MarTech Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Employee Experience Software Developer - Germany Founded in 1997, Cologne-based software developer Fellow Digitals makes online learning and remote working accessible to everyone. With over 500,000 people across nine countries using their intranet and eLearning platforms, Fellow Digitals is proud to make a real difference in the world of employee experience. Fellow Digitals works with corporations, SMEs, and non-profit organisations across a range of sectors including government, tourism, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. We chat with Senior Sales Manager, Manuel Yasli, to find out more. ‘Succeeding together’ is the motto of the software development company Fellow Digitals, which has been helping its clients enhance the employee experience by bringing people closer together for over 25 years. Creating tools that enable employees to share knowledge, combine strengths, and embrace diversity, Fellow Digitals helps its clients to bring out the best in everyone. Manuel explains: “We facilitate the success and development of individuals, both professionally and personally, as well as the community as a whole. We know as well as anyone that digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities. But at the same time, it can make employees feel more distant, insecure, and less engaged. We won’t let that happen. We make sure it’s possible to include everyone, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they work.” Both reliable and proactive, Fellow Digitals partners with clients including Bistum Würzburg, DER, DGUV, Marché International, and the National Geographic Society. As well as being a supportive and innovative partner to its customers, Fellow Digitals designs its products to be clear, simple, and accessible to all. Fellow Digitals Learning Management System (LMS), delivered as a SaaS platform, gives companies access to the flexible infrastructure they need to run their own online training programmes. Empowering employees, the LMS enables teams to create and deliver e-learning courses, workshops, and training paths with ease. It’s simple to integrate the eLearning platform into an existing IT infrastructure using industry-standard APIs. In the fast-moving world of digital transformation and SaaS, staying ahead of the curve is essential to success. As such, Fellow Digitals uses proven strategies to maintain its place in the market. Manuel clarifies: “We have regular touchpoints with our customers via our dedicated helpdesk and exclusive customer events. We listen attentively to customer feedback. This helps us to maintain our high level of market relevance. It’s also important for us to stay up to date with market trends and emerging technologies. For example, we were one of the first companies in our field to achieve ISO certification.” The development of mobile technology has had a significant impact on Fellow Digitals and on e-learning platforms as a whole. Employees are no longer restricted to learning in a classroom, or even an office. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, frontline workers can now access learning materials on-the-go through their mobile devices. This has greatly increased the accessibility of training programs for employees who are constantly on-the-move or work in remote locations. The use of quizzes and questions makes learning a much more interactive experience. Learners receive real-time feedback and can hold each other accountable with chat options. Manuel points out: “We also help companies make data-driven decisions about their training. It’s important to monitor how effective e-learning is by tracking results. Using our e-learning platform, course creators can see where in the training participants might drop out or get stuck. This helps them to further optimise their e-learning courses.” Encouraging innovation from within, Fellow Digitals’ platforms enable each individual to participate and drive their organisation forward with motivation, expertise, and teamwork. And the Fellows Digitals team is no different. Manuel tells us about the company culture: “We’re all about collaboration. We encourage every team member to have a voice and share ideas and opinions. Diverse perspectives lead to better results and our team comes from all backgrounds and walks of life. ‘The Fellows’ all contribute to our success with their expertise in their respective fields and by providing exceptional customer service. As an organisation, we’re committed to helping employees strike a healthy work-life balance and achieve their personal and professional goals. We use our own LMS for training activities that provide employees with opportunities to grow and develop within the company.” To find out more about how Fellow Digitals can help your organisation, please visit the company website. Contact: Manuel Yasli, Senior Sales Manager Company: Fellow Digitals GmbH Web Address: Feb23236