Gaming and Development Awards 2023

In G2 Adventure, we believe in process,” Fernando shares. “Our products invariably present themselves as a platform where play is paramount. And by play, we understand the process of construction of meaning by the player. Never fixed, never given, never imposed. Always evolving and in-production. Always innovating. That’s what real play - and gaming - is all about.” G2 Adventure owes everything it has achieved and created to its dedicated and hardworking team of staff. Each employee embodies the company’s three core values, which are passion, knowledge, and adventure. “We don’t ask for it. It comes naturally,” adds Fernando. G2 Adventure’s internal culture is based on play, which is embedded in every aspect of the work it does. All staff members are encouraged to share their opinions, which drives innovation, process, and play into the company culture itself. Its rigid security and logistic regulations are intertwined with its declared play framework, which enables staff to share thoughts and ideas that they would not be able to in a strict work structure. This has resulted in the collective creation of a multitude of new visions and proposals, benefiting the company overall. As a result of its continued innovation, G2 Adventure has been awarded Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator, Latin America, in the Gaming and Development Awards 2023. For this outstanding achievement, we offer our sincere congratulations to the company! On G2 Adventure’s upcoming ventures, Fernando comments, “We are already expanding our long time tested and approved platform to other fields. Educational and corporate culture production are two of them. Otherwise, in 2023, we shall bring it worldwide, as it is in Brazil.” [email protected] Rua Irauna 876, Sao Paulo-SP 04518-061 Brazil +55 11.5044.9233 Contact: Fernando Gualberto Company: G2 Adventure Web Address: Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator 2023 - Latin America