Media Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Visual Identity & Technical Solutions Expert 2023 - Bulgaria More By Us Ltd is a business that specialises in the providing of expert branding services, inclusive of brand identity development, pitch decks, increasing social media presence, graphic design, video production, and AR building, to name just a few. Working with a range of companies from start-ups to multi-billiondollar businesses, the team provide bespoke creative solutions that are designed to have a lasting impact. Spurring this on is a series of core values, with these serving to cement the business as a beacon for such positive qualities as collaboration, innovation, and diversity, and these have been proudly retained from the company’s inception right through to the present day. We speak with Managing and Creative Director Maria Burgelova, to find out more about the company’s legacy of talent and innovation. Across the media industry, More By Us Ltd offers a host of services, with notable expertise in the fields of curating materials that bolster marketing campaigns, producing videos, designing eBooks and reports for online media, and developing pitch/sales decks for events. As Maria explains, “our goal is to visually captivate audiences in the dynamic media landscape”, something that is achieved through the intelligent creation of suitable designs and branding that drives transformative impact across the businesses of clients. The company takes particular pride in those projects that really allow it to showcase its unrivalled creativity and innovation across an array of industries, with a particularly noteworthy example being More By Us’ recent involvement in the #GROWTH Summit – New York City, which provided Maria and the team a platform to highlight their skills and leave a mark on a prestigious event that is celebrated on a global scale. Maria describes, “we are fortunate to have clients who challenge us to go beyond our own limits”, and it is this which really drives the business forward and stimulates innovation. At More By Us, innovation is more than just an end goal, rather, for Maria, it is, “a continuous journey that fuels our enthusiasm and readiness to venture into new realms of design and branding.” In recent years, this has included the embracing and successful implementation of tools such as AI, with these new and exciting means providing necessary for thriving in a culture that is fastpaced and ever-evolving. While this plethora of available online tools are pivotal to remaining at the cutting edge of the industry, the human element of business remains paramount, and the honest and authentic experiences provided by employees could never be replicated, and only stands to be increasingly valued in the future. To this end, the business prides itself on remaining client-centric, with its tailored services exceeding expectations, embodying excellent communication and transparency, and signifying adaptability across the board. All of the company’s deliverables are created and delivered at the pace of a client’s business, and each truly represents the quality that said business deserves. As Maria explains, “I am often asked how we maintain such effectiveness compared to other agencies, […] the truth lies in our team cohesion. We share common values, have substantial experience, respect each other, and enjoy working together.” Big believers in giving back to the community, More By Us’ internship initiative (often lovingly referred to as “the playground”) represents its dedication to the cause, and through this programme, individuals from diverse backgrounds are mentored effectively, afforded the opportunity to hone their creativity and infuse fresh perspectives into the team’s projects. These emerging talents are on the precipice of their professional careers, and through the valuable guidance that they receive through the programme, are put on the right path to become top designers. Ultimately, lying at the heart of More By Us Ltd is an innate curiosity, which is similarly at the centre of every creative person. Maria and the team are thus given free rein to act on these intrinsic desires to explore, play, learn, and grow. Not only are the team allowed to tap into their creative sides on a daily basis, but they are also provided with recognition for the value they bring to the company, and in return, the perfect balance is struck between work and personal life for all. This is going to be increasingly important as the company looks ahead to its expansion in 2024, which is set to include a deeper dive into areas such as AR/VR, motion design, and the reinforcement of a strong identity for its truly inspiring client brands. Contact Details Contact: Maria Burgelova Company: More By Us Ltd Web Address: Oct23670