Media Innovator Awards 2023

May21135 the conventional to discover transformative ways of connecting with audiences, creating campaigns, and telling stories that resonate on a deeper level.” Damon views innovation as the thread that weaves together Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s passion, its work, and the success of its clients. “To innovate is to harmonise creativity with strategy, intuition with analysis, and risk-taking with informed decision-making,” he comments. “It’s the courage to disrupt the status quo, to make the improbable possible, and to consistently redefine the boundaries of what a creative agency can achieve. For us, innovation is about crafting experiences that are as impactful and enduring as they are unique and momentary.” Alongside innovation, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is strongly driven by a passion for service excellence. To achieve this, the firm strives to ensure that clients do not just receive superior services but also that they are actively involved in the creative process. In this, it views them as more than just paying customers, instead considering them to be collaborators and partners. Giannoccaro Creative Agency begins this process by working to gain an understanding of the client’s vision, challenges, and objectives. Then, it uses this information to create a tailored strategic plan that aligns with their unique needs and brand identity. This personalised, bespoke approach, taking into account clients’ distinct stories and goals, is what sets the agency apart from others. Moreover, Giannoccaro Creative Agency recognises the importance of transparency and communication, so it strives to keep clients informed through regular real-time insights into the performance of their campaign. When needed, it collaborates with them to make strategic adjustments. Now established over five years ago, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is incredibly proud of the results it has delivered. These can be seen in the measurable success of its campaigns, the strong relationships it has built with its clients, and the awards it has received. A recent example of Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s success is the groundbreaking influencer campaign it ran for TWEEZERMAN, a Most Innovative Full-Service Creative Agency 2023 - China With offices in China and the Netherlands, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is a marketing, branding, and design agency that provides a full range of creative solutions, encompassing traditional advertising, digital experiences, retail solutions, and brand development. The firm serves a diverse client base, ranging from emerging startups to established multinational corporations. Here, we speak to Founder and Creative Director Damon Giannoccaro to find out more about the company and its innovative spirit. In 2019, Giannoccaro Creative Agency was established by Damon Giannoccaro, a marketing professional with more than three decades of experience in his field. Today, alongside CEO Jochen Thomas, he leads a multinational team of 20 marketing and branding experts who are passionate about helping Chinese companies to reach international markets, and vice versa. Giannoccaro Creative Agency takes a datadriven approach to marketing, leveraging its team’s rich experience and professional knowhow in China’s digital and social media marketing landscape. The agency specialises in delivering services such as search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), key opinion leader (KOL) and influencer marketing, and content marketing. It prides itself on its buffet-style menu of services, enabling clients to choose one, a few, or all of its offerings. Companies that choose to work with a creative agency like Giannoccaro Creative Agency experience a number of benefits, including the fact that all of their brand control can be dealt with by one agency. This is much more effective than employing multiple agencies for branding, who will all inevitably develop their own unique interpretations of the company’s brand style, potentially leading to inconsistencies. Wielding boundless creative talent, in-depth knowledge, and unique experiences, the Giannoccaro Creative Agency team craft innovative and effective marketing strategies designed to help clients enhance their brand awareness and maximise their ROI. Each and every member of the team is wholly committed to the success of the clients they serve and the quality of the work they deliver on their behalf. In everything it does, Giannoccaro Creative Agency is guided by its company values, which have not changed since its establishment but rather strengthened, solidified, and deepened in significance as it has navigated the evolving media landscape. These are constant creativity, integrity, excellence, collaboration, and, most importantly, innovation. In the creative industry, Giannoccaro Creative Agency stands out as a beacon of innovation, which truly underpins its ethos. Damon explains, “It is not merely about embracing the latest technologies or trends; it’s a mindset, a relentless pursuit of the unexplored and the extraordinary. It means looking beyond beauty tool company that has been setting high standards of quality, reliability, and innovation for over 40 years. As part of this short-term, three-month campaign, 30 micro-influencers were strategically engaged to create content. They were provided with individualised product sample packs designed to deliver memorable unpacking experiences. The results were extraordinary. Over 19 million online brand engagements later, Giannoccaro Creative Agency had significantly boosted TWEEZERMAN’s online sales through platforms like Little Red Book and Weibo. However, Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s work extends beyond the digital realm, also bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds. As part of another campaign for TWEEZERMAN, the company crafted a custom mobile pop-up unit featuring a Product Hero Display and a makeup area for live sessions with influencers and makeup artists during events hosted in high-traffic shopping centres. By leveraging live online reporting, the agency delivered a robust promotional strategy that effectively elevated TWEEZERMAN’s market presence. In its extensive portfolio of work, it is evident that Giannoccaro Creative Agency is capable of not only creating buzz around its clients, but also sustaining meaningful engagement. This cements its status as a leading creative agency in media innovation. In light of this, it is no surprise that the company has been awarded Most Innovative FullService Creative Agency, China, in the Media Innovator Awards 2023. With regards to the future, Damon admits that most of Giannoccaro Creative Agency’s upcoming ventures remain confidential. However, hinting at a landmark project that is currently in the pipeline, he shares, “We are in advanced discussions to start a partnership with FILA, where we will be delivering multifaceted creative services. Our involvement spans from aiding in their collection development to orchestrating brand collaboration opportunities. This project, set to unfold in the first half of 2024, promises to be a bold new chapter in both our company’s story and FILA’s brand journey.” Contact: Jochen Thomas Company: Giannoccaro Creative Agency Web Address: