Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Real Estate Marketing Firm of the Year 2023 – California Across the marketing sphere, My Marketing LLC provides the solutions of branding, campaign design, and organisational consultation throughout the fields of content creation, social, digital, web, and PR. As an example of the stellar work done by the team, 2021 saw the firm consult for independent luxury real estate brokerage Strand Hill, which boasts locations in California’s Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes. Over the course of this partnership, My Marketing’s employees worked in close collaboration with Strand Hill’s existing marketing department and leaders, developing what became the “Not Just an Agent” campaign. Strand Hill was already an organisation with international connections, yet really wanted to prioritise its local roots, leading to members for both companies sitting down in an attempt to truly encapsulate what it means to be a part of a local community. What resulted was a campaign with a keen emphasis on showcasing these real estate professionals in their natural habitat, partaking in honest activities such as playing beach volleyball and riding bikes, which indeed highlighted that although this was a team comprising of real estate professionals, they were active members of the local community, not just an agent. The campaign garnered an incredible response and a real buzz, exacerbated by My Marketing providing the materials for the company to use in its own marketing. Through this gesture, a cohesive defining of the brand was achieved, resulting in an increased reach and market share. This campaign serves as just one example of the business’ commitment to innovation, which for Brittani, all starts with being honest. “Once you get honest, that is when new ideas and processes that create change are generated.” With this in toe, it does not matter how much is spent, a process is kickstarted that provides the necessary courage to inspire creativity and the vital entrepreneurial warrior spirit. In order to gauge success, My Marketing is incredibly selective about the clients that it works with, not out of elitism, but out of a selfimposed moral obligation to maintain incredibly high standards and deliver results that are consistently excellent. An approach such as this is incredibly important in such a fast-paced industry, with recent developments in areas such as AI, rising interest rates, and slower sales, it has become more important now than ever before to remain ahead of the market’s emerging trends. To this end, 2023 saw the firm investing in a programme focusing on leveraging AI, which enabled it to not only extract relevant insights into the market, but also tap into the necessary predictive marketing. Equally as necessary for this success is the fostering of an effective culture, which focuses on open communication, trust, and mutual respect. Brittani explains, “open communication, respect, and trust California’s My Marketing LLC is a marketing firm with a keen focus on real estate and lifestyle, working with a variety of clients within the space including brokerages, real estate professionals, builders, and developers. The company is committed to upholding its status as a trusted partner that delivers the exceptional service one would expect, achieving this by sticking to a series of core values that revolve around empowerment, engaging the best practises, embracing new growth models, inspiring boundless creativity, possessing a holistic approach, and fostering healthy, sustainable relationships with clients and the community. We catch up with President Brittani Tom, who tells us more about the company and its successes within the real estate marketing sector. all work hand in hand to not only help the team quickly navigate challenging situations, but also extend grace toward one another.” Bolstering this is the company’s awareness that creative minds rarely connote a stoic and blank adherence to professionalism, and it is unfair to expect people driving emotional campaigns to not show emotion themselves. As for the future of the business, February 2024 will see My Marketing LLC celebrate its fourth year of operations, this is a major milestone as many such businesses disappear within two. 2024 is also set to bring some exciting collaborations which are currently on the horizon, many of which are being carried out with industry leaders such as Zoom Casa, Agent Image, kvCORE, Constant Contact. Brittani is also looking forward to the continuous innovation the company is set to provide and concludes by stating “We are honoured to have been awarded Best Real Estate Marketing Firm 2023 – California by the Innovation in Business, Media Innovator Awards. A testimony to the incredible clients we’ve had the great fortune to serve.” Contact Details Contact: Brittani Tom Company: My Marketing LLC Web Address: Nov23481