Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 in marketing for over a decade and has hands-on experience with orchestrating successful campaigns. He has previously been involved with several change programmes to leverage data for big brands like HSBC, BT, Sky, and many more. Oliver’s in-depth knowledge of data processes allows him to generate impact on all projects while ensuring the overall strategic picture is not forgotten. Rick Rome, CEO of Washclub, shares, “I wanted to work with a partner, not a supplier. Someone who felt like they had a stake in my business. Oliver really took the time to learn about what and how we operate, the culture we were trying to promote, and often came up with ideas outside of any brief we put together if he felt we as a business would benefit in the long term.” 173tech aims to mature alongside its clients and foster growth so that businesses can eventually in-house their own data requirements. In the future, the agency will add to its expert team, nurture ongoing development, and continue to help businesses adopt data. At 173tech, the team is dedicated to helping clients unlock hidden value within their data and can accelerate growth with overwhelming success. Under Oliver Gwynne’s strategic direction, projects will continue to run smoothly behind the scenes by implementing strategy, technology, and a hard-working team to help businesses grow to the next level. Oliver Gwynne has received our award for this year’s Most Impactful Digital Marketing Consultant (London). Most Impactful Digital Marketing Consultant 2023 (London): Oliver Gwynne 173tech is a London-based analytics agency that helps growing businesses leverage data to foster sustainable growth. By aligning strategy, technology, and people, the agency can help businesses unlock their true value and grow to new heights. The team at 173tech works hard to make data accessible and devise strategies that support clients’ business goals. Strategy Manager Oliver Gwynne works with the implementation team to ensure they consistently deliver value and keep the overall strategic picture in mind. For his efficient direction, Oliver Gwynne has received a Media Innovator Award for this year’s Most Impactful Digital Marketing Consultant (London). 173tech delivers the perfect blend of strategic thinking and technical implementation to help businesses attract clients and make smarter decisions. The agency helps clients take the next step of their analytics journey, regardless of where they are in the process. All projects begin by devising a strategy that aligns with clients’ business goals to help them define their KPIs and build their in-house team. 173tech deploys a full team to create a roadmap for the future and implement their strategy. Using analytics and data science, the team helps clients extract value from their data models with automated dashboards and deep-dive analyses. The team possesses in-depth knowledge of a wide array of data sources and solutions to create dashboards that are tailored to businesses. The data dashboard can be used to track, analyse, and display vital data points and KPIs from many sources. 173tech conducts in-depth analyses of past models to identify opportunities for growth hidden in the data. With predictive modelling, the team can forecast customers’ actions and predict factors such as lifetime value, churn prosperity, prosperity to engage, and many more. Over the past five years, the rise of OTT platforms, such as Netflix, has been the result of algorithms becoming more efficient and smarter. Media companies approach 173tech looking to improve their algorithms and discover what is driving revenue. Mubi, a global film streaming platform, contacted 173tech seeking key insights to kickstart their analytics journey. The team began their analysis with stakeholder sessions to identify which drivers made a difference to Mubi. They then created a data dictionary so that all parties understood which data was important, where the data came from, and what the terminology meant. 173tech delivered six dashboards that allowed Mubi to see information relating to subscription retention, film performance, viewing engagement, and more. These insights helped Mubi hit $134.0m in revenue with 8 million customers in 2022. On the role of innovation, Oliver Gwynne says, “For me, innovation is less about new technology and more about new ideas for solving old problems. We’re all looking to get, keep, and grow our customer base. I see innovation as new ways of tackling those problems or challenging long-held ideas about work. I remember when I first started working in marketing, I had some heated debates with clients about adopting a more informal tone, and today Salesforce has a cute character mascot. Sometimes innovation can be as simple as ditching corporate culture.” There are many new and exciting developments in the data space, but the fundamentals of best practice remain the same. 173tech helps clients make the most of their data and tools with its blend of practical and technical knowledge. Oliver Gwynne has worked Contact: Oliver Gwynne Company: 173tech Web Address: