MarTech Awards 2023

May21135 technical experience can contribute to the design process. “Positioning Uizard as the leading AI design tool in the SERPs has been an exciting challenge. Uizard is a pioneer in an emerging frontier, and my job has been to ensure we are at the forefront of the movement from an organic visibility point of view.” SEO and content marketing is often a challenge, whether an established brand or a brand-new startup and Joseph tells us that the ‘big three’ are still the main considerations for any organic strategy, these being: technical SEO, content velocity, and backlinks. Having previously worked at agencies where the client-side journey has been eye-opening, mainly for the sheer autonomy, Joseph is delighted to have got to implement and drive his own strategy. The Uizard founders have been extremely supportive of Joseph’s SEO strategy and content initiatives and he describes himself as “lucky” to be surrounded by a great team of like-minded people. “The wider marketing team is the best I have ever worked with, with each channel lead demonstrating consistent brilliance and aptitude within their respective fields,” he enthuses. “We also recently hired a new director of marketing, who has had a phenomenal impact when it comes to galvanising the team and pushing us further as one. “We have a truly unique team from all walks of life; it’s a genuine privilege to be here.” Recently, for his hard work and commitment to the firm, Joseph was recognised as SEO Expert of the Year (Denmark) in the MarTech Awards 2023 – Not only is this a fantastic achievement for him, it is also a big boon for Uizard to have such a competent and highlyskilled individual running the SEO and content strategy side of the business. Here’s to a bright future! Contact: Joseph Waddington Company: Uizard Web Address: SEO Expert of the Year (Denmark): Joe Waddington On a mission to democratise design to empower non-designers everywhere to build digital, interactive products, Uizard is taking the world by storm, capably assisted by its secret weapon – a skilled SEO and content marketing strategist! We speak to Joseph Waddington, the individual in question, as he is named in the MarTech Awards 2023. Uizard is an AI-powered UX design tool used for designing apps, websites, and digital products. Built with non-designers in mind, the app is used by founders, UX professionals, marketers, students – practically anyone! Uizard’s AI features allow users to convert screenshots into clickable UI mockups, to convert hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, generate copy for prototypes, and import UI themes from a URL or image. “What makes Uizard so special is its accessibility - it’s easy to use, rapid, and collaborative,” enthuses Joseph Waddington. “With Uizard being so easy to use, it’s really been a case of getting our amazing product on people’s screens. Once we find new users, they stick around.” Joseph manages technical SEO for the commercial site as well as the content strategy and implementation. His goal over the past year has been to transform Uizard’s organic visibility to support new user discovery and brand awareness. Operating within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, Joseph works hard to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of new developments and technologies. Following an initial audit when he first began at the firm, he has deployed a robust content marketing strategy, with sound technical foundations, to ensure the firm is reaching each of its use cases in appropriate ways via the onsite content. AI technology has advanced to the point where it can assist with various design tasks, such as generating ideas and inspirations. Designers are now able to leverage AI to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of their work and finding solutions for the long tail problems. AI has also enabled more people to take an active part in design, and this is something that is very exciting for those at Uizard! “Design used to be typically reserved for a select few who had the necessary training and expertise,” Joseph elaborates. “However, with AI tools, even those with little design and Dec22482