Gaming and Development Awards 2023

Apr21843 Best Video Game & Collectibles eTailer 2023 - UK Already heralded as an incredibly popular, go-to platform for both casual and avid collectors alike, Gamersheek has set the standard when it comes to collectible catalogues. From brands such as Good Smile Company, First 4 Figures and Bandai, Gamersheek supplies authentic, genuine collectibles at their most affordable prices. So, whether you’re looking for the latest nendoroid release, or are seeking out a scale figure of your favourite fictional character, Gamersheek is ready to provide, with services that showcase the kind-hearted nature of the man behind the plan. As the founder and director of Gamersheek, Sean Lincoln is an individual who truly has the heart of a collector. He recognises what it means to collectors to be able to gain access to the items that they’re so desperately looking to add to their collection and goes out of his way to obtain all of the most recent releases. No matter if you’re an anime fan or lean more towards gaming merchandise - Sean is devoted to keeping Gamersheek’s online catalogue up to date with an array of items. Combine this with his fantastic customer service and immaculate response time, and you’ve got a reliable platform that treats each customer as a person as opposed to just a source of income. When discussing Gamersheek with one of our award supplement writers, she had a personal account that she wished to share: “I’ve shopped with Gamersheek ever since I started collecting. Its options to pay upon dispatch were a lifesaver when I was struggling financially, Any collector will tell you that having access to a reliable ecommerce platform to purchase all the latest releases from is unquestionably paramount. However, finding a trustworthy eTailer who prioritises both customer service and convenience is near impossible. Enter Gamersheek, the UK’s best online retail platform for fans of gaming, anime, and cartoon collectibles, whose sole mission is to help collectors acquire their most coveted items. and if I ever had to cancel pre-orders due to monetary issues, Sean was beyond understanding. He was clearly more concerned about my wellbeing than he was about making sales, and it’s this human approach towards customer service that keeps me coming back. I want to thank Gamersheek for being so considerate and making my collectible shopping experience so enjoyable each and every time.”. Gamersheek’s brilliance is impossible to ignore. It’s dedicated to its customers above all else and cherishes the long-term relationships that it’s able to forge with the collectors that keep coming back for more. There’s an ease of purchase that really sets Gamersheek apart from other platforms of a similar nature, whether this originates from its pay on dispatch service, or its variety of alternative payment options. Gamersheek represents the notion of ‘minimum fuss, maximum gain’, and is constantly breaking the mould when it comes to collectible eTailers. At Gamersheek, customers are the driving force for everything that it does. They’re the ones who keep it going and inspire it to continue to deliver excellence again and again. It’s thanks to both casual and loyal patrons that it’s been able to accomplish the feats that it has, be it the development of its sister website, Urutora Collectibles, or its concept store in Glasgow. People are what makes Gamersheek so special - a refreshing notion that shines through its services. We would like to share one final statement from Sean of Gamersheek Limited, who we are delighted to include in this award supplement: “… Our customers really are the backbone of Gamersheek. Helping them get what they’re looking for is the reason we are here, both online and in Glasgow. We are truly grateful for every order placed, for every person who steps into the store. Thank you.”. Contact: Sean Lincoln Company: Gamersheek Limited Web Address: Jun23561