Media Innovator Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Educational Publishing & Technology Consultant (Illinois): Michael Ross & Leading Professional Development Program for Senior Publishing Executives 2023 - USA Ross & Associates Michael Ross has a wealth of experience within the publishing industry comprising more than 35 years, and encompassing roles as editor, publisher, executive, author, and thought leader. He decided to utilise his skills and knowledge to create Ross & Associates in 2018, a company that unites an elite network of experienced publishing and business professionals to help solve a myriad of client problems. This “coalition of the willing,” as Michael puts it, delivers results at the highest levels of quality and integrity. The expert cohort includes top developers and marketers in educational publishing and technology. This is, of course, in combination with Michael’s own leadership input and dedication to success, which he resolves to achieve for every project taken on. “Our goal is to ensure that we can respond to all your publishing needs at the highest level, resulting in superior product design, website development, marketing initiatives, channel management, and customer engagement.” Recently Ross & Associates has been focusing its efforts on the development of senior management leadership. To this end it has developed an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) designed to provide executives with winning strategies they can adopt for use with their peers and teams. The idea is to make sure everybody is in full alignment with the CEO and board of directors, while also helping to improve cross-departmental lines of communication and their skillsets. Eventually, such strategies should also improve customer satisfaction and increase retention rates The sort of global clients that R&A serves are among the most respected and innovative organisations in education, technology, Ross & Associates is an established and knowledgeable educational publishing consultancy with a specific focus on Edtech companies. It boasts extensive experience within the digital publishing and marketing realms and can provide vital coaching services for executives. The company helps with digital strategies that foster creative, reliable growth for customers. It has also leveraged its success across global publishing markets to expand its education and training services further still, within new, additional industries. Oct23677 private equity, and marketing fields. This includes independents, universities, and non-profit companies around the world in locations such as the US, UK, India, eastern Europe, and Asia. R&A consistently strives to seek positive new ways to solve challenges for clients, with a strong belief that innovation must be actionable and practical, with solutions that ultimately improve the quality of people’s lives. To achieve what it sets out to do, R&A carefully examines client needs at a forensic level, meticulously determining their overall strengths and weaknesses. From this deep dive it can identify and address any noted gaps and build on strengths to magnify desirable options and meet customer demands. The solutions proposed by R&A are tailor made to address specific client needs. To stay ahead of the curve, Michael builds time into his day to identify market trends and familiarise himself with any technology developments he feels may be appropriate for clients. He has written four books about publishing, which firmly establish his credentials as a thought leader. The most recent two, Dealing with Disruption: Lessons from the Publishing Industry (Routledge, 2016), and Publishing in the Digital Age: How Business Can Thrive in a Rapidly Changing Environment (Routledge, 2022), explicitly inform the digital revolution and encourage the advantageous use of technology. Michael has recently been recognised as Top Executive Coach by the Coach Foundation and has been endorsed by the founder of US product developer A+ Media, who writes, “We have collaborated with Ross & Associates on multiple projects including book publishing and web-based media. CEO Michael Ross has brought broad experience in digital publishing and marketing to all our projects. He has a well-deserved national reputation for his strategic vision and insights that not only meet client expectations but exceeds them.” As the recipient of both Best Educational Publishing & Technology Consultant (Illinois): Michael Ross, and the Leading Professional Development Program for Senior Publishing Executives 2023 – USA, Ross & Associates has been praised in the recent Media Innovator Awards. Our congratulations go to Michael, who we are looking forward to seeing further explore the unique solutions for educational publishers he currently has in the pipeline. Company: Ross & Associates Web Address: Contact Name: Michael Ross