MarTech Awards 2023

A young entrepreneur who started working at 18 to achieve big dreams, Nisha describes herself as a very creative, business-oriented woman who believes in hard work, value, evolution with constant change. To date, she has helped in excess of 500 customers to make massive incomes from their businesses, and she is passionate about turning small businesses into known brands with her marketing, branding and advertising skills. On another level, Nisha can speak no less than seven different languages, has more than 15 years’ worth of experience in the marketing field. She is an expert in digital branding and the execution of digital marketing strategies to ensure businesses thrive in her surveillance. Since the world of marketing is evolving, so does LPS’s interaction and execution. When the firm says its driving force is technology, it really does make it happen through its efficiency in IT tech support to comprehend the client’s needs and integrate them with the idea, in order to make their customers feel loyal to the brand name. “We keep consistently updating ourselves with the trends and uplifting the startups in local and international markets,” Nisha elaborates, explaining how the team stays ahead of the curve in such a fast-paced and everchanging industry. With a firm belief in offering content which promotes the true face of a brand, LPS differentiates itself from competitors by providing quality and effective content – one of the most crucial facets of successful marketing, which is of the utmost importance when it comes to outlining the business objective, the brand’s focus, and the message. “While there is fierce competition in the market for every brand to find space and mark its presence deep, sustenance needs relevance, and we follow the same path,” she continues. “Our talented marketing specialists and content creators work hard to take our clients’ perspectives and add their piece of mind and Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 handful creativity. Hence, the by-product is something wholesome, consequential, and more organic that seems to become more likable content in the long run.” The core team at LPS is made up of a group of like-minded creatives and thinkers, experienced in their quest for ensuring brands get the recognition they both desire and deserve. They are tight-knit, collaborative in their approach, and the true backbone of the company. Since the company’s swift transformation from a network to a dedicated fully-fledged marketing company, it has reached the incredible milestone of spreading its roots in the United Kingdom with a new LPS branch (based in Oxford Street, London), as well as becoming an award-winning B2B polyglot marketing firm. Regarding the award, Laurea People’s Signature recently gained recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023, for which it was named Best Global IT Development & Technical Support Services Company 2023 – something of which both Nisha and the loyal and hardworking team at LPS are extremely proud of. As the future beckons, the next milestone stands at forming a renowned identity across the border while the firm serves with the best of its abilities and its continued excellent ideas and execution. Leadership is a key aspect of any successful organisation, and the style of a Chief Executive Officer can have a profound impact on the company’s culture and overall performance. There is no doubt that, with Nisha at the helm, LPS will continue to have a bright and lucrative future. “We dare every aspiring entrepreneur to chase their dream, and we shall shape it into a wholesome business.” Contact: Nisha Meng Ming Li Company: Laurea Peoples Signature Sdn Bhd Web Address: