Media Innovator Awards 2023

A&H’s ability to “go glocal” played a big part in it winning the Media Innovator Award. The award judges were also impressed that A&H has a strong capacity for preparing technical information; that A&H is well-acquainted with international media sectors and the media of greatest scope and influence; and that A&H is well-equipped to produce high-quality content in different languages to target clients’ various national markets. “Then there’s also our ability to communicate in the native languages of target media. We’re able to do this accurately because our network of freelancers includes first-class translators who can comprehend industrial processes and technologies and describe them clearly. Ultimately, though, stories are not so much about how technologies work – what potential purchasers really want to hear about are the user benefits.” A love triangle In addition to glocalization, there is another important ingredient in A&H’s highly successful approach, which Nuria calls “the love triangle” and a win-win strategy… then adds, “People are always amused when they hear this!” Nuria explains: “In all seriousness, ‘love triangle’ is a good way to describe it. At one corner of the triangle is A&H, with the expertise to plan and deliver highly effective PR campaigns nationally and internationally. At another corner of the triangle are A&H’s clients, whose commercial objectives shape the key messages we communicate and the audiences we target. But at the other corner there’s a third-party which centralized strategists too often overlook: the media. Or, more precisely, our working relationships with the media.” “I cannot overstate how important it is that members of the specialist media trust and enjoy working with A&H. This means we don’t only go to them with news releases and articles; they also come to us with requests for content. The media know they can depend on A&H as a source of authoritative information and wellcrafted stories. They also know we will deliver content which, at the same time as being of promotional value to our clients, will also be of genuine informative value to their readers. “The media also know how helpful and well-informed we are from meeting us at press events. A&H often runs, or helps to run, media activities at exhibitions, conferences and product launches. This not only strengthens that third corner of the triangle – it also opens up new opportunities to publicize our clients’ products and solutions.” A bolt-on resource For clients, one of the big advantages of working with A&H is that it’s a ‘bolt-on’ PR department. A&H brings to the table a more Company name: Alarcon & Harris Contact: Nuria Marti Email: [email protected] Web address: diverse and experienced creative resource than any small in-house department could hope to match, without the client having to increase headcount and associated fixed costs. Another big advantage is that A&H’s support is impressively cost effective. As Nuria puts it: “We turbocharge media coverage. The cost of the equivalent advertising space would be, on average, 20 times higher than the cost of our communications campaigns. And that’s before you take account of the fact that many readers and viewers believe editorial content is more objective and trustworthy than paid-for space. Credible media coverage raises awareness and stimulates sales enquiries. Effective communications help clients build and maintain their brand reputations, and what’s more valuable than that?” Best B2B Content & Project Management Services Provider Alarcon & Harris - Spain