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Innovation in Business is excited to announce the launch of the Gaming and Development Awards 2023! This brand-new programme will act as a definitive guide to the Video Game industry, recognising the leading innovators across the game development, design, publishing, and marketing stages, and so much more! The Video Gaming sector is booming, making now the perfect time to take part in the Gaming and Development Awards and secure beneficial promotion for your company’s products and services. Over the next couple of years analysts predict that the Gaming industry will pass $260 billion in revenue, which will make it worth more than both the film and music markets combined. The current growth rate is also much higher than industry experts anticipated, and by 2022 the sector was valued at almost twice the amount of the initial forecast for the same period. Innovation has always been at the centre of the Video Game industry. Today’s consumers benefit from the immersive gameplay, seamless connectivity, photorealistic graphics, and sleek controls made possible by the continued dedication and investment of game developers and related support industries. Even some of the world’s most influential tech companies – Google, Meta, and Apple to name a few – have made plans to expand their operations into the lucrative Video Game market. In recent years Mobile Gaming has become the most popular gaming platform globally, overtaking both the P.C. and Console categories. This surge in demand can be attributed to various technical advancements including 5G connectivity, AR/VR technology, and the emergence of cloud gaming. Another major development across the Gaming market is the increasing dominance of subscription streaming services. These companies make the latest games instantly available to consumers and allow for a significant reduction in production and distribution costs. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Welcome to the Gaming and Development Awards 2023 Editorial Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Izzy Misfud, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Emily Godbold, Writer Designers Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. G2 Adventure: Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator 2023 - Latin America 6. Arctic Game: Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe 8. The Brightskull Entertainment Group: Best Video Game Voiceover Studio 2023 10. ABP Technology (Stealth Gaming): Best Gaming Accessories & Peripherals Brand 2023 - UK 11. Gamersheek Limited: Best Video Game & Collectables eTailer 2023 - UK 12. The Iterative Collective: Best Independent Games Publisher 2023 - South East Asia Contents

May21135 as an effective marketing tool. With it, the company organises sports and cultural events for corporate clients, through which they can engage with their customers. Each project is developed according to the needs of the client and always with a strong commitment to quality and the enjoyment and safety of its audiences. “We firmly believe in the creation of meaning by the player. This, as we think, is the essential feature of play,” Fernando comments. “We try to offer a platform, a frame, where companies can associate their own visions, values, and goals to this process of meaning creation taken to effect by the player.” Strategy Rally’s focus on the production of meaning for the end customer goes beyond the in-game product illustrations and demonstrations that other gamified marketing strategies involve, making it a truly cutting-edge platform. Working with clients like Mitsubishi, BMW, TetraPak, Hydro, and Reebok, G2 Adventure’s Strategy Rally has been well-received as an inversion of traditional marketing and advertising vectors. The company believes that this ever-growing evolution of meaning production (from an outdated, imposed vision from company to customer to a shared and attentive stance between company and customer) is what modern and up to date businesses are looking for. Within the platform, G2 Adventure has created more than 1,100 mini games that players can engage with at checkpoints, always involving cultural and adventure sports activities. These can be utilised to convey meaning and highlight issues by presenting them as a game challenge. For example, to demonstrate the problem of authorship ascertainment raised by AI texting, Strategy Rally can include a mini game that challenges players to identify whether or not some text at a particular historical site was edited by AI. This can be applied to anything, from GPS precision to functionalities of smartphones. Fernando explains, “The game never gets old once it deals precisely with the end customer confronted challenges, especially on technology.” Operating in the continuously changing industry of gaming and development, G2 Adventure is committed to innovation. “Innovation means not to accept immobility. Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator 2023 - Latin America Founded in 2003, G2 Adventure is a Brazilian company that specialises in the development of hybrid games that merge the physical and digital spaces. Here, we speak to Fernando Gualberto, Co-Founder alongside his brother Eduardo Gualberto and CEO at G2 Adventure, about the company and the uses of its flagship product Strategy Rally. Humans have always been drawn to the concept of exploring new spaces and expanding territorial limits, which is why many of us choose to embark on trips or expeditions, both nationally and internationally, for tourism or sport. G2 Adventure creates topographical maps and rules in order to establish a game environment in which players can explore and experiment. Over the years, it has developed games that allow participants to engage in activities like motor sports, trekking, cycling, photography, cartography, water activities, expeditions, activities at height, and more. Through the intensive use of digital technology and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), G2 Adventure provides users with a deep immersion in the natural environment, adventure sports, and culture to create unique, thrilling experiences. G2 Adventure’s innovative games serve as a tool through which players are extracted from their daily reality and inserted into a fictional environment (suppressed). Within its games, they can therefore experiment with actions that they would never practice in their daily lives. The provision of these immersive yet unbelievable experiences enable the safe construction of a bridge between the real and the fictional. G2 Adventure’s main platform is Strategy Rally, a hybrid game involving digital mobile gaming and physical land navigation using cars, mountain bikes, and other means of transportation. Teams of between two and ten people either compete or collaborate to earn as many points as possible by achieving the defined objectives. Teams aim to reach checkpoints, each one tracing their own strategy, using vehicles, maps, lists, radio communicators, and smartphones with specific applications for GPS navigation and monitoring. Navigation is the game’s key activity, so bad navigation implies bad results. G2 Adventure’s Strategy Rally has numerous corporate applications. For organisations, it can serve as an instrument for effective learning by acting as a team-building activity, enabling team members to develop the key skills that drive long-term business success. This includes communication, leadership, decision-making, ethics, team building, corporate culture, and other social skills. Primarily, G2 Adventure uses Strategy Rally

In G2 Adventure, we believe in process,” Fernando shares. “Our products invariably present themselves as a platform where play is paramount. And by play, we understand the process of construction of meaning by the player. Never fixed, never given, never imposed. Always evolving and in-production. Always innovating. That’s what real play - and gaming - is all about.” G2 Adventure owes everything it has achieved and created to its dedicated and hardworking team of staff. Each employee embodies the company’s three core values, which are passion, knowledge, and adventure. “We don’t ask for it. It comes naturally,” adds Fernando. G2 Adventure’s internal culture is based on play, which is embedded in every aspect of the work it does. All staff members are encouraged to share their opinions, which drives innovation, process, and play into the company culture itself. Its rigid security and logistic regulations are intertwined with its declared play framework, which enables staff to share thoughts and ideas that they would not be able to in a strict work structure. This has resulted in the collective creation of a multitude of new visions and proposals, benefiting the company overall. As a result of its continued innovation, G2 Adventure has been awarded Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator, Latin America, in the Gaming and Development Awards 2023. For this outstanding achievement, we offer our sincere congratulations to the company! On G2 Adventure’s upcoming ventures, Fernando comments, “We are already expanding our long time tested and approved platform to other fields. Educational and corporate culture production are two of them. Otherwise, in 2023, we shall bring it worldwide, as it is in Brazil.” [email protected] Rua Irauna 876, Sao Paulo-SP 04518-061 Brazil +55 11.5044.9233 Contact: Fernando Gualberto Company: G2 Adventure Web Address: Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator 2023 - Latin America

Apr21077 Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe Since 2016, regional investment in the games industry has been underway in the north of Sweden. Four municipalities, Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå and Boden, have joined forces to build one strong and flourishing games region under the name Arctic Game, which quickly became one of the driving clusters for game industry development in Sweden and northern Europe. Arctic Game wants to create an opportunity for their studios to grow, thus providing individuals with the chance to enter into the industry. Its primary objective is to foster a thriving gaming industry in the region through facilitating useful connections for students, studios, and possible partners. Arctic Game has been active in creating a burgeoning gaming community by introducing activities such as meet-ups, games nights, networking events, game jams, education, and guest lectures. These are all aimed at strengthening the relationships between its varied stakeholders. Arctic Game was established in 2015, and has always prioritized the creation of a robust, diverse, and sustainable gaming community. It does this by organizing events such as the Arctic Game Female Meetup. It also appreciates that particularly during times of uncertainty, like the presentday difficulties regarding games industry layoffs, it is even more important to help connect communities. It knows this is an integral component when it comes to assisting teams and companies to locate the right partners and opportunities around the world. The way Arctic Game maintains its cutting-edge position at the forefront of new developments is affected by multiple strategic decisions. Firstly, as a cluster environment it is careful to emphasize the importance of working closely with its communities as a whole. It actively listens to the needs of its Arctic Game is a rapidly growing games industry cluster in northern Sweden, working to create a strategic platform to help the industry thrive. It comprises approximately 70 games companies and studios, who employ around 500 industry professionals. It also has more than 15 game-oriented education programmes available, aimed at both university and vocational levels, and used to facilitate connections between students, studios, and potential global partners. clients, and fully takes on board feedback. It is by understanding the needs of its customer base that it can identify opportunities for innovation, and leverage the convergence of gaming, virtual reality, and AI successfully. Arctic Game is a major investor in technology and stays ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge to make sure both its talent and its companies always stay relevant. For example, it enables students and companies to make use of, and experiment with, state-of-the-art motion capture equipment in its á la mode visualisation studio. Secondly, it engages in collaborative projects with multiple gaming clusters all across Europe, knowing that it is by joining forces it can drive research and prototyping efforts, fully anticipating future requirements. It is this forward-looking approach that ensures the establishment of resilient and innovative gaming communities who can adapt to changing industry landscapes. “We are building a sustainable game industry region in the north of Sweden that enables individuals and companies to thrive and grow with a best-in-class work-life balance” - Daniel Wilén, Managing Director at Arctic Game Jun23491

Arctic Game strongly believes that innovation is a fundamental aspect of its approach to building a diverse and sustainable gaming community. It recognizes that it is by fostering creativity, diversity, and collaborating with other industries that it is able to create the resilient and resourceful gaming industry the north of Sweden truly deserves. Embracing new opportunities is another elementary aspect of ensuring the specific business requirements of the companies are being met. Its staff are an inherent part of the Arctic Game strategy and play a crucial role in the cluster’s success. It seeks out personnel who possess what it describes as T-shaped personalities, with a diverse range of skills on offer. It encourages innovative and collaborative thinking and fosters open communication and creativity amongst staff. Its internal culture is centred around all of its people feeling a sense of ownership and being able to contribute towards the cluster’s intention to build a thriving gaming community. Whereas some of Arctic Game’s educations have already established themselves really well within the industry, some are taking their first tentative steps. In the current climate, many companies are facing challenges based on market difficulties exacerbated by rising living costs and a volatile financial situation. The games industry is not immune to such challenges, and it has consequently suffered from a wave of job losses that has created market uncertainty. In the face of such challenges, Arctic Game feels it is essential to continue providing support to individuals affected by its region’s layoffs. It is determined to try and foster a more stable and sustainable gaming ecosystem any way it can. One thing it’s currently doing is prototyping a new form of ideas incubation. To do this it is creating investment-ready teams and Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe projects that include junior and medium level talent all working with best-in-class methods, and supported by senior level executives. Arctic Game’s staunchly held view is that talent is the pure gold of its industry. It is currently investing a major amount of time and resources into becoming a region ripe with the talent of the future for Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. It’s doing this by supporting the start-up and development of leading game education covering all levels and functions. It is also creating a state-of-the-art infrastructure to enable game studios to properly thrive. This is taking place outside of the major cities, and away from huge companies, but with the cluster of gaming companies that are supported in the region operating close by each other. The reason is to create a focus concentrated on a more sustainable work-life balance. This is obviously a challenge of considerable proportions, and is as yet far from done. Whereas some of Arctic Game’s educations have already established themselves really well within the industry, some are taking their first tentative steps. The cluster is currently intently looking into how best it can help to share the knowledge capable of helping all educations improve and secure exciting careers for their students. Arctic Game is very enthusiastic about its plans for the remainder of 2023, and beyond. For instance, one notable event it is involved in organizing is the Arctic Game Female Meetup, which is scheduled to take place during Gamescom in Köln, Germany. As a well-known and prominent gaming event, Gamescom 2023 presents an excellent opportunity to connect women (both cis & trans), non-binary, and queer individuals who are either already working in the games industry, or aspiring to be a part of it. Arctic Game has recently been honoured with the title Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe, by the Gaming and Development Awards. The cluster’s desire to build a thriving ecosystem, fueled by new talent and a collaborative mindset, is helping Arctic Game to be recognized as a truly outstanding project organizer. Organization: Arctic Game Web Address: Contact Name: Daniel Wilén

May21135 Best Video Game Voiceover Studio 2023 Video game characters are a fascinating conduit through which developers deliver the stories they wish to tell. As such, it’s imperative that they build a character that audiences can truly connect with on an intrinsic level, and how better to do so than through stellar voice acting? Immersion is critical when delivering an otherworldly narrative through the medium of video games, and keeping players engaged can sometimes wholly rely on the voices that surround them. Whether it’s the tone, the inflections, or casting the perfect voice to match the character’s design, players are bound to take notice of the choices that have been made. Brightskull Entertainment (Brightskull) works with game developers to expand the horizons of both their characters and stories in engaging and exciting ways. From voiceover work to facial capture, Brightskull has mastered what it means to embody the spirit of the character through standout performances. Not only do they assess a character and guide developers towards selecting the right voices and faces for the role, but they then go a step further by leveraging deep industry expertise in the process. The team over at Brightskull have a unique understanding of the impact performances can have on an audience, and are committed to enhancing their clients’ stories to a world-class level. This is made possible in large part through Brightskull’s commitment to specialization. As a result of the studio partnering exclusively with video game developers, they’ve garnered a mastery unlike anything else within the industry. Whether it’s working on AAA games, or collaborating alongside indie developers with a smaller budget, Brightskull has equipped itself with the means to offer only the best of the best to suit each individual role. They have an undeniable aptitude for recognising how to achieve a developer’s desired vision, and are always on top of finding, directing, and promoting the best voice actors for the job. Their focus on games have opened far more avenues for this ambitious voiceover and facial capture studio. While nearly all other production companies operate with a jack-of-all-mediums approach, they tend to focus primarily on animation, ADR, audiobooks, or other mediums tangentially, or not at all, connected to video games. Brightskull keeps its lens squarely focused on its true passion, allowing it to offer its clients systems, processes, methodologies, and tools have been forged with game development solely in mind. Paired together with their agile approach to development, makes partnerships with Brightskull a no-brainer for developers who are looking to pursue a collaborative effort built on the foundations of a mutual love for video games as a storytelling medium. When working alongside Brightskull, developers of all sizes can expect a commitment to, “outsourcing that feels like insourcing”, a core pillar of their mission statement. The effect is noticeable from day one, bringing a multitude of values to the table, be it an avid dedication to communication and personal relationships, or the investment that its team will have in your game, that truly set it apart from other studios. Brightskull seeks to wholly immerse itself in a game’s story, but even more critical in their eyes, is their desire to wholly embed themselves into their client’s team dynamic. They treat your game like its game, and your team like their team – a qualities that allow brilliance to flourish in every respect. The key to ensuring the impact of a video game character comes down to one crucial factor – believability. How can you get an audience to care about your character, if not through stellar voice acting and facial capture? Thankfully, Brightskull Entertainment is at the forefront of setting the standard within the gaming industry, and applies its exceptional grasp on voiceover techniques to forge characters that are bound to stick with gamers for years to come. Contact: Rachel Strum Company: The Brightskull Entertainment Group Web Address: Jun23484 Over the years, Brightskull has contributed to many incredible games. Whether the game is part of a mega-IP like Marvel or Harry Potter, a giant open world like Just Cause 4 or Elex 2, or a narrative driven indie darling like Bugsnax or Tacoma, the team at Brightskull pride themselves on bringing equal parts passion and dedication to every project. Each fresh game is an exciting new story to tell for the enthusiastic team behind the magic, and this clearly translates through their astounding portfolio. Every project that they’ve been a part of has captured the passion that Brightskull has for its craft, all while delivering on the intentions of its clients. There’s a certain sense of friendly professionalism that’s simply impossible to ignore when it comes to Brightskull. No limitations can hinder them in their pursuit of exploring exactly what game developers want, resulting in projects that hit the mark again and again. However, as games development itself is a continually iterative process, Brightskull too continuously evolves to adapt to new technologies, all so it can keep its focus strictly on offering the best possible services to its clients. Keeping itself prepared for any project is what allows Brightskull to constantly maintain its impressive forward momentum. With games consistently breaking new ground in storytelling, the team at Brightskull often finds themselves tasked with leveraging their expertise for innovative and exciting new projects. One such game that they have been enthusiastically providing the voiceover and facial capture work for is the upcoming Alone in the Dark. Starring David Harbour and Jodie Comer, Alone in the Dark is the much-anticipated remake of the 1992 survival horror classic, and it presents a fantastic opportunity for audiences to witness Brightskull’s expertise in action. Its dedication to the project is exceptionally evident, and we’re incredibly excited to see how they’ve applied their mastery of the craft in bringing this exceptional story to life. We’re very proud to present Brightskull Entertainment with the title of Best Video Game Voiceover Studio 2023. Its inclusion in this award stands as a testament to its excellence, but no honorific can stand in place of their outstanding work more than the incredible collection of previous projects that they’ve helped breathed life into. If you’re interested in exploring Brightskull’s brilliant voiceover work in action, their website holds an impressive portfolio that’s bound to blow you away. Thanks to Brightskull, game developers everywhere have the chance to capture their beloved characters in never-before-seen ways.

Apr21843 Jun23484

May21135 to reduce its carbon emission footprint by discontinuing its use of air freight to transport goods and improving its container use. Over the years, the team at STEALTH have played a crucial role in supporting the brand’s outstanding success. They have worked tirelessly to innovate, ensure product quality, and deliver an exceptional standard of service to customers. The company values their expertise, dedication, and passion, which have been integral to its growth. To ensure the continued excellence of its team, STEALTH aims to hire highly skilled individuals whose qualities align with its values and goals. They must have a client-centric mindset and demonstrate the ability to effectively collaborate with others. As a result of the excellent products and services it offers, STEALTH has received several positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. For example, one customer shares, “Received my order in a matter of days, super-fast and in time for my son’s birthday. He absolutely loved his present and advised that STEALTH products are better than others. Customer service was excellent, I had a few questions and they responded straight away.” In light of this, it is no surprise that STEALTH Gaming has been awarded Best Gaming Accessories & Peripherals Brand, UK, in the Gaming and Development Awards 2023. In the coming year, the brand plans to launch some exciting new products, including premium headsets. It also plans to move into a new category of business: VR. Best Gaming Accessories & Peripherals Brand 2023 - UK Based in Bolton, ABP Technology Ltd. is a leading gaming accessories and peripherals manufacturer that creates innovative, high-quality products. Its UK and EU brand, STEALTH Gaming, is the onestop solution for all your gaming needs, offering excellent accessories at affordable prices. Available to purchase on STEALTH’s website is a wide range of products, including headsets, charging and cable solutions, display stands, protective cases, and starter packs. Perfect for special occasions, the company also offers gifting bundles for PC, mobile, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, including next-gen consoles. STEALTH’s client base consists of gamers of all ages who come from a variety of backgrounds. The brand presents its products to them through various channels, including online platforms, gaming communities, social media, and influencer partnerships. It participates actively in these spaces in order to reach its target audience, drive brand awareness, and create meaningful relationships with its customers. STEALTH is proud to work with a number of large UK retailers such as Argos, Smyths Toys, Very, Asda, Game, and more. It is always grateful for any feedback and comments they provide in relation to what works best for their customers and what they are looking for. As a small business that develops affordable gaming accessories, STEALTH understands the importance of innovation. It strives to push the boundaries of design and technology in order to offer an enhanced experience to all gamers, including those who don’t want to or can’t afford to purchase premium products from more expensive brands. STEALTH innovates by identifying the needs and preferences of its target audience and creating products that cater to their demands. The brand works to introduce cutting edge features, ergonomic designs, and advanced functionalities, all whilst maintaining the utmost affordability. By embracing innovation, STEALTH has built a loyal customer base, attracted new audiences, and contributed towards the evolution of the gaming industry. “We are always monitoring trends in technology, particularly within gaming,” comments Daniel Kelly, Brand Manager at ABP Technology. “Our product team spend a lot of time working on new, innovative products and work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we can continue to develop affordable, quality gaming products that gamers of all ages will love.” Today, there is an increasing number of young gamers whose parents may be looking to purchase gaming equipment from brands like STEALTH. For this reason, it aims to be a gaming brand that parents can trust, offering them helpful advice and tech support. Its website features a parent hub, which serves as a source of information about topics like gaming safely, screen time limits, and online games aimed at children. The brand believes in the importance of championing responsible gaming with the goal of promoting better mental health, combatting gaming addiction, and increasing online safety. Moreover, STEALTH is proud to be the first brand to have introduced 100% plastic-free packaging. Since 2018, it has saved over 200 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. It has also worked Contact: Daniel Kelly Company: ABP Technology (Stealth Gaming) Web Address:

Apr21843 Best Video Game & Collectibles eTailer 2023 - UK Already heralded as an incredibly popular, go-to platform for both casual and avid collectors alike, Gamersheek has set the standard when it comes to collectible catalogues. From brands such as Good Smile Company, First 4 Figures and Bandai, Gamersheek supplies authentic, genuine collectibles at their most affordable prices. So, whether you’re looking for the latest nendoroid release, or are seeking out a scale figure of your favourite fictional character, Gamersheek is ready to provide, with services that showcase the kind-hearted nature of the man behind the plan. As the founder and director of Gamersheek, Sean Lincoln is an individual who truly has the heart of a collector. He recognises what it means to collectors to be able to gain access to the items that they’re so desperately looking to add to their collection and goes out of his way to obtain all of the most recent releases. No matter if you’re an anime fan or lean more towards gaming merchandise - Sean is devoted to keeping Gamersheek’s online catalogue up to date with an array of items. Combine this with his fantastic customer service and immaculate response time, and you’ve got a reliable platform that treats each customer as a person as opposed to just a source of income. When discussing Gamersheek with one of our award supplement writers, she had a personal account that she wished to share: “I’ve shopped with Gamersheek ever since I started collecting. Its options to pay upon dispatch were a lifesaver when I was struggling financially, Any collector will tell you that having access to a reliable ecommerce platform to purchase all the latest releases from is unquestionably paramount. However, finding a trustworthy eTailer who prioritises both customer service and convenience is near impossible. Enter Gamersheek, the UK’s best online retail platform for fans of gaming, anime, and cartoon collectibles, whose sole mission is to help collectors acquire their most coveted items. and if I ever had to cancel pre-orders due to monetary issues, Sean was beyond understanding. He was clearly more concerned about my wellbeing than he was about making sales, and it’s this human approach towards customer service that keeps me coming back. I want to thank Gamersheek for being so considerate and making my collectible shopping experience so enjoyable each and every time.”. Gamersheek’s brilliance is impossible to ignore. It’s dedicated to its customers above all else and cherishes the long-term relationships that it’s able to forge with the collectors that keep coming back for more. There’s an ease of purchase that really sets Gamersheek apart from other platforms of a similar nature, whether this originates from its pay on dispatch service, or its variety of alternative payment options. Gamersheek represents the notion of ‘minimum fuss, maximum gain’, and is constantly breaking the mould when it comes to collectible eTailers. At Gamersheek, customers are the driving force for everything that it does. They’re the ones who keep it going and inspire it to continue to deliver excellence again and again. It’s thanks to both casual and loyal patrons that it’s been able to accomplish the feats that it has, be it the development of its sister website, Urutora Collectibles, or its concept store in Glasgow. People are what makes Gamersheek so special - a refreshing notion that shines through its services. We would like to share one final statement from Sean of Gamersheek Limited, who we are delighted to include in this award supplement: “… Our customers really are the backbone of Gamersheek. Helping them get what they’re looking for is the reason we are here, both online and in Glasgow. We are truly grateful for every order placed, for every person who steps into the store. Thank you.”. Contact: Sean Lincoln Company: Gamersheek Limited Web Address: Jun23561

May21135 Best Independent Games Publisher 2023 - South East Asia Founded in 2019, The Iterative Collective is an indie games incubator and publisher. It is also a provider of excellent developer support through every step of the game creation process. It takes a holistic view and implements a structured approach to the fostering and production of amazing independent games. Singapore based The Iterative Collective (TIC) was created by knowledgeable developers, supported by an experienced team of industry veterans and mentors. Its cooperatively developed incubation framework ensures the studios it supports are capable of delivering games that meet world-class standards. The team at TIC is a small but cohesive group, capable of open collaboration across disciplines to offer meaningful and measurable contributions to each game it supports. The company recognises the importance of being at the cutting edge when it comes to discovering new developments in the gaming industry. In order to make sure it stays at the forefront it uses several notable strategies. It champions continuous learning and research, undertaken by actively engaging in ongoing education and industry study to keep up to date with all the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. It does this in multiple ways, including attending conferences, participating in workshops, and keeping a close eye on emerging technologies and market trends. TIC supports industry collaborations, the exchange of knowledge, and shared insights into new developments. This allows it to incorporate the very latest innovations into its business. It also embraces an agile and adaptive approach to its operations, allowing it to act quickly and decisively to any changes in the industry, and evolve to meet the needs of clients. It feels that regular communication with clients is essential to properly understand their needs and expectations. Garnering regular feedback, suggestions, and insights from clients also helps TIC to expertly tailor its services appropriately. The clients served by TIC primarily consist of independent game developers and studios. Its approach is to actively seek out promising game developers through various channels, for example industry events, game showcases, online platforms, and referrals. Once a potential client has been identified, it will establish initial contact to learn more about their projects, goals, and needs. Next up comes detailed discussions to ensure an understanding of how TIC can best support the client’s development journey, whether through incubation, publishing, or another tailored service. The goal is to always to provide comprehensive support and resources, guiding each client to succeed in the highly competitive gaming market. Innovation is very important to TIC, encompassing areas such as creative and unique game concepts, iterative development, industry disruption and evolution, and userfocused design concepts. Overall, the company sees innovation as an important step in the culture of creativity. One which embraces technological advancements, encourages iteration, challenges the status quo, and delivers exceptional gaming experiences. By staying innovative, the company strives to set new standards in the industry, and contributes towards continuous growth and evolution capabilities. The gaming industry comes with its own individual challenges, such as market saturation in a highly competitive industry. Standing out and gaining traction can be problematic, but TIC works hard to ensure its clients’ games receive the attention they deserve as much as possible. Other challenges include staying up to date with increasingly advanced technology. Whilst emerging platforms and tools can present exciting opportunities, this is always tinged with the demands to constantly adapt and learn. Monetization strategies also require a finely negotiated balance, with sustainable revenue generation an ongoing challenge. Finally, marketing strategies are crucial when it comes to getting independent developers with limited resources noticed and discoverable. Homeseek, the much-anticipated postapocalypse survival game from TIC, has finally been released. Set in a future dystopian Earth where water has become as precious as gold, the game thrusts players into a world where every decision carries life-and-death consequences. Combining strategic thinking, resource management, and exploration, Homeseek offers an immersive gaming experience that tests players’ abilities to adapt and survive. Further incredible new games are planned for 2024 and 2025, which can’t be disclosed yet, but TIC promises they will deliver unique and immersive experiences across genres. It’s no wonder The Iterative Collective has been selected as the winner of Best Independent Games Publisher 2023 - South East Asia in the Gaming and Development Awards. We absolutely can’t wait to see what’s coming next for this thrilling young company. Jun23268 Company: The Iterative Collective Web Address: Contact Name: Haskel Chua