Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best Strategic Marketing Company 2023 - APAC In 2015, Maxwell Miles was established by Managing Director Leighanne Maxwell, an award-winning strategic, marketing, and omnichannel expert. She has more than 23 years of experience working with and for some of the world’s biggest brands on both a leader and advisory basis. Focusing on developing strategies to grow and shape businesses, Leighanne has driven huge performance improvements for various companies, delivered amazing results and turnarounds, and launched innovative new brands. Today, at Maxwell Miles, Leighanne leads a small team of experts who work to provide a range of retail and consumer specialist consulting services in strategy, marketing, ecommerce, and digital transformation. In the last few years, Leighanne has launched two other brands, creating the Maxwell Miles Group. These are ElevenGain, a full-service strategic marketing and digital agency focused on small and medium sized businesses established in 2021, and ElevenAmped, an interactive platform launched in 2023 to deliver business development and strategic growth programmes. Across all three brands, the common theme is helping businesses to reach their full potential. Leighanne comments, “Through Maxwell Miles, we help larger clients with business growth, strategic development, marketing, and digital strategy; with ElevenGain we help small- to medium-sized businesses to deliver their marketing programmes; through ElevenAmped, we bring often out-of-reach skills and experience to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.” Overall, the vision at Maxwell Miles is for every business, no matter its size, age, or stage, to have access to the advice, insight, and support they need to reach and exceed their potential. This is what led to the creation of ElevenAmped, a platform designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their enterprises without expensive coaching or consulting costs. The brand’s flagship product, Goal Getter, allows users to leverage proven expertise to develop their own bespoke, winning strategy. Then, with the platform’s innovative online tools, they can effectively implement it to achieve growth. The creation of ElevenAmped is a testament to the Maxwell Miles team’s forward-thinking nature and their understanding of how new technology has the potential to both help clients and improve the delivery of services. Aiming to empower smaller businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs by increasing their access to the standard of business advice and strategic support that bigger businesses receive, the team identified that technology could bridge this gap in an affordable and accessible way. Throughout her career, Leighanne has always strived for innovation, solving problems and delivering opportunities in new ways. “I have never done things just because that’s how they have always been done,” she explains. “Anyone who has worked with me will know that I enjoy challenging the status quo and finding new ways of doing things. It’s what keeps things moving forward, exciting, and fresh.” Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Maxwell Miles is a consulting firm that specialises in providing consumer-focused businesses with expert support and advice related to strategy, digital, ecommerce, marketing, omni-channel development, and transformational change. Here, we speak to Founder and Managing Director Leighanne Maxwell to find out more about the company and its other brands, ElevenGain and ElevenAmped. Operating in a competitive field, Maxwell Miles sets itself apart through the genuine care it has for the success of its clients, whether they are a business owner using Goal Getter on ElevenAmped, a company leveraging marketing services at ElevenGain, or a bigger client with a bespoke strategic piece of work. Leighanne and her team sincerely strive to deliver the best outcomes for them. She shares, “When working with our clients, we act as if we are part of their team because that’s how we feel, and I think our clients would really feel that too. It makes a big difference.” Furthermore, Maxwell Miles stands out thanks to its excellent workforce. With a relatively small team, the company relies on each and every employee and therefore strongly values a working ethos. All staff members are remote and global, enabling it to bring expertise to its clients on how to enter a range of untapped markets. However, above all, Maxwell Miles values excellence and innovative thinking amongst its team, always aiming to deliver the best and most cutting-edge services to its clients. For its outstanding work in all areas of business, Maxwell Miles has been awarded the title of Best Strategic Marketing Company, APAC, in the Media Innovator Awards 2023. Following the recent launch of its Goal Getter product, ElevenAmped has more projects in the pipeline that will be released throughout 2024. We are delighted to congratulate Leighanne and her team on their success in this prestigious awards programme and wish them the best of luck in the future. Contact: Leighanne Maxwell Company: Maxwell Miles, ElevenGain and ElevenAmped Web Address:, and