Gaming and Development Awards 2023

Apr21077 Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe Since 2016, regional investment in the games industry has been underway in the north of Sweden. Four municipalities, Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå and Boden, have joined forces to build one strong and flourishing games region under the name Arctic Game, which quickly became one of the driving clusters for game industry development in Sweden and northern Europe. Arctic Game wants to create an opportunity for their studios to grow, thus providing individuals with the chance to enter into the industry. Its primary objective is to foster a thriving gaming industry in the region through facilitating useful connections for students, studios, and possible partners. Arctic Game has been active in creating a burgeoning gaming community by introducing activities such as meet-ups, games nights, networking events, game jams, education, and guest lectures. These are all aimed at strengthening the relationships between its varied stakeholders. Arctic Game was established in 2015, and has always prioritized the creation of a robust, diverse, and sustainable gaming community. It does this by organizing events such as the Arctic Game Female Meetup. It also appreciates that particularly during times of uncertainty, like the presentday difficulties regarding games industry layoffs, it is even more important to help connect communities. It knows this is an integral component when it comes to assisting teams and companies to locate the right partners and opportunities around the world. The way Arctic Game maintains its cutting-edge position at the forefront of new developments is affected by multiple strategic decisions. Firstly, as a cluster environment it is careful to emphasize the importance of working closely with its communities as a whole. It actively listens to the needs of its Arctic Game is a rapidly growing games industry cluster in northern Sweden, working to create a strategic platform to help the industry thrive. It comprises approximately 70 games companies and studios, who employ around 500 industry professionals. It also has more than 15 game-oriented education programmes available, aimed at both university and vocational levels, and used to facilitate connections between students, studios, and potential global partners. clients, and fully takes on board feedback. It is by understanding the needs of its customer base that it can identify opportunities for innovation, and leverage the convergence of gaming, virtual reality, and AI successfully. Arctic Game is a major investor in technology and stays ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge to make sure both its talent and its companies always stay relevant. For example, it enables students and companies to make use of, and experiment with, state-of-the-art motion capture equipment in its á la mode visualisation studio. Secondly, it engages in collaborative projects with multiple gaming clusters all across Europe, knowing that it is by joining forces it can drive research and prototyping efforts, fully anticipating future requirements. It is this forward-looking approach that ensures the establishment of resilient and innovative gaming communities who can adapt to changing industry landscapes. “We are building a sustainable game industry region in the north of Sweden that enables individuals and companies to thrive and grow with a best-in-class work-life balance” - Daniel Wilén, Managing Director at Arctic Game Jun23491