Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best MLM & Web3 Educator 2023: Kevin Stephan Kevin Stephan Ltd. operates in the space where the regular consumer meets two thriving industries and aims to make the market more accessible. Kevin and his team began by showing salespeople how to automate sales by using direct response marketing. He quickly realised that the network marketing sphere includes many innovative products that are not always comprehensible to the average customer. The wide range of alternative products led Kevin to offer educational services to bridge the gap in understanding. Where others aim to achieve maximum gains, Kevin focuses on helping clients find the most reliable way to achieve their goals in a plannable way. The team remains informed about crypto compliance, ecosystems, and tokenomics in order to eliminate unsuitable products for their customers. With Kevin’s blog and videos, he breaks down topics, projects, and companies that aren’t always transparent about their products and services. Whether it be a MLM opportunity, the new meme coin, or an inaccessible technology, Kevin Stephan Ltd. helps individuals and businesses find their footing in the field. In the Web3 space, the team has created a NFT gated portal containing over 90 videos of 360° education to help consumers better navigate the industry. Kevin’s current focus is on supporting the Ultima Token, a crypto project specifically designed for use by the mass market. The project meets his high standards of reliability and safety and aims to make things more user-friendly for clients. Kevin shares, “I don’t offer shortcuts. I won’t give you ‘the only way to do X’. Instead, we will review your situation, define your goal, and microstep the most reliable way to achieve it. However, we do have a bunch of systems in place to support MLM reps with knowledge, training, and leads—proven systems that have made thousands of people successful. When navigating this complex market, it never hurts to be a professional.” When a new trend emerges in the market, Kevin considers the patterns of past trends for comparison. Whether it is marketing or the newest meta of crypto, Kevin identifies patterns to discern the trend’s effectiveness. After years of practice at recognising these patterns, the team at Kevin Stephan Ltd. is now able to create their own. The business looks for consistency, courage, and excitement within its team. Under Kevin’s expert leadership, Kevin Stephan Ltd. has fostered a thriving company culture that values employees’ ideas and encourages them to be innovative in their work. Kevin seeks individuals that have the potential to become national or international leaders in their field by utilising their brand and their voice. Moving forward, Kevin aims to expand the company’s web3 education with a branch for the Smart Blockchain and by investigating the elements that work together to create the ecosystem of the Ultima Token. Kevin is excited to share reports on this ecosystem as the Ultima Token continues to develop and offer consumers a transparent view of how it is created. Kevin Stephan is an educator in both the Network Marketing and the Web3 space, offering simple explanations of complex topics. Kevin is a network marketing coach for online MLM systems, dedicated to optimising clients’ understanding of the crypto and blockchain space and maximising their overall outcomes. Kevin aims to bridge the knowledge gap between what the Innovator (or distributor) communicates and what the customer understands. His specialised services focus on helping people discover the most reliable way to achieve their goals. For his strategic support, Kevin Stephan has received a Media Innovator Award for this year’s Best MLM & Web3 Educator. The Network Marketing and the Web3 space offer many innovative systems. Kevin and his team are dedicated to enhancing clients’ knowledge of these fields so that they might better comprehend the products and services available. Under Kevin’s passionate direction, the business helps people discover the most reliable way to maximise their outcomes. Kevin’s expertise and client-centric approach ensure that customers’ requirements are fully met in the crypto and blockchain realm. His focused leadership and innovative approach to education has led Kevin Stephan to receive our award for this year’s Best MLM & Web3 Educator. Contact: Kevin Stephan Company: Kevin Stephan Web Address: Dec23035