Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Varano Producciones: Best Event Production Company 2023 - Madrid The team at Varano offers production services and technical direction to agencies, artists, production companies, and promoters for the development of shows. With years of experience and unparalleled professionalism, the team is an invaluable asset on any project they undertake. With end-to-end solutions, Varano takes a project through each stage of production to deliver a successful event. The company can also assist with specific parts of an event such as supporting only production or event execution. The team is always excited to tackle a new challenge and they are dedicated to producing excellent results. With perseverance and a hardworking mindset, the team can guarantee the successful delivery of a company’s message to their esteemed clients. Varano adds value to communication by designing and producing tailored solutions to meet clients needs. The company takes the time to analyse clients’ requirements and provide solutions to meet their budgets. Varano prides itself on offering unique experiences where every element contributes to the event’s success, from lighting and sound to scenery. The team utilises their industry connections and the latest technology to ensure that clients’ events run smoothly. Varano can adapt their solutions to any event such as press conferences, product releases, reunions, premieres, showrooms, and many more. The team expertly produces and coordinates events to guarantee every element comes together for an excellent experience. Manuel Sáenz de Heredia is the Founder and Executive Producer of Varano Productions. He began his professional career in 1989 as part of the audiovisual department for one of Spain’s largest production companies. In 2004, he founded Varano, a company aimed at technical production for major events, festivals, shows, concerts, and more. Ten years later, Manuel collaborated with an old colleague, Raúl Valiente, to move the company from technical production to a full-service global producer for agencies. At Varano, the team specialises in end-toend services that take events from the initial design stages through to execution. Under the effective leadership of Manuel Sáenz de Heredia and Raul Valiente, the company Based in Madrid, Varano Productions is an events company specialising in production and technical management services. Its comprehensive services carry each project from the creation and design stages to the event’s execution. With its expert team, Varano can prepare, design, and produce any type of event to meet clients’ unique requirements. The team pays attention to even the smallest details to provide customers with total peace of mind. For its tailored solutions, Varano Productions has received a Media Innovator Award for this year’s Best Event Production Company – Madrid. remains agile and innovative to adapt its approach to clients’ unique requirements. Its services are complementary tools to any project and continue to deliver success across a diverse range of events. Varano Productions and its comprehensive services have received our award for this year’s Best Event Production Company – Madrid. Contact: Manuel Saenz de Heredia Company: Varano Producciones SL Web Address: