Media Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Asset Management Sector Magazine & Network 2023 - Netherlands Cognito is proud of its distinctive international team, which it thinks sets it apart from other public relations companies. With a diverse mix of over 100 gifted individuals employed within its worldwide offices, both locals and non-locals, its work possesses a multi-cultural flair that gives it a special bearing. This is a huge advantage when it comes to promoting its clients in the very best, most far reaching of ways. As CEO Tom Coombes says, “most of the trends and drivers now are global, and it’s really important that clients are aware of what’s happening in each of the different geographies and markets.” The extensive range of public relations assistance on offer at Cognito extends to branding, marketing, media relations, branded content, event production and intelligent social media skills. Using the correct blend is important, and Cognito takes the forward thinking approach whereby it selects its resources according to the story it needs to tell, and the audience it wants to reach. This is a much more discerning way of doing things than blanket swamping all channels with an information overload. Being selective in this manner is a sensible way of reaching and engaging with desired patrons from the get-go. Cognito supports many large multi-nationals, who have formal mandates that are often complex, and fintech start-ups and Web3 firms, requiring of ultra specific marketing and public relations. To help underpin its processes for helping such clients it has partnered with different technology merchants who can provide insights, data, and ultimately more control. Using cutting edge tech can help clients to optimize their marketing, corporate content, events, and social media even more consciously and constructively. In terms of its clients, Cognito strives to combine two essential factors to ensure its projects always have a strong start. This consists of beginning with a structured session involving as many stakeholders as possible, and jointly agreeing on the specific KPIs by which success will be measured. Clarifying the objectives, tactics, and strategies is a useful exercise at the start as it reassures everyone of aims and value measurements. This makes for a strong initial base. As a specialist agency concentrated on financial services and financial technology, Cognito is careful to keep a close eye on emerging trends, and it takes part in numerous industry events Cognito is a global PR agency with a base located in 8 different offices around the world. It provides support in areas such as media relations, corporate content, social media, advertising, and events management for clients who derive from the financial services or financial technology sectors. As a specialist agency for finance, technology, and now the climate change transition too, it is delighted to be able to communicate vivid, brand-building messages for its clients. These are an essential ingredient in helping them to identify and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Nov23152 over all the continents. This provides it with a solid global perspective on the sector. It also assembles interviews with numerous journalists, PR, marketing and communication leaders working within the field, using them as the basis for a number of business reports. This helps to provide a firm insight regarding what is most important in the sector. People who work at Cognito are united by an ethos that celebrates the work they do as a long-term career rather than just another job. They are, in essence, ‘Cognitians’ for life, and the company revels in being able to maintain links with its alumni. From the ground up, this begins with searching out employees who are motivated and have the drive to make a difference for clients. Whilst previous education and experience is obviously a considered factor, the most important determinant is an understanding of exactly how they can add value for clients. Cognito is looking forward to 2024 when its focus will be firmly pinned on one of its leading clients, Fund Seminar, and its Dutch wealth management event. It hopes to further expand internationally with this successful platform, and help wealth managers and private bankers to engage with asset managers and service providers. Cognito is a company that can make a substantial difference for its clients. Not only is it committed to the financial services sphere, but it also genuinely understands the industry, its global footprint, and can provide unique service offerings. It is no surprise to see that it has been recognised as Best Asset Management Sector Magazine & Network 2023 – Netherlands, the opportunities it offers clients are making a huge difference to the sector. Company: Cognito Amsterdam Web Address: Contact Name: Richard Neve