Gaming and Development Awards 2023

May21135 Best Video Game Voiceover Studio 2023 Video game characters are a fascinating conduit through which developers deliver the stories they wish to tell. As such, it’s imperative that they build a character that audiences can truly connect with on an intrinsic level, and how better to do so than through stellar voice acting? Immersion is critical when delivering an otherworldly narrative through the medium of video games, and keeping players engaged can sometimes wholly rely on the voices that surround them. Whether it’s the tone, the inflections, or casting the perfect voice to match the character’s design, players are bound to take notice of the choices that have been made. Brightskull Entertainment (Brightskull) works with game developers to expand the horizons of both their characters and stories in engaging and exciting ways. From voiceover work to facial capture, Brightskull has mastered what it means to embody the spirit of the character through standout performances. Not only do they assess a character and guide developers towards selecting the right voices and faces for the role, but they then go a step further by leveraging deep industry expertise in the process. The team over at Brightskull have a unique understanding of the impact performances can have on an audience, and are committed to enhancing their clients’ stories to a world-class level. This is made possible in large part through Brightskull’s commitment to specialization. As a result of the studio partnering exclusively with video game developers, they’ve garnered a mastery unlike anything else within the industry. Whether it’s working on AAA games, or collaborating alongside indie developers with a smaller budget, Brightskull has equipped itself with the means to offer only the best of the best to suit each individual role. They have an undeniable aptitude for recognising how to achieve a developer’s desired vision, and are always on top of finding, directing, and promoting the best voice actors for the job. Their focus on games have opened far more avenues for this ambitious voiceover and facial capture studio. While nearly all other production companies operate with a jack-of-all-mediums approach, they tend to focus primarily on animation, ADR, audiobooks, or other mediums tangentially, or not at all, connected to video games. Brightskull keeps its lens squarely focused on its true passion, allowing it to offer its clients systems, processes, methodologies, and tools have been forged with game development solely in mind. Paired together with their agile approach to development, makes partnerships with Brightskull a no-brainer for developers who are looking to pursue a collaborative effort built on the foundations of a mutual love for video games as a storytelling medium. When working alongside Brightskull, developers of all sizes can expect a commitment to, “outsourcing that feels like insourcing”, a core pillar of their mission statement. The effect is noticeable from day one, bringing a multitude of values to the table, be it an avid dedication to communication and personal relationships, or the investment that its team will have in your game, that truly set it apart from other studios. Brightskull seeks to wholly immerse itself in a game’s story, but even more critical in their eyes, is their desire to wholly embed themselves into their client’s team dynamic. They treat your game like its game, and your team like their team – a qualities that allow brilliance to flourish in every respect. The key to ensuring the impact of a video game character comes down to one crucial factor – believability. How can you get an audience to care about your character, if not through stellar voice acting and facial capture? Thankfully, Brightskull Entertainment is at the forefront of setting the standard within the gaming industry, and applies its exceptional grasp on voiceover techniques to forge characters that are bound to stick with gamers for years to come. Contact: Rachel Strum Company: The Brightskull Entertainment Group Web Address: Jun23484 Over the years, Brightskull has contributed to many incredible games. Whether the game is part of a mega-IP like Marvel or Harry Potter, a giant open world like Just Cause 4 or Elex 2, or a narrative driven indie darling like Bugsnax or Tacoma, the team at Brightskull pride themselves on bringing equal parts passion and dedication to every project. Each fresh game is an exciting new story to tell for the enthusiastic team behind the magic, and this clearly translates through their astounding portfolio. Every project that they’ve been a part of has captured the passion that Brightskull has for its craft, all while delivering on the intentions of its clients. There’s a certain sense of friendly professionalism that’s simply impossible to ignore when it comes to Brightskull. No limitations can hinder them in their pursuit of exploring exactly what game developers want, resulting in projects that hit the mark again and again. However, as games development itself is a continually iterative process, Brightskull too continuously evolves to adapt to new technologies, all so it can keep its focus strictly on offering the best possible services to its clients. Keeping itself prepared for any project is what allows Brightskull to constantly maintain its impressive forward momentum. With games consistently breaking new ground in storytelling, the team at Brightskull often finds themselves tasked with leveraging their expertise for innovative and exciting new projects. One such game that they have been enthusiastically providing the voiceover and facial capture work for is the upcoming Alone in the Dark. Starring David Harbour and Jodie Comer, Alone in the Dark is the much-anticipated remake of the 1992 survival horror classic, and it presents a fantastic opportunity for audiences to witness Brightskull’s expertise in action. Its dedication to the project is exceptionally evident, and we’re incredibly excited to see how they’ve applied their mastery of the craft in bringing this exceptional story to life. We’re very proud to present Brightskull Entertainment with the title of Best Video Game Voiceover Studio 2023. Its inclusion in this award stands as a testament to its excellence, but no honorific can stand in place of their outstanding work more than the incredible collection of previous projects that they’ve helped breathed life into. If you’re interested in exploring Brightskull’s brilliant voiceover work in action, their website holds an impressive portfolio that’s bound to blow you away. Thanks to Brightskull, game developers everywhere have the chance to capture their beloved characters in never-before-seen ways.