Nov23481

Apr21843 Best Asset Management Sector Magazine & Network 2023 - Netherlands Cognito is proud of its distinctive international team, which it thinks sets it apart from other public relations companies. With a diverse mix of over 100 gifted individuals employed within its worldwide offices, both locals and non-locals, its work possesses a multi-cultural flair that gives it a special bearing. This is a huge advantage when it comes to promoting its clients in the very best, most far reaching of ways. As CEO Tom Coombes says, “most of the trends and drivers now are global, and it’s really important that clients are aware of what’s happening in each of the different geographies and markets.” The extensive range of public relations assistance on offer at Cognito extends to branding, marketing, media relations, branded content, event production and intelligent social media skills. Using the correct blend is important, and Cognito takes the forward thinking approach whereby it selects its resources according to the story it needs to tell, and the audience it wants to reach. This is a much more discerning way of doing things than blanket swamping all channels with an information overload. Being selective in this manner is a sensible way of reaching and engaging with desired patrons from the get-go. Cognito supports many large multi-nationals, who have formal mandates that are often complex, and fintech start-ups and Web3 firms, requiring of ultra specific marketing and public relations. To help underpin its processes for helping such clients it has partnered with different technology merchants who can provide insights, data, and ultimately more control. Using cutting edge tech can help clients to optimize their marketing, corporate content, events, and social media even more consciously and constructively. In terms of its clients, Cognito strives to combine two essential factors to ensure its projects always have a strong start. This consists of beginning with a structured session involving as many stakeholders as possible, and jointly agreeing on the specific KPIs by which success will be measured. Clarifying the objectives, tactics, and strategies is a useful exercise at the start as it reassures everyone of aims and value measurements. This makes for a strong initial base. As a specialist agency concentrated on financial services and financial technology, Cognito is careful to keep a close eye on emerging trends, and it takes part in numerous industry events Cognito is a global PR agency with a base located in 8 different offices around the world. It provides support in areas such as media relations, corporate content, social media, advertising, and events management for clients who derive from the financial services or financial technology sectors. As a specialist agency for finance, technology, and now the climate change transition too, it is delighted to be able to communicate vivid, brand-building messages for its clients. These are an essential ingredient in helping them to identify and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Nov23152 over all the continents. This provides it with a solid global perspective on the sector. It also assembles interviews with numerous journalists, PR, marketing and communication leaders working within the field, using them as the basis for a number of business reports. This helps to provide a firm insight regarding what is most important in the sector. People who work at Cognito are united by an ethos that celebrates the work they do as a long-term career rather than just another job. They are, in essence, ‘Cognitians’ for life, and the company revels in being able to maintain links with its alumni. From the ground up, this begins with searching out employees who are motivated and have the drive to make a difference for clients. Whilst previous education and experience is obviously a considered factor, the most important determinant is an understanding of exactly how they can add value for clients. Cognito is looking forward to 2024 when its focus will be firmly pinned on one of its leading clients, Fund Seminar, and its Dutch wealth management event. It hopes to further expand internationally with this successful platform, and help wealth managers and private bankers to engage with asset managers and service providers. Cognito is a company that can make a substantial difference for its clients. Not only is it committed to the financial services sphere, but it also genuinely understands the industry, its global footprint, and can provide unique service offerings. It is no surprise to see that it has been recognised as Best Asset Management Sector Magazine & Network 2023 – Netherlands, the opportunities it offers clients are making a huge difference to the sector. Company: Cognito Amsterdam Web Address: Contact Name: Richard Neve