Media Innovator Awards 2023

During this period from 2012 onwards there was an investment in SME’s (small and medium enterprises), which introduced Flexible Films to PEW (PEW Electrical Distributors Ltd.) - suppliers to the lift industry who were, and still are instrumental to Flexible Films and the Magic Video Box. Flexible Films had always been very interested in getting the most intimate and effective interviews possible and to them this meant getting the subjects to look directly into the camera. This can be very difficult, especially with people who are not used to being filmed. However, they believed that direct to camera footage would be more compelling and engaging. So Flexible Films created the Magic Video Box. The person being filmed and the interviewer talk through the box via a oneway mirror, capturing every moment, and allowing the client’s voice to shine through. PEW who became good friends with Sybil and Russell after working on a project together offered their support to manufacture, distribute and hire the Magic Video Box. Community Filmmakers of the Year 2023 – UK Flexible Films and the Magic Video Box are having a huge impact in the filmmaking industry. Clients of Mind said that they were able to talk more freely and openly to camera, a comment repeated by many others. Everyone feels more relaxed when they use the Magic Video Box. Its quirky look acts as an icebreaker taking away the formality and seriousness often associated with filming. Flexible Films continue to make films that are intimate, honest and therapeutic. In 2023 they launched a new YouTube channel (www. showcasing films that promote learning and community. The channel currently has over 15 films and they are encouraging other filmmakers using the Magic Video Box to contribute. “We worked with Flexible Films to produce a film for a fundraising campaign. They were really sensitive to our needs and this shone through in the film. They were great at keeping us informed, taking on our feedback and working collaboratively.” Lorraine Roadnight, Mind In their 20+ years of filmmaking, Flexible Films have become trusted members of the community filmmaking world. They have built partnerships, relationships, and above all friendships with wellestablished and like-minded groups and for that, we are very pleased to award them Community Film makers of the year 2023. Well done! Contact Details Contact Name: Sybil Ah-Mane Company: Flexible Films Web Address: