Gaming and Development Awards 2023

Arctic Game strongly believes that innovation is a fundamental aspect of its approach to building a diverse and sustainable gaming community. It recognizes that it is by fostering creativity, diversity, and collaborating with other industries that it is able to create the resilient and resourceful gaming industry the north of Sweden truly deserves. Embracing new opportunities is another elementary aspect of ensuring the specific business requirements of the companies are being met. Its staff are an inherent part of the Arctic Game strategy and play a crucial role in the cluster’s success. It seeks out personnel who possess what it describes as T-shaped personalities, with a diverse range of skills on offer. It encourages innovative and collaborative thinking and fosters open communication and creativity amongst staff. Its internal culture is centred around all of its people feeling a sense of ownership and being able to contribute towards the cluster’s intention to build a thriving gaming community. Whereas some of Arctic Game’s educations have already established themselves really well within the industry, some are taking their first tentative steps. In the current climate, many companies are facing challenges based on market difficulties exacerbated by rising living costs and a volatile financial situation. The games industry is not immune to such challenges, and it has consequently suffered from a wave of job losses that has created market uncertainty. In the face of such challenges, Arctic Game feels it is essential to continue providing support to individuals affected by its region’s layoffs. It is determined to try and foster a more stable and sustainable gaming ecosystem any way it can. One thing it’s currently doing is prototyping a new form of ideas incubation. To do this it is creating investment-ready teams and Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe projects that include junior and medium level talent all working with best-in-class methods, and supported by senior level executives. Arctic Game’s staunchly held view is that talent is the pure gold of its industry. It is currently investing a major amount of time and resources into becoming a region ripe with the talent of the future for Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. It’s doing this by supporting the start-up and development of leading game education covering all levels and functions. It is also creating a state-of-the-art infrastructure to enable game studios to properly thrive. This is taking place outside of the major cities, and away from huge companies, but with the cluster of gaming companies that are supported in the region operating close by each other. The reason is to create a focus concentrated on a more sustainable work-life balance. This is obviously a challenge of considerable proportions, and is as yet far from done. Whereas some of Arctic Game’s educations have already established themselves really well within the industry, some are taking their first tentative steps. The cluster is currently intently looking into how best it can help to share the knowledge capable of helping all educations improve and secure exciting careers for their students. Arctic Game is very enthusiastic about its plans for the remainder of 2023, and beyond. For instance, one notable event it is involved in organizing is the Arctic Game Female Meetup, which is scheduled to take place during Gamescom in Köln, Germany. As a well-known and prominent gaming event, Gamescom 2023 presents an excellent opportunity to connect women (both cis & trans), non-binary, and queer individuals who are either already working in the games industry, or aspiring to be a part of it. Arctic Game has recently been honoured with the title Best Gaming Cluster 2023 - Northern Europe, by the Gaming and Development Awards. The cluster’s desire to build a thriving ecosystem, fueled by new talent and a collaborative mindset, is helping Arctic Game to be recognized as a truly outstanding project organizer. Organization: Arctic Game Web Address: Contact Name: Daniel Wilén