MarTech Awards 2023

May21135 subscribe to its maintenance plans can relax, knowing that the company is on the case when it comes to both proactive and reactive maintenance. Backend updates, security, and monitoring are all taken care of, and clients are kept up-to-date with scheduled monthly reports. Jonathan tells us, “Everyone, especially small business owners, deserves to have peace of mind in their business. Most people are in limbo when it comes to fixing, enhancing, or taking appropriate action on their websites. This costs them precious time and money that they could be spending on what they love.” As well as maintenance, the team at Your WP Guy builds appealing custom websites that help clients launch their brand and grow their audience. And, once a website is ready to go, clients can rest assured that it won’t simply be sitting there waiting for visitors to arrive. Your WP Guy knows exactly how to get your site in front of your ideal customers. Using traffic-generating strategies such as lead magnets and backlink building, the company helps reduce the time and effort that its clients need to put into growing their businesses. So, how does the company keep up in this fast-paced industry? Jonathan explains, “By doing lots and lots of research! Many would say that’s the boring part, but I love discovering new trends and developments in the industry. In-person events such as conferences are the best. I get to interact with others in my same field, ask questions, and spark up new ideas of my own. As well as keeping up with new technology, we’re always listening to what everyone has to say. You can have a million light bulb moments, but they mean nothing if you don’t take people’s problems into account. Knowing what our clients struggle with is how we come up with our best ideas. We want to solve their problems in a unique way and often come up with a new approach no one has taken before.” Often, clients of Your WP Guy come to the company after having a negative experience elsewhere. In this instance, building trust from the beginning is more important than ever. Jonathan says, “We always take time to meet with our clients via zoom so that we can address their concerns and questions. We form a plan together that enables us to implement solutions that work best for them. For us transparency is key. We explain exactly what we are seeing, and explain what the options for solutions look like. We’re also keen to provide our clients with sources to conduct their own research. This enables them to make an informed decision on how they want to move forward.” Looking to the future, Your WP Guy aims to expand its client base by branching out into different sectors. Jonathan says, “We’re especially interested in the adventure travel sector - it’s one of the industries we believe we can help the most.” Contact: Jonathan Wofford Company: Your WP Guy Web Address: Best Website Maintenance Company - Georgia Your WP Guy is a business with a big heart. The Atlanta-based company is working to bring peace of mind to small business owners so that they can be free to live life to the fullest. Your WP Guy offers a full range of WordPress design and maintenance services as well as traffic optimisation. The company is the perfect partner for businesses looking for a professional website, hassle-free maintenance, and a great ROI. We speak with company founder, Jonathan Wofford to find out more. As a small business owner, making an investment in your internet presence can be a daunting prospect, particularly if technology is not your area of expertise. And when you do decide to bite the bullet, who do you choose to help you on your journey? For over 20 years, Your WP Guy has been helping small businesses to do just that. Taking its responsibility seriously, your WP Guy’s core business centres around WordPress website maintenance. Clients that