Media Innovator Awards 2023

the Sense Music & Media team to remain atop of current trends and manage developments. Holger believes that oftentimes, the customers the business work with are a little too focused on what is popular right now in that very moment, whereas the team strive to provide a product and a service that is sustainable and long-lasting. In such a visceral industry filled with sights and sounds, the staff all expertly use their eyes and ears to create stellar content every time, collaborating with clients and agencies to create a finished product that is sure to exceed expectations. Also, within the industry at present, the impact of AI is being experienced to the fullest extent, with the result of this rise being that the things start to feel much less original than they have done in previous years. Keeping this in mind, the team at Sense Music and Media aim to be pacesetters, but in a sustainable way, acutely aware of the increasing necessity of providing a service that is more holistic than was required before. For Holger, the “new now” is represented perfectly by the butterfly effect, and it is important to not always choose the short path to success if long-term prosperity is the ultimate goal. Successfully navigating the ever-evolving media industry is made possible by Sense Music & Media’s hard working, loyal, and dedicated team, all of Best Concert & Documentary Film Production Studio 2023 - Germany whom work tirelessly in order to uphold the company’s values and connote a brand image that is more than just a fancy logo, but rather a beacon for the excellence of the business, its products, and its services. As Holger explains, “we are known for delivering what we promise, so customers trust the brand.” The same can be said for any new talent that the company recruits, where not only is exceptional talent and skill prized, but a keen emphasis is placed on an ability to integrate seamlessly. Sense Music & Media GmbH’s team are sure to stand it in a good stead for the future, a future which is set hold to many new and exciting projects across every avenue in which the business successfully operates. Due to a combination of the past-paced environment in which the company operates, and series of NDAs that are signed ahead of shoots, specific details of what is to come are tightly under wraps, but rest assured, Holger and the team remain as open as possible to all types of new projects and are ready and waiting for whatever comes through the door next. Contact Details Contact: Holger Wick Company: Sense Music & Media GmbH Web Address: