MarTech Awards 2023

Returning for its second year, Innovation in Business are proud to announce the MarTech Awards 2023! The MarTech Awards 2023 aim to showcase the technological innovators in the marketing sector that have contributed towards presenting the industry with the success that it carries today. The MarTech Awards examine the individuals and companies who have excelled in their line of work – casting a light on the best in the industry and recognising those for their commitment and dedication. With the MarTech industry exponentially increasing in popularity and success, the forecast for 2023 is showing signs for even further growth, making this is a prime opportunity to promote your achievements. MarTech is a continuously evolving industry – having prospered throughout the pandemic and emerging as a powerful sector of the marketing world. The power that digital marketing holds is substantial and is showcased through the demand for this method of communication. MarTech solutions are vital when promoting your business and expanding your industry presence to reach a higher level of success and engage with a new audience. With the potential of becoming a recognised award-winning business on a global scale, this boasts the potential of encouraging new business whilst boosting your online platform, becoming more desirable to consumers. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Welcome to our MarTech Awards 2023 Editorial Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Izzy Misfud, Writer | Alejandra Garcia, Writer Designers Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer | Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Door No. 3 Design: Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 - Maryland 6. Laurea Peoples Signature Sdn Bhd: Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 8. Bletchley Technological Solutions Inc: Best Cost-Efficient Software Developer - Colombia 10. Umbrella Legal Marketing: Best PR & Community Legal Marketing Experts 2023 11. Fellow Digitals GmbH: Best Employee Experience Software Developer - Germany 12. Your WP Guy: Best Website Maintenance Company - Georgia 13. VIOOH: Best In-House Global Marketing Strategy Specialist (London): Helen Miall 14. Spark Social Agency: Best Boutique Social Media Agency - Ontario 15. The Crouch Group, Inc.: Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 - Texas 16. Spectra Media Group Ltd: Best Digital Marketing Agency - Cheshire 17. Uizard: SEO Expert of the Year (Denmark): Joe Waddington 18. Back2Basics: Best Small Business Video Solutions Provider - Hennepin County 19. The Write Copy Girl Limited: Best Freelance Copywriter (UK): Hazel Butler Contents

May21135 Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 - Maryland Door No. 3 Design, Inc. (DN3) is a graphic design firm offering all services and capabilities of a large agency with the personalised customer service of a boutique studio. We find out more from the coolest cat in town – aka Stephanie Ottavan – as the firm celebrates a humungous win in the MarTech Awards 2023! As an honest, down to earth creative agency that will “dazzle your pants off,” Door No. 3 Design is your home for innovative marketing and graphic design of all kinds…including print. Unique in its particularly straight-talking approach, the Frederick-based company offers all the design capabilities of a large agency, with the individual attention and service of a small studio. Founded in 2005 by Stephanie Ottavan, the firm’s basis lies on the simple premise that “your success is our success.” “We listen – it’s true, we really do – to our clients’ needs and provide creative suggestions and solutions through design,” Stephanie tells us. “For us, it’s personal – we love what we do and take the time to know our clients on a business and personal level. We work with many different industries and have a particular affinity for entrepreneurs. It’s fascinating to learn how they got here, and where they want to take their business in the next year and 10 years into the future. All companies have a story to tell, and that story should be weaved through their DNA, from mission statement to marketing pieces.” Stephanie and her team believe consistency is key and a successful design starts with first understanding the message – only then can you design an effective communication. Door No. 3’s designers are creative, innovative, and detail-oriented, yet happy to adhere to client image and style guidelines. “Whether your needs are in the print, digital, or in the presentation space, we promise brilliant, effective communications that surpass your expectations and dazzle your audience every single time!” she enthuses, emphasising the agency’s unrivalled customer service. “We are humans! And cool humans at that. No robot operator when you give us a ring… We actually pick up the phone when you call, respond to your emails in a timely manner, and frankly are just fun to work with in general.” Effective and creative design is a given, but giving a project life, a voice, and meaning is a whole other beast, and this is where Door No. 3 Design really shines and differentiates Jan23596 from the crowd in such a fiercely competitive marketplace. The firm doesn’t just make things “pretty,” they make things truly work! By asking the key, necessary questions (Who is your audience? How are you reaching them now? Is it working? How will this morph in the coming years?), the agency is committed to getting you the absolute best results, each and every time. “Do you want to work with a team who only wants to make you happy, or a team who is willing to push boundaries to make your project the best it can possibly be? We are not going to blow smoke up your ass. We are your team, and we work collaboratively with you to find the best design solution to reach your intended audience.” Door No. 3 Design understands that each project, and every client is different…meaning you won’t find any cookie-cutter packages. Instead, every scope of work and cost estimate is custom to the client and the client’s particular needs. However, most projects funnel through a similar process to get to the end result. And that process looks a little like this… An initial kick-off meeting to get the ball rolling. This gives both parties the opportunity to ask questions, and for DN3 to learn about the client, the project, and goals of the present and future. “This meeting is all about the customer, so tell us everything and ask us anything,” says Stephanie. “This will ensure we are all on the same page and heading in the right direction before we even start the project.” Based on the initial contact and kick-off meeting, Door No. 3 will provide a line itemised scope of work and cost estimate. Stephanie, being upfront and honest, doesn’t believe in sneaky fees and will only charge what she thinks it will take to get the job done. Then, the work begins, with the team keeping you in the loop with every element of the project and sending each piece as it’s completed for thoughts and edits until it gets that final stamp of approval. “This is a broad-stroke method to our madness,” Stephanie continues. “Understanding the client and their story is just one element. It takes a certain amount of time and effort to immerse yourself into their products, services, methods, demographics, culture, etc. We are invested in every one of our clients, which allows us to share in their success as well as their failures.” Despite the last decade seeing the digital revolution truly taking hold of the world and forcing every business firmly into cyberspace, there is a still a lot of call for the more traditional print-based marketing services. And, despite its forward-thinking outlook, Door No. 3 absolutely excels in this area, too. “Long live print!” Stephanie exclaims. “We create all kinds of cool print stuff. Working with clients to fully craft the right message for their desired audience, and then designing an effective communication around it is an art form when done properly.” Just a handful of the print services offered by the agency include postcards and marketing collateral, advertisements, invitations, event program books, conference collateral, business cards, brochures, packaging, magazine and editorial publications, annual reports, and much, much more. Whatever channel, method, or approach you choose to get your brand out there and seen by customers, Door No. 3 Design will get your message across effectively, uniquely, and professionally – working alongside you every step of the way, from planning to the press. Recently, for its effervescent approach, unique design concepts, and exceptional customer service (that is, quite frankly, second to none!) Door No. 3 Design gained recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023 and has been crowned with the outrageously grand title of Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 – Maryland. Understandably delighted, Stephanie is excited about a bright and glistening future. “Come take a look what’s behind Door No. 3. Whatever you need… we’ve got you!” Contact: Stephanie Ottavan Company: Door No. 3 Design Web Address:

Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 - Maryland

Apr21077 Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 There’s no doubt that the digital revolution is truly underway. Due to the massive developments in technology and IT infrastructure, things are moving faster than ever before and digital progress over the last decade has changed how we live, work, and play. Quicker than any other innovation in human history, digital technologies have transformed civilisations and reached almost 50% of the population in developing countries. Technology may be a huge equaliser by improving connection, financial inclusion, access to commerce, and public services. As the driving force behind every innovation, technology helps us achieve what we want in an efficient and faster way. We live in a world where everyone wants to use technology to solve problems, improve efficiency, and make life easier. One such firm saw the opportunity to embrace digitalisation, and took it with both hands, turning a company into something extraordinary in the process. Located in Selangor, Malaysia, is Laurea People’s Signature (LPS) – an award-winning Polyglot (multilingual) B2B digital marketing firm. Established as a network company in 2018, the business itself had an unusual start. Initially offering the client network accounting, audit, and Laurea People’s Signature (LPS) strives to bring excellence to every brand and become Asia’s top digital marketing and IT support agency through technology that drives it to the digital future. We catch up with the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Nisha Meng Ming Li, who tells us more about the company and its ethos as it celebrates a win in the MarTech Awards 2023. taxation services, it soon became apparent that people had an incessant demand for digital services, such as revamping their branding strategies, business’s online presence, search engine visibility as the digital revolution took hold. “That’s how we decided to extend LPS beyond accounting,” Nisha Meng Ming Li, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, explains of the firm, which now offers a diverse set of services under the B2B digital marketing umbrella, including IT tech support, web development, social media marketing, branding and more. Focusing on the idea of ‘Driven by Technology to the Digital Future’, the company now concentrates its efforts on empowering small- to medium-scale businesses in crafting branding guidelines and state-ofart marketing tactics to enhance customer’s experience, satisfaction and engagement. “We call ourselves the ambassadors of technology because we see it frequently transforming the business world and its meaning,” says Nisha. “From social media completely transposing the role of content and putting it on a higher pedestal to search engines prioritising users’ experiences and search queries, brands are more responsible for converting the business ecosystem into reliable marketing and information transmitting.” Jan23453

A young entrepreneur who started working at 18 to achieve big dreams, Nisha describes herself as a very creative, business-oriented woman who believes in hard work, value, evolution with constant change. To date, she has helped in excess of 500 customers to make massive incomes from their businesses, and she is passionate about turning small businesses into known brands with her marketing, branding and advertising skills. On another level, Nisha can speak no less than seven different languages, has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the marketing field. She is an expert in digital branding and the execution of digital marketing strategies to ensure businesses thrive in her surveillance. Since the world of marketing is evolving, so does LPS’s interaction and execution. When the firm says its driving force is technology, it really does make it happen through its efficiency in IT tech support to comprehend the client’s needs and integrate them with the idea, in order to make their customers feel loyal to the brand name. “We keep consistently updating ourselves with the trends and uplifting the startups in local and international markets,” Nisha elaborates, explaining how the team stays ahead of the curve in such a fast-paced and everchanging industry. With a firm belief in offering content which promotes the true face of a brand, LPS differentiates itself from competitors by providing quality and effective content – one of the most crucial facets of successful marketing, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to outlining the business objective, the brand’s focus, and the message. “While there is fierce competition in the market for every brand to find space and mark its presence deep, sustenance needs relevance, and we follow the same path,” she continues. “Our talented marketing specialists and content creators work hard to take our clients’ perspectives and add their piece of mind and Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 handful creativity. Hence, the by-product is something wholesome, consequential, and more organic that seems to become more likable content in the long run.” The core team at LPS is made up of a group of like-minded creatives and thinkers, experienced in their quest for ensuring brands get the recognition they both desire and deserve. They are tight-knit, collaborative in their approach, and the true backbone of the company. Since the company’s swift transformation from a network to a dedicated fully-fledged marketing company, it has reached the incredible milestone of spreading its roots in the United Kingdom with a new LPS branch (based in Oxford Street, London), as well as becoming an award-winning B2B polyglot marketing firm. Regarding the award, Laurea People’s Signature recently gained recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023, for which it was named Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 – something of which both Nisha and the loyal and hardworking team at LPS are extremely proud of. As the future beckons, the next milestone stands at forming a renowned identity across the border while the firm serves with the best of its abilities and its continued excellent ideas and execution. Leadership is a key aspect of any successful organisation, and the style of a Chief Executive Officer can have a profound impact on the company’s culture and overall performance. There is no doubt that, with Nisha at the helm, LPS will continue to have a bright and lucrative future. “We dare every aspiring entrepreneur to chase their dream, and we shall shape it into a wholesome business.” Contact: Nisha Meng Ming Li Company: Laurea Peoples Signature Sdn Bhd Web Address:

May21135 In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Bletchley Tech puts its clients first, every time. We ask Jorge to explain. “The tech world is one of a few industries that are in a constant, rapid state of change. That’s why the most important thing is trust. If clients don’t trust you to provide them with what they need, they won’t do business with you. The same goes for providers of any kind. That’s why we always strive to be as forthcoming with both our clients and our providers as possible. “Our priority is to provide the best quality products and services to our clients without ambushing their finances. In the same way, we don’t take advantage of our providers’ confidence in us. In this way, people trust us and our processes. They’re willing to do business with us again and again.” The company finds social media an invaluable resource for staying abreast of new developments in the industry. Jorge believes that Twitter, having over 360 million active users worldwide, is still one of the most used social platforms for open-source projects, tech startups, and small businesses. Bletchley Tech also uses Medium too. The open platform, populated by all kinds of writers, is a useful place to find articles written by software experts, industry professionals, and upcoming developers alike. Jorge explains what innovation means to the team at Bletchley Tech: “To us, innovation is pushing the boundaries of any established ideas to allow everyone equal access to technology. It means creating new and improving upon existing technologies and structures to accelerate progress in all areas of society. It’s about building software that works and that provides value to the people who use it. We build software that people want to use, that’s useful, and that they choose to use of their own free will.” Having so far focused on providing its development services to businesses and entrepreneurs, the team is now looking to diversify. Its plan is to create a series of digital products to tackle everyday problems faced by people all over the world. Moving into the world of mobile apps, the company hopes to use its skills to make life easier and better for all. Its mobile app services will also allow Bletchley Tech’s clients to reach greater audiences through technology built specifically for the needs of each company or organisation. Jorge says, “As we move forward, we’ll consistently push ourselves to apply our principles and values not only to ‘traditional’ software development but also to those technologies and ideas that have the power to completely revolutionise the world.” To find out more about how Bletchley Tech can help you achieve your goals, please visit the company website. Software development startup, Bletchley Tech focuses on providing high-quality software solutions at affordable rates. The company works with young small- and medium-sized businesses, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. In the words of Jorge Gallego: “Technology is meant to make human life easier, not more unbearable. Since software is the driving force of all technology, it’s our duty as developers to make sure we meet that goal every day.” It is Bletchley Tech’s plan to bring ‘technological equality’ to places where access to technology is lacking, or not present at all. The company is on a mission to give everyone the chance to learn, grow, and give back to society. Jorge says, “I founded Bletchley Tech to try to equalise access to technology throughout the world. The first step was, and still is, to achieve equality between big corporations and smaller businesses. To level out the playing field so that everyone can compete on the same level. At the moment, we specialise in web development. But in the next few years, we expect to expand our services to include mobile app development and enterprise app development.” As a start-up itself, Bletchley Tech understands the needs of its clients for services that are fast and secure but still affordable. As such, the company hit upon a different approach to pricing. Jorge explain, “We wanted something that could meet our clients’ needs, and provide them with greater peace of mind. To achieve this, we assess each client’s needs with care. Then, we map out in detail what we’ll do, why, and how we’ll do it. This allows us to provide the client with an accurate timeframe for completion and a projection of the costs. “If the project turns out shorter than we projected, the client only pays for the time we’ve worked on it. If it takes us longer, the client pays our original estimate. Despite having huge aspirations for the future, we come from a very humble place.” The company is indeed bringing the digital world closer to those that need it most by providing scalable solutions at affordable prices. Above all, Bletchley Tech values honesty. Jorge says, “Honesty with ourselves, with our peers, and, most of all, with our clients, is of paramount importance. Honesty with ourselves allows us to accept when we need to grow to be better. Honesty with our peers creates an environment where no one feels the need to be better than anyone else. In this way, we all contribute to the best of our ability. And honesty with our clients to create relationships that go beyond just business, those built on mutual trust and understanding.” Also valued is responsibility, both as individuals and as a collective. And finally, pride. Being proud of its accomplishments powers Bletchley Tech to continue to create, grow, and give back to the community. Best Cost-Efficient Software Developer - Colombia Bletchley Technological Solutions (Bletchley Tech) is striving to make the digital world accessible to everyone. The company, based in Bogota, Colombia, is creating a community of innovators and entrepreneurs adept at finding groundbreaking solutions that make life easier. We speak with the founder and CEO of Bletchley Tech, Jorge Gallego, to learn more about this enigmatic technology company.

Contact: Jorge Gallego Company: Bletchley Technological Solutions Inc Web Address:

May21135 Best PR & Community Legal Marketing Experts 2023 When Lanna Barrison, a lawyer, and Dan Davidson, a legal marketing specialist, decided to quit their corporate jobs to form their own marketing firm, the pair had already gained decades of combined experience in the legal industry. Recognising the limited marketing options for legal professionals, Lanna and Dan knew they’d be able to offer something bigger and better, tailored specifically to the unique needs of lawyers and law firm. Knowing exactly what they were trying to achieve, Lanna and Dan handpicked a team of uniquely qualified and talented innovators to form the team at Umbrella Legal Marketing. From branding to content creation and from public relations to media production, clients can rely on the team to develop a holistic strategy that benefits their business to the maximum. The team’s experienced subject matter experts collaborate to develop marketing strategies that are customtailored to the individual needs of each client. Dan says, “Aristotle said it best – ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. The Umbrella Legal Marketing team exemplifies this. We’re all experienced subject matter experts and are all talented within our respective fields. But what makes us so effective and successful is our ability to combine our collective expertise and collaborate as a team.” As a small company, Umbrella Legal Marketing offers its clients a boutique brand-building experience. Forging strong partnerships with a select number of clients, the team is proud of the personal service and individual attention it guarantees to all its clients. Dan explains, “We specialise in effective, impactful, and creative marketing for Canadian law firms. Led by legal and marketing professionals, our locallybased team has a deep understanding of both the practice and business of law. We use an all-around marketing approach to build brand awareness, accelerate and improve client development, and target strategic business goals. In short, we’re a one-stop agency for legal professionals.” But providing marketing services to law firms is not without its challenges. Dan tells us, “Our greatest challenge is merging the fast-paced digital and social marketing industry with the notoriously slow-paced legal landscape. As you can imagine, innovation and law don’t always go hand in hand. In our world, innovation doesn’t always mean the latest and greatest, because that’s often not applicable to our industry. To us, innovation is finding different tools, methods, and opportunities to help our clients meet objectives and achieve goals.” And the experienced team is well-equipped to handle the challenge. Umbrella Legal Marketing is adept at utilizing emerging technologies and tools in ways that makes sense for its clients and its clients’ clients. Finally, we ask Dan to tell us a little about the culture at the firm. He says, “We foster a high level of trust, teamwork, and responsibility. Everyone strives to do their best not only for our clients but for each other, too. Our individual success is tied to our collective success. We’re pretty informal, but everyone Toronto-based marketing firm, Umbrella Legal Marketing works exclusively with lawyers and law firms. The company, founded by Lanna Barrison and Dan Davidson, is a one-stop shop marketing agency for legal professionals. Umbrella Legal Marketing assists clients with all aspects of law firm marketing, advertising and public relations, including client development, talent recruitment and reputation management. Dan tells us more about this small company built on personal service. Contact: Dan Davidson Company: Umbrella Legal Marketing Web Address: Feb23262 has clear objectives, timelines, and goals. It’s important for us that work is enjoyable so we always make time to have some fun with things like our lunchtime trivia and pop quizzes.” Contact: Dan Davidson Company: Umbrella Legal Marketing Web Address:

Apr21843 Best Employee Experience Software Developer - Germany Founded in 1997, Cologne-based software developer Fellow Digitals makes online learning and remote working accessible to everyone. With over 500,000 people across nine countries using their intranet and eLearning platforms, Fellow Digitals is proud to make a real difference in the world of employee experience. Fellow Digitals works with corporations, SMEs, and non-profit organisations across a range of sectors including government, tourism, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. We chat with Senior Sales Manager, Manuel Yasli, to find out more. ‘Succeeding together’ is the motto of the software development company Fellow Digitals, which has been helping its clients enhance the employee experience by bringing people closer together for over 25 years. Creating tools that enable employees to share knowledge, combine strengths, and embrace diversity, Fellow Digitals helps its clients to bring out the best in everyone. Manuel explains: “We facilitate the success and development of individuals, both professionally and personally, as well as the community as a whole. We know as well as anyone that digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities. But at the same time, it can make employees feel more distant, insecure, and less engaged. We won’t let that happen. We make sure it’s possible to include everyone, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they work.” Both reliable and proactive, Fellow Digitals partners with clients including Bistum Würzburg, DER, DGUV, Marché International, and the National Geographic Society. As well as being a supportive and innovative partner to its customers, Fellow Digitals designs its products to be clear, simple, and accessible to all. Fellow Digitals Learning Management System (LMS), delivered as a SaaS platform, gives companies access to the flexible infrastructure they need to run their own online training programmes. Empowering employees, the LMS enables teams to create and deliver e-learning courses, workshops, and training paths with ease. It’s simple to integrate the eLearning platform into an existing IT infrastructure using industry-standard APIs. In the fast-moving world of digital transformation and SaaS, staying ahead of the curve is essential to success. As such, Fellow Digitals uses proven strategies to maintain its place in the market. Manuel clarifies: “We have regular touchpoints with our customers via our dedicated helpdesk and exclusive customer events. We listen attentively to customer feedback. This helps us to maintain our high level of market relevance. It’s also important for us to stay up to date with market trends and emerging technologies. For example, we were one of the first companies in our field to achieve ISO certification.” The development of mobile technology has had a significant impact on Fellow Digitals and on e-learning platforms as a whole. Employees are no longer restricted to learning in a classroom, or even an office. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, frontline workers can now access learning materials on-the-go through their mobile devices. This has greatly increased the accessibility of training programs for employees who are constantly on-the-move or work in remote locations. The use of quizzes and questions makes learning a much more interactive experience. Learners receive real-time feedback and can hold each other accountable with chat options. Manuel points out: “We also help companies make data-driven decisions about their training. It’s important to monitor how effective e-learning is by tracking results. Using our e-learning platform, course creators can see where in the training participants might drop out or get stuck. This helps them to further optimise their e-learning courses.” Encouraging innovation from within, Fellow Digitals’ platforms enable each individual to participate and drive their organisation forward with motivation, expertise, and teamwork. And the Fellows Digitals team is no different. Manuel tells us about the company culture: “We’re all about collaboration. We encourage every team member to have a voice and share ideas and opinions. Diverse perspectives lead to better results and our team comes from all backgrounds and walks of life. ‘The Fellows’ all contribute to our success with their expertise in their respective fields and by providing exceptional customer service. As an organisation, we’re committed to helping employees strike a healthy work-life balance and achieve their personal and professional goals. We use our own LMS for training activities that provide employees with opportunities to grow and develop within the company.” To find out more about how Fellow Digitals can help your organisation, please visit the company website. Contact: Manuel Yasli, Senior Sales Manager Company: Fellow Digitals GmbH Web Address: Feb23236

May21135 subscribe to its maintenance plans can relax, knowing that the company is on the case when it comes to both proactive and reactive maintenance. Backend updates, security, and monitoring are all taken care of, and clients are kept up-to-date with scheduled monthly reports. Jonathan tells us, “Everyone, especially small business owners, deserves to have peace of mind in their business. Most people are in limbo when it comes to fixing, enhancing, or taking appropriate action on their websites. This costs them precious time and money that they could be spending on what they love.” As well as maintenance, the team at Your WP Guy builds appealing custom websites that help clients launch their brand and grow their audience. And, once a website is ready to go, clients can rest assured that it won’t simply be sitting there waiting for visitors to arrive. Your WP Guy knows exactly how to get your site in front of your ideal customers. Using traffic-generating strategies such as lead magnets and backlink building, the company helps reduce the time and effort that its clients need to put into growing their businesses. So, how does the company keep up in this fast-paced industry? Jonathan explains, “By doing lots and lots of research! Many would say that’s the boring part, but I love discovering new trends and developments in the industry. In-person events such as conferences are the best. I get to interact with others in my same field, ask questions, and spark up new ideas of my own. As well as keeping up with new technology, we’re always listening to what everyone has to say. You can have a million light bulb moments, but they mean nothing if you don’t take people’s problems into account. Knowing what our clients struggle with is how we come up with our best ideas. We want to solve their problems in a unique way and often come up with a new approach no one has taken before.” Often, clients of Your WP Guy come to the company after having a negative experience elsewhere. In this instance, building trust from the beginning is more important than ever. Jonathan says, “We always take time to meet with our clients via zoom so that we can address their concerns and questions. We form a plan together that enables us to implement solutions that work best for them. For us transparency is key. We explain exactly what we are seeing, and explain what the options for solutions look like. We’re also keen to provide our clients with sources to conduct their own research. This enables them to make an informed decision on how they want to move forward.” Looking to the future, Your WP Guy aims to expand its client base by branching out into different sectors. Jonathan says, “We’re especially interested in the adventure travel sector - it’s one of the industries we believe we can help the most.” Contact: Jonathan Wofford Company: Your WP Guy Web Address: Best Website Maintenance Company - Georgia Your WP Guy is a business with a big heart. The Atlanta-based company is working to bring peace of mind to small business owners so that they can be free to live life to the fullest. Your WP Guy offers a full range of WordPress design and maintenance services as well as traffic optimisation. The company is the perfect partner for businesses looking for a professional website, hassle-free maintenance, and a great ROI. We speak with company founder, Jonathan Wofford to find out more. As a small business owner, making an investment in your internet presence can be a daunting prospect, particularly if technology is not your area of expertise. And when you do decide to bite the bullet, who do you choose to help you on your journey? For over 20 years, Your WP Guy has been helping small businesses to do just that. Taking its responsibility seriously, your WP Guy’s core business centres around WordPress website maintenance. Clients that

May21135 to solve mental challenges whilst distracting myself physically!.” As well as heading up the marketing for VIOOH, Helen is the Executive Sponsor for VIOOH’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee. The company is proud of its inclusive culture but understands that it’s important that it not be taken for granted. In 2023, VIOOH is implementing a series of DEI workshops to ensure that all members of staff understand why DEI is important for the whole company. Helen says, “When VIOOHers feel they can bring their ‘whole selves’ to work, and that our company values and ways of working are grounded in equity, they have the opportunity to thrive, to be empowered and to deliver their best performance.” Contact: Helen Miall Company: VIOOH Web Address: Best In-House Global Marketing Strategy Specialist (London): Helen Miall Based in the heart of London, VIOOH is a leading global digital out-of-home (OOH) supply side platform connecting programmatic buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace. The company’s team of OOH specialists and technology experts are pioneering the transformation of the OOH sector. Chief Marketing Officer, Helen Miall plays a significant role in advocating for the expansion of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising worldwide. We chat with Helen to find out more. During her illustrious marketing career, Helen Miall has worked for an array of leading companies, such as Air France, United Airlines, Microsoft, and O2. In May 2020, Helen took an exciting new opportunity to join an advertising revolution. The first digital billboards appeared around 2005, and since then the industry has continued to show huge growth year on year with no end in sight. VIOOH’s programmatic trading platform allows owners of digital screens to maximise the value of their inventory whilst offering advertisers the best return on investment. The company works with media owners such as JCDecaux, APG, In-Store Media, Media Frankfurt, Tonic Media, and more, as well as a range of advertising buyers. Having partnerships with 40 demand side platforms (DSP) globally, the company is well-placed to champion the role of DOOH in omnichannel campaigns. VIOOH trades across 19 markets globally including the USA, APAC, and the UK. We ask Helen what innovation means to her and VIOOH. She explains, “Innovation and inspiration come both from within the business, and from outside. When I joined VIOOH, my ‘fresh eyes’ meant I was able to objectively review and refresh the brand. As well as developing new, innovative products, the changes we made to our visual identity and narrative also reflected the concept of challenging the status quo.” “I’ve now been with VIOOH for almost three years, but I still feel it’s important to keep some external influence. That could mean attending an industry event, watching a TED talk, or drawing motivation from another industry that’s undergoing a transformation. For me, there’s an inherent danger in existing in an echo chamber where your sole inputs come from internal sources. We also know that diversity of background, experience, and perspective is something that helps foster innovation and growth, and this is something we actively encourage at VIOOH.” As well as staying current in the industry, it’s important for Helen to stay in touch with VIOOH’s customers. She says, “One of our company values is to be customer-centric – our customers are the very core of VIOOH. We listen to and are accountable to them. Twice a year, we run customer satisfaction surveys. This enables us to amend our processes and ensure our clients and partners are being serviced appropriately.” Helen’s personal core values include integrity, respect, encouragement, and fitness. She tells us, “Using integrity to make decisions guides me to do what’s right and what’s needed. Of course, respect is the basis for working as a team and with other teams. If everyone feels valued, collaboration is easier. I’m definitely a glass-half-full person. In brainstorming, I always encourage response to a new suggestion with an ‘and we could do XYZ’ instead of a ‘but’.” And fitness? “Physical wellbeing is important to me; it has such a positive impact on my mental wellbeing and being “fit” to work. This has become more evident to me as I get older, and life becomes more of a juggle. My workouts also serve as ‘me time’ that help me Jan23720

May21135 Best Boutique Social Media Agency - Ontario Boutique social media agency, Spark Social Agency is committed to delivering the creativity and agility clients expect from a small studio with the impact, ROI, and big-brand experience that large agencies provide. As a social-first agency, Spark offers only a few core services – social media strategy and management, influencer marketing, social media content production, and social media event amplification. This enables the company to put all of its time and effort into understanding the ever-changing social landscape and platforms. Its clients range from funded start-ups to enterprise brands, spanning all industries from CPG and consumer ecommerce to healthcare and financial technology. The common thread across all of Spark’s clients is they all understand the power of social media and view the firm as an extension of their team. “To stay on top of such a fast-paced industry, we focus solely on providing social media services,” Kait Shiels, the company’s founder and managing director, emphasises. “We don’t dabble in SEO. We don’t write articles. We don’t manage PPC or email campaigns. This allows us to immerse ourselves fully in social platforms, stay up-to-date on algorithm changes, spot trends as they’re rising, and ensure the content we create moves the needle for our clients.” Determined to always remain a boutique agency for the benefit of its clients and its team, Spark’s strategy is a little different to others. Unlike most agencies, the firm’s account managers only lead 3-4 clients each. “They don’t carry 40 hours of client work each week which allows them time to breathe, spend time engaging in the platforms, brainstorming new campaigns, and testing,” elaborates Kait. “Maintaining a small and select client list also ensures that our leadership is actively involved in the work and relationship with every single client.” Spark Social Agency (Spark) is an award-winning boutique social media agency, delivering the creativity and agility that clients would expect from a small studio with the impact and ROI they’d demand from a big-name agency. Known for sparking connections, conversations, and community, the firm’s founder tells us more. Despite positioning itself as boutique, Spark serves several notable and large brands, including Band-Aid, Motrin, OGX, Tylenol, Hitachi, Bath Fitter, Néstle, and many more big household names, proving that it is indeed small but mighty. Another unique selling point that allows the company to differentiate from its competitors is its innovative approach to both its client and employee relationships. “We’re innovating agency relationships – both the client relationship with the agency and the employee relationship within the agency – with the goal of creating a healthier, more supportive environment.” Clients aren’t locked into long-term contracts, regardless of performance, with their account juggled by several different people. Neither do they wait 48 hours for a response or have to work within set agency platforms. Instead, Spark’s workflows are custom created to ensure it is the most effective for them. On the employee side, Spark actively avoid agency burn-out by creating a company culture that values personal growth and a good work-life balance. The team itself is an inspiring group of self-taught, self-motivated ‘multipassionates’. When hiring, Spark focuses less on the degrees and job history, and more on the work they see in a prospective employee’s portfolio. “We look for storytelling, creative framing, and the ability to connect with an audience,” she enthuses. “Because of that, our team consists of former teachers, event planners, a wedding photographer, degrees in archaeology, art history, and kinesiology. Most of all though, we look for personality fit and those who bring energy to everything they do.” At Spark, the team is always looking out for moments of celebration – champagne on birthdays, monthly brainstorming happy hours, unlimited paid time off so time can be spent with family and friends, travelling, and relaxing. This refreshing approach is what saw the agency recently gain recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023 and take home the prestigious title of Best Boutique Social Media Agency – Ontario. A very worthy accolade which clearly helps emphasise the dedication and hard work that the entire team puts into making the company a success. Now, as the future beckons, Kait is ensuring that continued investment will help keep the firm up-to-date and at the forefront of emerging technology. “We invest heavily in tools, ongoing education for our team and networking with other industry leaders,” she states. “We also have an in-house content studio which allows us to stay on top of trends and adjust specs as platforms evolve.” Contact: Kait Shiels Company: Spark Social Agency Web Address: Jan23301

Apr21843 Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 - Texas Working with clients of all sizes and budgets, The Crouch Group specialises in growing its clients’ businesses through a range of marketing activities with an intense concentration on results. We speak to Tim Crouch to find out more after the firm’s success in the MarTech Awards 2023. Founded in 1996, digital marketing and advertising agency, The Crouch Group works with clients in Texas, as well as throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As a full-service agency which provides traditional advertising services in addition to digital marketing, The Crouch Group offers web design, SEO and SEM, social media marketing, graphic design, and video production to its clients, which range from collaborative attorneys and divorce professionals, to swimming pool companies, insurance agencies, and Wagyu beef ranchers. “Our core values have always been to emphasise that our employees live whole lives,” states Tim Crouch, the firm’s founder and namesake. “This means prioritising family, community service, and allowing space for passion outside of work. We think that employees that can live that full life bring important life experiences into our office. Happy employees make for a better work environment in a field that can at times be stressful.” This refreshing approach is just one of the many things that allows The Crouch Group to differentiate itself in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Another unique selling point which helps the firm stand out is its desire to stay on top of emerging trends and at the forefront of evolving technology in this fast-paced digital age. “I often tell people that we are in the business of evolution,” Tim elaborates. “Staying on top of and evolving to changing media habits of our clients’ target markets is key to ongoing success.” It is imperative that the dedicated team at The Crouch Group stay tuned in, too, in order to ensure they can continue to innovate and introduce new ideas to clients. Part of this innovative approach, Tim tells us, includes travelling to meet with groups at the firm’s own expense to provide attendees with analysis that they can take with them to further improve their digital footprint. “Some of those turn into clients but others take our strategies and implement them without us,” he continues. “That is okay, because our goal in working with our collaborative clients is to see awareness of no court divorce options to grow. When this happens everyone in this collaborative movement prospers.” Tim has experienced many challenges over the last few years, with the Covid-19 pandemic being pretty close to the top of the list, however the biggest obstacle of late is actually inflation. Having raised the firm’s rates once already, he now fears another rise approaching as the cost of living spirals beyond all control. “Clients are feeling the same inflationary pressure and we are hesitant to further add to that pressure,” he says. “We have been fortunate to this point that our growth has enabled us to provide raises and bonuses. However, with growth comes the need to add more employees. We are carefully weighing new hires and how those new hires will fit into our current salary structure and fit into our carefully crafted culture.” Despite the pitfalls of late, Tim and the team were over the moon to be recently recognised in the MarTech Awards 2023 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 – Texas. Now, as the agency is poised for growth, Tim’s goals and plans for the next few years are focused on expanding its reach in the collaborative divorce movement. “We think we have a story to tell to collaborative professionals about how to build the brand of collaborative divorce and how to leverage the work others are doing in collaborative into their practice.” Contact Details Contact: Tim Crouch Company: The Crouch Group, Inc. Web Address: Jan23011

May21135 Founded in 2018, Spectra Media Group is a digital marketing agency which provides a holistic range of services covering all aspects of digital marketing, such as website design and development, SEO, paid search, paid social, and more. Having worked with a range of notable clients, such as Stonegate Pubs, GSF Car Parts and other national businesses, Spectra is adept at helping companies to maximise their returns and get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns. Striving to ensure that all of its services are delivered with the utmost quality and integrity, Spectra is committed to providing exceptional customer service, delivering outstanding results, and leveraging the most advanced technologies to remain at the forefront of digital marketing. Additionally, it endeavours to remain agile and responsive to the changing industry, ensuring that its clients always receive the most up-to-date services and strategies, something which is of utmost importance in today’s fast-paced digital era. “We understand that digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry, and we strive to remain at the forefront of new technologies and strategies,” explains Sam Spridgeon of Spectra. “To ensure that we are always best placed to serve our clients, we keep a close eye on the latest industry trends and developments and are quick to adopt them if they are likely to benefit our clients.” Spectra has a deep understanding of each of its clients’ unique needs and objectives, so that it can approach them on an individual basis to fully understand their goals, craft tailored strategies to meet these goals, and to deliver the best possible results. Serving a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large national organisations, Spectra is also well-equipped to provide quality services to each and every company it comes into contact with. Our approach to client service is focused on being open, honest, and transparent in our communication, delivering results that exceed expectations, and building long-term relationships,” elaborates Sam. “By following these values, we have been able to build a loyal client base and establish ourselves as a leader in the digital marketing industry.” At Spectra, internal culture plays a large role in the firm’s success, after all, a happy employee is a productive employee, and this is something which the firm focuses on. By creating a positive and collaborative environment for staff members, Spectra ensures that each and every person within its company feels respected, heard, and important to the business and its growth. “We recognise that our success is largely attributable to the hard work and dedication of our employees, and so we always aim to create an internal culture that is supportive and encouraging,” says Sam. “We have an open-door policy and are constantly encouraging feedback and ideas from our team.” Spectra firmly believes in encouraging its employees to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. To promote this, it has implemented an 80/20 rule which allows employees to dedicate one day a week to any project of their choice – whether it be a product or service that will benefit Spectra or its clients. This, in turn, provides its employees with the creative freedom to think outside the box and come up with creative new ideas. “By providing our employees with the autonomy to pursue their own projects, we are able to foster an innovative culture that encourages collaboration and growth. Our employees are able to develop their skills and strengthen their knowledge, while also helping to create products and services that can benefit our company and our clients. We believe that this is an essential part of remaining competitive and successful in the digital marketing industry.” In terms of recruitment, Spectra looks for individuals who possess the necessary skills and qualities to succeed in the industry. These qualities include creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for digital marketing, problem-solving capabilities, and excellent communication skills. The firm also looks for people who have the ability to collaborate with others and take initiative. Recently, Spectra gained recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023 for its innovative approach and the dedication of its loyal team members. It received the prestigious accolade of Best Digital Marketing Agency – Cheshire, of which the firm is understandably delighted. Now, as the future beckons, the main goal for Spectra is to continue on its path of providing clients with exceptional digital marketing strategies and results, while also staying ahead of the competition. To do this, it plans to further invest in its team and focus on recruiting high-quality talent, training its existing employees, and keeping up with the latest industry trends. “We plan to continue to develop our own products and services and strive to build a strong and dedicated client base,” Sam enthuses. “And we are also looking to expand our operations to new markets and further our global reach. Ultimately, we want to remain a leading digital marketing provider and be known for our excellence and innovation.” Contact: Sam Spridgeon Company: Spectra Media Group Ltd Web Address: Best Digital Marketing Agency - Cheshire Successful Chester-based digital marketing business, Spectra Media Group (Spectra) provides its clients with second-to-none digital marketing services, assuring the best business relationships are formed from beginning to end. We find out more as the firm celebrates a win in the MarTech Awards 2023. Jan23244