MarTech Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Freelance Copywriter (UK): Hazel Butler Experienced copywriter, Hazel Butler has made her passion into her career with The Write Copy Girl. Having recently been bestowed with a MarTech Award, we speak to Hazel to find out more, including how she sought to diversify her initial offering to give more, for less. The Write Copy Girl, aka Hazel Butler, is a freelance copywriter, SEO specialist, and wordsmith for health and wellness businesses. Offering copywriting, content marketing, and website design/development services, all her services have the power of SEO built-in and are designed to make clients as visible as possible in the online space. Hazel achieves this through high-quality, highvalue content that positions her clients as experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. She builds well-optimised, sleek websites to act as the hub of all their digital marketing efforts. Client campaigns are powered by her carefully penned thought leadership blogs, articles, books, and more, to ensure clients have plenty of content for their ongoing marketing. “While the focus of the business is predominantly writing content, it has evolved over the years to include website design and development,” Hazel explains. “Spending so much time writing website copy naturally led to me helping to design the pages I was writing. Having watched clients struggle to juggle working with a writer, a separate designer, and an independent developer, all while sorting out hosting and support with someone else, I realised my clients needed a one-stop service that delivered everything.” Hazel’s website service ensures the creation of sites that are professionally written and optimised for search, then well-designed and developed with current SEO and marketing needs in mind at every step. “If content is being used online, it should be underpinned by an effective strategy that ensures as many people see it as possible,” the wordsmith continues. “That may mean visibility in Google and other SERPs but also applies to social platforms and other activity. Whether clients come to me for a single blog post or an ongoing monthly marketing campaign, I always start by looking at the client’s objectives and working back from there, to ensure what’s delivered is aligned with their needs.” It is this thorough approach and attention to detail which differentiates The Write Copy Girl from competitors and sets the business out as an expert in its field. Working within such a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, Hazel is keen to ensure that her company remains on the cutting-edge of new developments. She explains that regular training, following the latest news and updates, and ensuring processes and offerings are reviewed multiple times a year is essential to delivering the best possible content and achieving the best results. “I’ve found that effectively meeting client needs begins with total transparency,” Hazel states. “Many clients come to me asking for a new website and expect an instant flood of traffic when it goes live. Others expect to publish a monthly blog and somehow compete with big corporations pumping out several longform weekly articles. I always ensure clients understand how long a strategy will take to work, how much they realistically need to invest in it to achieve their goals, and what kind of ROI they can expect.” Whilst Hazel has an office with plenty of content creation zones for videography, podcasting, and photography, she is currently the only on-site staff member. The rest of the team work remotely most of the time, allowing them maximum flexibility, while keeping costs down. This, in turn, allows her to keep clients costs lower than alternative services. For example, working with her website developer on a project basis enables Hazel to keep the cost of her web services lower, while still delivering the highest quality by working with an exceptional developer. Likewise, she can bring in an editor or proof reader to work on large copywriting projects, such as ghost writing a book. This always ensures the best end product is delivered while keeping the cost to the customer as low as possible. Recently, as recognition of her hard work and dedication to her clients, Hazel was named Best Freelance Copywriter (UK) in the MarTech Awards 2023. Now, as the future beckons, Hazel is well positioned for growth. She is also poised to release a book, entitled Divine Blogging, which teaches entrepreneurs how to use content marketing to promote and grow their businesses effectively. “For the creative mind, freedom and diversity in your work are essential,” Hazel finalises. “Success hinges on allowing enough space and time to balance yourself physically and mentally. I’ve found you often get the most – and the best – out of yourself and others when you give them space to work in the way that suits them best.” Contact: Hazel Butler Company: The Write Copy Girl Web Address: Jan23344