MarTech Awards 2023

May21135 Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 - Maryland Door No. 3 Design, Inc. (DN3) is a graphic design firm offering all services and capabilities of a large agency with the personalised customer service of a boutique studio. We find out more from the coolest cat in town – aka Stephanie Ottavan – as the firm celebrates a humungous win in the MarTech Awards 2023! As an honest, down to earth creative agency that will “dazzle your pants off,” Door No. 3 Design is your home for innovative marketing and graphic design of all kinds…including print. Unique in its particularly straight-talking approach, the Frederick-based company offers all the design capabilities of a large agency, with the individual attention and service of a small studio. Founded in 2005 by Stephanie Ottavan, the firm’s basis lies on the simple premise that “your success is our success.” “We listen – it’s true, we really do – to our clients’ needs and provide creative suggestions and solutions through design,” Stephanie tells us. “For us, it’s personal – we love what we do and take the time to know our clients on a business and personal level. We work with many different industries and have a particular affinity for entrepreneurs. It’s fascinating to learn how they got here, and where they want to take their business in the next year and 10 years into the future. All companies have a story to tell, and that story should be weaved through their DNA, from mission statement to marketing pieces.” Stephanie and her team believe consistency is key and a successful design starts with first understanding the message – only then can you design an effective communication. Door No. 3’s designers are creative, innovative, and detail-oriented, yet happy to adhere to client image and style guidelines. “Whether your needs are in the print, digital, or in the presentation space, we promise brilliant, effective communications that surpass your expectations and dazzle your audience every single time!” she enthuses, emphasising the agency’s unrivalled customer service. “We are humans! And cool humans at that. No robot operator when you give us a ring… We actually pick up the phone when you call, respond to your emails in a timely manner, and frankly are just fun to work with in general.” Effective and creative design is a given, but giving a project life, a voice, and meaning is a whole other beast, and this is where Door No. 3 Design really shines and differentiates Jan23596 from the crowd in such a fiercely competitive marketplace. The firm doesn’t just make things “pretty,” they make things truly work! By asking the key, necessary questions (Who is your audience? How are you reaching them now? Is it working? How will this morph in the coming years?), the agency is committed to getting you the absolute best results, each and every time. “Do you want to work with a team who only wants to make you happy, or a team who is willing to push boundaries to make your project the best it can possibly be? We are not going to blow smoke up your ass. We are your team, and we work collaboratively with you to find the best design solution to reach your intended audience.” Door No. 3 Design understands that each project, and every client is different…meaning you won’t find any cookie-cutter packages. Instead, every scope of work and cost estimate is custom to the client and the client’s particular needs. However, most projects funnel through a similar process to get to the end result. And that process looks a little like this… An initial kick-off meeting to get the ball rolling. This gives both parties the opportunity to ask questions, and for DN3 to learn about the client, the project, and goals of the present and future. “This meeting is all about the customer, so tell us everything and ask us anything,” says Stephanie. “This will ensure we are all on the same page and heading in the right direction before we even start the project.” Based on the initial contact and kick-off meeting, Door No. 3 will provide a line itemised scope of work and cost estimate. Stephanie, being upfront and honest, doesn’t believe in sneaky fees and will only charge what she thinks it will take to get the job done. Then, the work begins, with the team keeping you in the loop with every element of the project and sending each piece as it’s completed for thoughts and edits until it gets that final stamp of approval. “This is a broad-stroke method to our madness,” Stephanie continues. “Understanding the client and their story is just one element. It takes a certain amount of time and effort to immerse yourself into their products, services, methods, demographics, culture, etc. We are invested in every one of our clients, which allows us to share in their success as well as their failures.” Despite the last decade seeing the digital revolution truly taking hold of the world and forcing every business firmly into cyberspace, there is a still a lot of call for the more traditional print-based marketing services. And, despite its forward-thinking outlook, Door No. 3 absolutely excels in this area, too. “Long live print!” Stephanie exclaims. “We create all kinds of cool print stuff. Working with clients to fully craft the right message for their desired audience, and then designing an effective communication around it is an art form when done properly.” Just a handful of the print services offered by the agency include postcards and marketing collateral, advertisements, invitations, event program books, conference collateral, business cards, brochures, packaging, magazine and editorial publications, annual reports, and much, much more. Whatever channel, method, or approach you choose to get your brand out there and seen by customers, Door No. 3 Design will get your message across effectively, uniquely, and professionally – working alongside you every step of the way, from planning to the press. Recently, for its effervescent approach, unique design concepts, and exceptional customer service (that is, quite frankly, second to none!) Door No. 3 Design gained recognition in the MarTech Awards 2023 and has been crowned with the outrageously grand title of Best Print Design Solutions Provider 2023 – Maryland. Understandably delighted, Stephanie is excited about a bright and glistening future. “Come take a look what’s behind Door No. 3. Whatever you need… we’ve got you!” Contact: Stephanie Ottavan Company: Door No. 3 Design Web Address: