Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 has been cultivated over many years to forge the perfect place for brands to turn when looking to elevate themselves beyond their current point. The enthusiasm that the collective shows for its clients’ success is simply infectious, resulting in a fantastic attitude that’s consistently passed down to various businesses and brands. As a partner of its clients, PER Agency strives for nothing less than excellence as a foundation to build upon. Above all else, it wishes to see its customers thrive in such a fast paced industry, and has devised solutions that are specifically geared toward meeting this goal. Whether clients are looking for catchy headlines, moving stories, or target oriented content, PER Agency is equipped with all of the right tools to bring these ideas to life. It’s nothing if not a specialist in securing astounding levels of success, with its accomplished media professionals applying their diverse knowledge of varying industries to forge solutions that are perfectly catered to each unique requirement. In short, PER Agency is an award-winning firm that has become synonymous with creativity and success. By utilising its unique perspective on how to accentuate the strengths of its clients, it manages to constantly deliver results that count. It keeps the process fun, yet professional, making it an absolute joy to work with throughout the entire venture. After all, PER Agency loves what it does, and the recognition of its excellence stands as a testament to the immense passion it holds. We’re sure that, as we advance into the new age of technology, PER Agency will only continue to concoct inspired ideas that’ll take multiple industries by storm. Best Data-Driven Communications Consultancy Firm 2023 - Germany Heralded as the youngest top 10 communications agency in Germany, PER Agency is a communications consultancy firm that leverages data, evidence-based analysis, and strategic expertise to develop cross-channel communications solutions. Partnered with its overwhelming passion for its field, PER Agency has become a significant part of its clients’ value creation. Its solutions are innovative, swift, and impeccably precise – characteristics that truly capture the firm’s innate brilliance. Below, we explore how PER Agency has risen to such heights in a little more detail. Centred around the prospect of sustainably establishing brands in their respective target markets, before further elevating them to the next level, PER Agency is a Germany-based firm that has long since demonstrated its eye for innovation. By combining performance, utilising evidence-based studies, and harnessing the power of fact, PER Agency has built a brand essence that echoes throughout the collective. Most notably, it unifies eight specialised units for the benefit of its customers: digital creation and online campaigning, social media and community management, editorial and content creation, integrated campaigns, crisis and reputation management, public affairs, and marketing communications in two separate veins. At the core of PER Agency is one resounding ethos – “Do work worth doing.” Motivated by this mindset, PER Agency is always striving for a new way to approach an old situation. Mediocrity is simply unacceptable within such an ambitious collective, leading to the continuous thread of innovation that stretches the expanse of the entire firm. PER Agency comes together to push the boundaries of brilliance – something that draws clients to it again and again. After all, PER Agency is concerned with the success of its clients and their brands, and is willing to go the extra mile to have the conversations that are bound to make and manage headlines. It’s this very approach that has made PER Agency such an enigmatic expert within its field. It earned its rapport by setting the stage for brands’ unique stories – stories that don’t just resonate with audiences, but shed light on some of the best brands in the world. PER Agency is indescribably proud of this approach; it’s one that Contact: Stefan Ehgartner Company: PER Agency Web Address: