MarTech Awards 2023

May21135 Best Small Business Video Solutions Provider - Hennepin County Back2Basics is a small business brand management agency solution. It specialises in working directly with entrepreneurs and small business brands, with a primary service focus rather than an e-commerce focus. Back2Basics works a lot with business owners in the trades, as well as those in the professional services such as bookkeepers, tax preparers and accounts, independent insurance agents and brokers, independent attorneys, business coaches, health coaches, and localised non-profit organisations. The role a brand manager plays is often misunderstood in the marketing industry. Brand managers often work with brand developers and designers, and often the assumption is that the role is one of a graphic designer or social media manager, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst a brand manager can tackle all of those things, the biggest value is that a brand manager oversees the brand from the point of design through its growth and manages the integrity of the brand through its lifecycle. “We can help business owners make decisions that keep the brand healthy and build trust and loyalty over time without compromising its core mission and goal,” explains Tanya Troska, the firm’s president and lead brand manager. “We help them manage and monitor the look and voice of the brand online and offline… keeping that information consistent and present.” Back2Basics can help with web design, content development, content strategies, use of brand photography, and video, creating graphic designs for specific online and offline uses, or working with SEO, developers, and ad managers to ensure work being done is completed while keeping the integrity and spirit of the brand intact. Currently, in today’s digital era where everything is posted and shared on social media, one of the most important services that Back2Basics offers is its Small Business Video Package. “We take your message, incorporate your brand, and create a short, engaging video for your readers online, or through your marketing emails.” The video messages take many forms, for example they could highlight a specific product, service, topic, or business update. Or they could simply be a fun and exciting new way of engaging with your potential customers, but either way Back2Basics can guide its clients through the entire process, from initial concept and script creation, to video production and editing. “Accessibility and hands-on guidance to small business marketing resources and best practices is something a traditional marketing agency cannot and will not provide,” continues Tanya. “We don’t stuff our clients Dedicated to empowering small business brands, Back2Basics LLC provides it services to small business owners for comprehensive brand management that grows as the company grows. We find out more as the company celebrates a win in the MarTech Awards 2023. into predetermined buckets of services or solutions. We help them decide on their priorities and goals, then walk them through creating their own custom service solution with our team – a plan that will best meet their immediate needs and long-term goals, and one that can shift and change and grow with them.” This approach is, in short, what sets Back2Basics aside from its competitors and marks it out as the right choice for hundreds of clients. Because of its ability to bend and shift and grow, hand-in-hand with the client, many customers are loyal to the firm and return time and time again for assistance, or even stay on a retainer. In fact, Tanya tells us that more than 93% of clients are recurring monthly serviced clients with more than 40% having been with the firm for more than two years. “Being accessible, being present, being flexible, and earning our client’s trust through advocating for the small business community has been our mission from the beginning and one that we’ve not wavered from since launching in 2015.” In addition to attending industry training opportunities on topics that can affect a small business brand, Back2Basics often leverages the knowledge and expertise of its trusted partners who may help serve client needs at some point in time. As a small business service provider, the company needs to keep its budgets tight so it can continue to provide invaluable solutions to those it serves, at budgets they can manage, while helping reduce their workloads and tackle their goals at the same time. “I’m always looking for new ways to push the boundaries for these small business owners without exponentially increasing marketing budgets and costs,” elaborates Tanya. “We continue to review new techniques, best practices, and software solutions. This helps keep these small businesses in a competitive brand presence in their local markets… doing something that others cannot because of access to resources, know-how, guidance, and at cost-effective levels.” This innovative approach has stood the firm in good stead and is just one of many reasons as to why it was recently named in the MarTech Awards 2023 as Best Small Business Video Solutions Provider - Hennepin County. Understandably delighted by this accolade, Tanya and the team are now looking forward to a lucrative future. “We’re looking to expand our in-house team and resources and that means finding the right people to learn the business from the ground up and grow into positions that will allow us to serve more small businesses in the coming years.” Contact: Tanya Troska Company: Back2Basics, LLC Web Address: Jan23030