Gaming and Development Awards 2023

May21135 as an effective marketing tool. With it, the company organises sports and cultural events for corporate clients, through which they can engage with their customers. Each project is developed according to the needs of the client and always with a strong commitment to quality and the enjoyment and safety of its audiences. “We firmly believe in the creation of meaning by the player. This, as we think, is the essential feature of play,” Fernando comments. “We try to offer a platform, a frame, where companies can associate their own visions, values, and goals to this process of meaning creation taken to effect by the player.” Strategy Rally’s focus on the production of meaning for the end customer goes beyond the in-game product illustrations and demonstrations that other gamified marketing strategies involve, making it a truly cutting-edge platform. Working with clients like Mitsubishi, BMW, TetraPak, Hydro, and Reebok, G2 Adventure’s Strategy Rally has been well-received as an inversion of traditional marketing and advertising vectors. The company believes that this ever-growing evolution of meaning production (from an outdated, imposed vision from company to customer to a shared and attentive stance between company and customer) is what modern and up to date businesses are looking for. Within the platform, G2 Adventure has created more than 1,100 mini games that players can engage with at checkpoints, always involving cultural and adventure sports activities. These can be utilised to convey meaning and highlight issues by presenting them as a game challenge. For example, to demonstrate the problem of authorship ascertainment raised by AI texting, Strategy Rally can include a mini game that challenges players to identify whether or not some text at a particular historical site was edited by AI. This can be applied to anything, from GPS precision to functionalities of smartphones. Fernando explains, “The game never gets old once it deals precisely with the end customer confronted challenges, especially on technology.” Operating in the continuously changing industry of gaming and development, G2 Adventure is committed to innovation. “Innovation means not to accept immobility. Most Innovative Adventure Game Creator 2023 - Latin America Founded in 2003, G2 Adventure is a Brazilian company that specialises in the development of hybrid games that merge the physical and digital spaces. Here, we speak to Fernando Gualberto, Co-Founder alongside his brother Eduardo Gualberto and CEO at G2 Adventure, about the company and the uses of its flagship product Strategy Rally. Humans have always been drawn to the concept of exploring new spaces and expanding territorial limits, which is why many of us choose to embark on trips or expeditions, both nationally and internationally, for tourism or sport. G2 Adventure creates topographical maps and rules in order to establish a game environment in which players can explore and experiment. Over the years, it has developed games that allow participants to engage in activities like motor sports, trekking, cycling, photography, cartography, water activities, expeditions, activities at height, and more. Through the intensive use of digital technology and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), G2 Adventure provides users with a deep immersion in the natural environment, adventure sports, and culture to create unique, thrilling experiences. G2 Adventure’s innovative games serve as a tool through which players are extracted from their daily reality and inserted into a fictional environment (suppressed). Within its games, they can therefore experiment with actions that they would never practice in their daily lives. The provision of these immersive yet unbelievable experiences enable the safe construction of a bridge between the real and the fictional. G2 Adventure’s main platform is Strategy Rally, a hybrid game involving digital mobile gaming and physical land navigation using cars, mountain bikes, and other means of transportation. Teams of between two and ten people either compete or collaborate to earn as many points as possible by achieving the defined objectives. Teams aim to reach checkpoints, each one tracing their own strategy, using vehicles, maps, lists, radio communicators, and smartphones with specific applications for GPS navigation and monitoring. Navigation is the game’s key activity, so bad navigation implies bad results. G2 Adventure’s Strategy Rally has numerous corporate applications. For organisations, it can serve as an instrument for effective learning by acting as a team-building activity, enabling team members to develop the key skills that drive long-term business success. This includes communication, leadership, decision-making, ethics, team building, corporate culture, and other social skills. Primarily, G2 Adventure uses Strategy Rally