MarTech Awards 2023

May21135 In the ever-evolving tech landscape, Bletchley Tech puts its clients first, every time. We ask Jorge to explain. “The tech world is one of a few industries that are in a constant, rapid state of change. That’s why the most important thing is trust. If clients don’t trust you to provide them with what they need, they won’t do business with you. The same goes for providers of any kind. That’s why we always strive to be as forthcoming with both our clients and our providers as possible. “Our priority is to provide the best quality products and services to our clients without ambushing their finances. In the same way, we don’t take advantage of our providers’ confidence in us. In this way, people trust us and our processes. They’re willing to do business with us again and again.” The company finds social media an invaluable resource for staying abreast of new developments in the industry. Jorge believes that Twitter, having over 360 million active users worldwide, is still one of the most used social platforms for open-source projects, tech startups, and small businesses. Bletchley Tech also uses Medium too. The open platform, populated by all kinds of writers, is a useful place to find articles written by software experts, industry professionals, and upcoming developers alike. Jorge explains what innovation means to the team at Bletchley Tech: “To us, innovation is pushing the boundaries of any established ideas to allow everyone equal access to technology. It means creating new and improving upon existing technologies and structures to accelerate progress in all areas of society. It’s about building software that works and that provides value to the people who use it. We build software that people want to use, that’s useful, and that they choose to use of their own free will.” Having so far focused on providing its development services to businesses and entrepreneurs, the team is now looking to diversify. Its plan is to create a series of digital products to tackle everyday problems faced by people all over the world. Moving into the world of mobile apps, the company hopes to use its skills to make life easier and better for all. Its mobile app services will also allow Bletchley Tech’s clients to reach greater audiences through technology built specifically for the needs of each company or organisation. Jorge says, “As we move forward, we’ll consistently push ourselves to apply our principles and values not only to ‘traditional’ software development but also to those technologies and ideas that have the power to completely revolutionise the world.” To find out more about how Bletchley Tech can help you achieve your goals, please visit the company website. Software development startup, Bletchley Tech focuses on providing high-quality software solutions at affordable rates. The company works with young small- and medium-sized businesses, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. In the words of Jorge Gallego: “Technology is meant to make human life easier, not more unbearable. Since software is the driving force of all technology, it’s our duty as developers to make sure we meet that goal every day.” It is Bletchley Tech’s plan to bring ‘technological equality’ to places where access to technology is lacking, or not present at all. The company is on a mission to give everyone the chance to learn, grow, and give back to society. Jorge says, “I founded Bletchley Tech to try to equalise access to technology throughout the world. The first step was, and still is, to achieve equality between big corporations and smaller businesses. To level out the playing field so that everyone can compete on the same level. At the moment, we specialise in web development. But in the next few years, we expect to expand our services to include mobile app development and enterprise app development.” As a start-up itself, Bletchley Tech understands the needs of its clients for services that are fast and secure but still affordable. As such, the company hit upon a different approach to pricing. Jorge explain, “We wanted something that could meet our clients’ needs, and provide them with greater peace of mind. To achieve this, we assess each client’s needs with care. Then, we map out in detail what we’ll do, why, and how we’ll do it. This allows us to provide the client with an accurate timeframe for completion and a projection of the costs. “If the project turns out shorter than we projected, the client only pays for the time we’ve worked on it. If it takes us longer, the client pays our original estimate. Despite having huge aspirations for the future, we come from a very humble place.” The company is indeed bringing the digital world closer to those that need it most by providing scalable solutions at affordable prices. Above all, Bletchley Tech values honesty. Jorge says, “Honesty with ourselves, with our peers, and, most of all, with our clients, is of paramount importance. Honesty with ourselves allows us to accept when we need to grow to be better. Honesty with our peers creates an environment where no one feels the need to be better than anyone else. In this way, we all contribute to the best of our ability. And honesty with our clients to create relationships that go beyond just business, those built on mutual trust and understanding.” Also valued is responsibility, both as individuals and as a collective. And finally, pride. Being proud of its accomplishments powers Bletchley Tech to continue to create, grow, and give back to the community. Best Cost-Efficient Software Developer - Colombia Bletchley Technological Solutions (Bletchley Tech) is striving to make the digital world accessible to everyone. The company, based in Bogota, Colombia, is creating a community of innovators and entrepreneurs adept at finding groundbreaking solutions that make life easier. We speak with the founder and CEO of Bletchley Tech, Jorge Gallego, to learn more about this enigmatic technology company.