Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider Alarcon & Harris - Spain A&H specializes in business-to-business communications, often on behalf of companies with a multinational presence. The agency does this principally by planning and delivering PR activities and media events. And the agency’s roster of PR services is comprehensive: press releases, case studies, blogs, and thought-leadership articles, as well as newsletters, websites, social media, advertorials, and advertising. For some clients, A&H generates media coverage across as many as five continents. Despite its international reach, however, A&H is no impersonal giant. Far from it. This is a small, nimble, fast-moving agency which prides itself on having the personal touch. Clients deal directly with A&H’s CEO, Nuria Marti, a dynamo of creative ideas and an energetic project leader. Since acquiring A&H in 2004 (the agency was founded in 1987), Nuria has built a small but talented team and an extensive international network of freelance content specialists. A&H’s offices are in Madrid, but its visual and written content is also sourced from other locations in Europe and the United States. Going glocal A&H’s clients operate in a wide range of industrial sectors. In recent years these have included agriculture, construction, engineering, food, healthcare, mining, recycling and waste handling, automotive, transport and logistics. This is a diverse portfolio, but Nuria finds nearly all clients face a similar challenge operating across different languages and business cultures. Nuria says: “Businesses operating in international markets typically create PR and marketing strategies at their centralized headquarters, yet ultimately depend on the effectiveness of communications in national markets. And national markets often bring specific local characteristics, challenges, and requirements. This means the best results are achieved with a two-pronged approach, combining global oversight with a good understanding of local markets. We call this ‘glocalization,’ and we specialize in it. We often work closely with people in our clients’ headquarters and in their various national territories. In this respect, we’re different to most other agencies.” “Language is all-important,” emphasizes Nuria. “First of all, when communicating for clients, we’re very respectful of their brand language and tone-of-voice. Sometimes we work hand-in-hand with clients to develop that tone-of-voice. And as well as communicating with media, we also craft communications for clients’ potential customers, distributors, partners, or internal teams. Innovation in business translates into sales success only if the right people get to hear about it. The same is also true of established solutions and services. Which is why international communications agency Alarcon & Harris (A&H) has won a Media Innovator Award as Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider: A&H contributes to the commercial success of businesses in industry and technology by shining the spotlight on them - brilliantly. Nov23624