Media Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Dec23314 Best AI Communications Agency 2023 - UK By working closely with a network of agencies across the media, advertising, and marketing spheres, as well as liaising directly with an array of technology vendors, the patented AI solution used by the firm throughout its services is aligned with a concept referred to by the team as “The Power of Three”; a synthesis of three voices, namely the buyer, the customer, and the expert. Bolstered by this ethos, a 360-degree view of their buyers and competitors is provided to clients of the business, underpinning an innovative method blended with the latest in cutting-edge AI technology. Narrativeworx are customer centric and embrace Innovation to enable their clients to lead. It is integral to the operations, and it is because of constantly striving for innovation that the creation and implementation of its groundbreaking solution has been achieved. Without NarrativeWorx’ solution, companies have acted on information that is expensive, often outdated, leaving themselves unable to clearly distinguish their offerings effectively from the competition. As Co-Founder Bill Reed proudly describes, “our solution provides an early mover advantage of up to a year.” The holistic service provided by NarrativeWorx commences with an initial engagement that establishes the pain points of buyers, followed thereafter by the iterative measurement of buyer pain point and perception trends. This Determined to enable clients to gain benefits from complex data, NarrativeWorx is made up of innovators who are well-versed in navigating the complex landscape that B2B technology vendors sell into. The team’s customers are all shapes and sizes located across the world. They buy from the company because of its unique data sources, AI modelling, and multi-language capability which is able to answer incredibly specific questions through data sources that, more often than not, are not indexed by search engines. By identifying key buyers and translating their needs and opinions then turning them into actionable insights, customers are afforded the opportunity to act before their competitors, kickstarting their journey towards customercentricity, and driving incremental revenue growth, and the overall improvement of their competitive standing. yields actionable insights which can then be applied across the fields of marketing, sales, product management, and communications. It also provides a measurement capability to gauge progress. The “Power of Three” enables better outcomes and improves overall efficiency and effectiveness of their sales, marketing, communications and product management initiatives. Apart from its unique data sources, advanced AI modelling, and multi-language capability the team also have decades of firsthand, practitioner knowledge and expertise of working with businesses of every size. Certain in the knowledge that no other analysis/measurement solution has the capability to identify and analyse more than 6000 sources across industry analyst research, traditional and social media, as well as content embedded deeply within the web. NarrativeWorx’s next generation, automated CLARitie dashboard provides visualisations with unparalleled insights that acts as a single integrated solution for many of their client’s stakeholders. With these solutions the team connects the dots. Clients can now see their buyer’s challenges and understand which influencers are focused on them. This allows vendors to invest in relationships with the right influencers that makes a mutually beneficial and prosperous win-win. Proud innovators and pacesetters in their segment, it remains essential for the team to continually redefine how they understand and engage with the current market, its trends, and the issues that arise within it. Through prioritising an agile approach when it comes to its portfolio of solutions, engaging with new, emerging technologies and embracing the necessary technological developments to succeed has allowed the team to evolve to manage the needs of clients, something that is ultimately reflected in its brand values. The team is proud of the culture that the firm has developed since its founding in 2017, and with the constant nurturing of one that places the uppermost emphasis on customer partnership, they are experts in going that extra mile to fully understand its clients and make promises that they can swiftly and confidently deliver upon. Employees demonstrate curiosity and possess a clear passion to impress clients with their unique and valuable insights, something sure to continue well into the future. The company has had a fast start to 2024 and is excited about the new clients and partnerships it has developed which are just the start of a bright year ahead. Contact: Bill Reed Company: NarrativeWorx Web Address: