Media Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21077 Best Concert & Documentary Film Production Studio 2023 - Germany Sense Music & Media GmbH proudly offers a full-service destined to satisfy all television and film production needs, with every element managed from conception through to shooting, editing, post-production, and anything in between. With a detailed background in the music industry, the team also produce a host of music-related videos, inclusive of concerts, documentaries, livestreams, and podcasts. This synergy with music dates back to SLICES, which was launched in record stores and other scene locations as a free DVD magazine back in 2005, before becoming a YouTube channel in 2012, under the new name Electronic Beats TV. The DVD magazine proved instrumental in the company’s success, and it is credited by many DJs and producers in the scene for encouraging them to pursue this career path, today enjoying a cult status across Germany and beyond. In the almost two decades since SLICES debuted, Sense Music & Media has expanded significantly, and now works with organisations such as Amazon Music, along with a plethora of indie artists and labels. Top priority for the team is forging lasting relationships and collaborations that are built on both quality and trust, as apparent in the company’s more than 20-year relationship with Deutsche Telekom. Ultimately, the scope of services offered by Sense Music & Media is extensive, not only spanning film, television, and audio, but also social media content, which is becomingly increasingly popular in the modern, digital sphere. Due to the team often being commissioned by other agencies for projects, a very low profile is kept regarding information about current clients and upcoming endeavours, yet the company’s vast portfolio Sense Music & Media GmbH exists to help its clients fully realise and execute their vision across any branch of film, television, or live production, as well as offering a complete package of post-production services, including both audio and video. The company emerged from a record label that focused on electronic music, beginning in 2000 with an event documentary. It would be 2004 when things really took off however, when the company developed and introduced the DVD magazine SLICES, produced for Deutsche Telekom’s music platform Electronic Beats. In the almost 20 years since then, the company has maintained the same values, prizing focus, love, and energy. We speak with Holger Wick, who tells us more about the company and its array of offerings within the media industry. spans in excess of 2000 productions, with more than 1000 of these being music related, and for artists such as Gorillaz, Pet Shop Boys, Yoko Ono, New Order, Underworld, Lana Del Ray, and James Blake, to name just a few. At the heart of Sense Music & Media is a desire to innovate, which for Holger, means “turning an idea into a solution of value and freshness from a customer’s perspective – including the use of technologies in order to combine [these] with experience.” It is this innovation which has ultimately resulted in the business’ pronounced flexibility in terms of offerings and services and has allowed it to thrive whether its focus has been on DVD magazines, film sets, or the livestreaming of a concert through social media platforms. By offering total productions or individual services such as post-production, editing, subtitling, and audio mixing, the team are able to offer services fit for any client needs or requirements. This same level of expert care is also afforded in the area of client service, with the team maintaining a direct and personal relationship with their customers, bolstered by transparent communication and a service that, above all, is direct and quick, with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability present for any changes that have to be made on the fly. As Holger puts it, “everything is connected with everything”, which is of paramount importance when working in areas such as a live music setting, when not only can anything happen, but it only happens once, giving the team the unenviable task of capturing everything expertly in the moment. Working with customers and clients in a market that is incredibly fast paced does bring with it some significant challenges, and it is vital for Oct23695